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  1. This is the latest iteration of a project that I've been working on for quite some time. I've never completely finished it, for one reason or another. Anyway, this is my vision of what the league could look like if it was Nike that had the exclusive contract with the league rather than Reebok followed by Adidas. The jersey template is based on pre-2014 Nike designs, so no flywire collars. Those look stupid. Following the real-life example of Nike and the NBA, every team will have four jerseys. However, they won't follow the same pattern as the NBA, i.e., teams can wear whichever jerseys they want whenever they want. The Nike NHL teams have one dark home jersey, one light road jersey, one dark alternate jersey and one light alternate jersey. Teams still wear dark colors at home and light colors on the road. Anyway, on with the show. NEW TEMPLATE Western Conference Pacific Division (3/8 primaries done, 0/8 alternates done) Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers - PRIMARY Los Angeles Kings - PRIMARY San Jose Sharks Seattle Kraken Vancouver Canucks - PRIMARY Vegas Golden Knights Central Division (4/8 primaries done, 0/8 alternates done) Arizona Coyotes Chicago Blackhawks - PRIMARY Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars - PRIMARY Minnesota Wild - PRIMARY Nashville Predators - PRIMARY St. Louis Blues Winnipeg Jets Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division (8/8 primaries done, 0/8 alternates done) Carolina Hurricanes - PRIMARY Columbus Blue Jackets - PRIMARY New Jersey Devils - PRIMARY New York Islanders - PRIMARY New York Rangers - PRIMARY Philadelphia Flyers - PRIMARY Pittsburgh Penguins - PRIMARY Washington Capitals - PRIMARY Atlantic Division (3/8 primaries done, 0/8 alternates done) Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres - PRIMARY Detroit Red Wings - PRIMARY Florida Panthers Montreal Canadiens - PRIMARY Ottawa Senators Tampa Bay Lightning Toronto Maple Leafs ORIGINAL TEMPLATE Western Conference Pacific Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Anaheim Ducks Arizona Coyotes - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED ALTERNATE Calgary Flames - VINTAGE Edmonton Oilers Los Angeles Kings - PRIMARY ALTERNATE VINTAGE San Jose Sharks Vancouver Canucks - PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED VINTAGE Vegas Golden Knights - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Central Division (7/7 primaries done, 7/7 alternates done) Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Dallas Stars - PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED Minnesota Wild - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Nashville Predators - PRIMARY ALTERNATE St. Louis Blues - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Winnipeg Jets - PRIMARY ALTERNATE VINTAGE Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Carolina Hurricanes - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Columbus Blue Jackets New Jersey Devils - PRIMARY ALTERNATE New York Islanders - PRIMARY ALTERNATE PRIMARY/ALTERNATE REVISED New York Rangers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Philadelphia Flyers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals - VINTAGE Atlantic Division (8/8 primaries done, 8/8 alternates done) Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE Detroit Red Wings - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Florida Panthers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE VINTAGE Tampa Bay Lightning - PRIMARY PRIMARY REVISED/ALTERNATE Toronto Maple Leafs - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Defunct Teams Atlanta Thrashers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Hartford Whalers - PRIMARY ALTERNATE Quebec Nordiques - PRIMARY ALTERNATE World Cup of Hockey Canada - PRELIMINARY FINAL Czech Republic Finland Russia Sweden - PRELIMINARY FINAL United States - PRELIMINARY FINAL
  2. When I was in my early teens, my parents bought me NCAA Football 98 for the computer. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very well-designed for the most part: 100+ schools; full-season play with rankings, major bowl games, and major awards; school fight songs; decent playbooks; something approximating logos on the helmets. It was a very good game for the late 1990s---not as good as the Football Pro series overall, but distinctly collegiate and lots of fun. Anyway, despite the overall quality, there were two details that I have since learned were wrong. One, LSU by default wears yellow jerseys over white pants at home in that game. Two, Missouri's colors are green and gold in the game instead of black and gold. (Come to think of it, I think the latter was also the case in that college hoops game for the Super Nintendo even earlier.) I was wondering: have you guys and gals noticed any similar errors in other games? (Incidentally, Football Pro 98 has the Eagles wearing kelly-green-and-gray even though they were in their second season with their current and inferior color scheme.)
  3. First up, I want to fix the drafts of the four major sports. Currently, NFL is simply the reverse order of final record, which gives incentive for teams to tank at the end. NBA has the lottery where you really need to be in that bottom four to have a shot at the top, so tanking is practically required. Baseball is straight record, and most years is such a crap shoot it doesn't really matter. I'm not sure how NHL works, but I know the Penguins tanked twice, and IIRC, Edmonton tanked (or was legit horrible) for MacDavid. So here's my solution to this problem: Do the draft order by the order in which teams are eliminated from the playoffs. Nobody is going to tank from day 1 (except the Process-era Sixers), so they're going to legit play until they're about out of it. In the event Detroit is eliminated by week 9, it will be on merit, and they get the top pick and still have incentive to play hard the rest of the way. Toward the end of the season when teams are teetering on the brink, they're going to want to make the playoffs so there's little - if any - risk of the tanking. The first 10-15 picks will be locked in by week 12 or so, which means the end of the season should be legit competitive, and the teams with the top picks got them while playing hard. What do you think?
  4. The thread is simple -- what championship teams wore the WRONG jersey, sweater, uniform, etc. I don't want to limit this to just championship winning teams, so maybe the finalists of that league's championship round (ie-Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, etc.). Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling ... Washington Capitals, 1998 Stanley Cup Finalist Cleveland Cavaliers, 2016 NBA Champions Edmonton Oilers, 2006 Stanley Cup Finalist
  5. I searched through threads for the past year and couldn't find anything like this, so I figured I would post it. The idea behind this thread is to post interesting facts or statistics that a lot of people don't know. It'll essentially be the answers to trivia questions. I've got two interesting ones to start this thread off. The Minnesota Vikings were the first team to kick an extra point from the 15-yard line. Tom Brady has played two games at University of Phoenix Stadium, but he has never played the Cardinals there. The Pats have played two Super Bowls there, but only played the Cardinals at home since the stadium was built.
  6. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/34307876/adidas-seek-renew-nhl-uniform-apparel-deal-2023-24-season-league-says Nike? CCM?
  7. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  8. In late November of 2021, The New Jersey Devils released their first ever third jersey in the franchise’s history. Although I like the design the team developed, I started playing around with ideas that I thought would look cool on a pro-sports team that featured the name the Devils. I started out by sketching simplified devil & goat heads and soon started to see the resemblance of a vintage goalie mask. Next, shapes of hockey sticks, a puck and a pitchfork were built into the design to help give the logo depth. Once the base of the concept was figured out, I brought it to my iPad and started working on the fine detail and colours. Originally the eyes were just circles but once finalized I cut two slants into them to add some attitude. The main inspiration for the logo came from the simple shapes that make up vintage goalie masks and abstract imagery that represent hockey and the history of the Devils. Tarot cards, famous pop-culture logos and Boba Fett’s armor all helped bring the supernatural vibes within the logo to life. The colours swamp green, jersey red and black are used to give the team a familiar but new bold look. A subtle gradient brings the colour swap green to life and the renderings of abstract fire warns opponents danger is near. The secondary mark plays homage to the original Colorado Rockies’ logo that was in a shape of a triangle. Team branding features a gothic inspired font that gives the word-mark authority. Ler me know what everyone thinks! More info here.
  9. Hello all! I am back again for yet another NHL redesign. I've done one in the past, but my skills have improved since then, I have had uniforms I've designed been worn on the ice, and I have found even better templates to use. This prompted my idea to design what I think every team should look like. Nothing crazy. Every team changes in some form, some more than others. There's only 9 teams I left the primary logo pretty much the same, while the rest of the teams have redesigned/reimagined logos. To pair with the home and away concepts, I added an alternate and a city jersey. I plan on sticking to a couple rules. I'll stick to my rules for the most part, there may be a couple exceptions. Home & Road: Must have at least one difference from their current look (besides a couple of the original 6 teams) Can dip back in time to past uniforms (I think some teams had really good looks in the past but ditched the more modern look for a classic look. It's time to look more modern in some cases) Alternates: They must be a different colour than the home or away. They cannot be just a throwback/retro jersey The throwback rule may be broken a couple times, but I'm really trying to make the alternates look different from their home and road jerseys. City: Should not use the colour scheme of the team (unless the colours are tied to the city and integral in the design) Will borrow the logo, but the logo will adapt to the new colours (similar to the Wild's reverse retro) The city jerseys are an idea borrowed from the NBA. I wanted to design something that ties back to the city, that is radically different from the main uniform set. I think the NHL needs some fun in jersey design, but not as much as the NBA, but to allow some of these cool designs that are often worn in warmups, to be worn during the game. The City uniform is one way I think it could happen. It really may just end up being a city flag jersey haha, but that can be cool in it's own way as well. Because of the way I set things up, there won't be a pants or gloves design for the city jersey, but I don't think that's needed anyway. Templates for every team were created by the brilliantly talented Orion Taylor Alright, with all that ground work said and done, let's move on to the first team. Anaheim Ducks The home and away are pretty simple. Based on the classic look, but with their current colours. I love the orange, I may be in the minority there haha. I think the current colour scheme is better than the eggplant set. Hard to argue with me because it's my ideal set haha. The striping on the one arm may not be right because my brain could not figure out what direction it should go, so if anyone has that answer, I'd love to know. Don't worry though, the eggplant makes an appearance in the alternate. Using a design from another past uniform, but changing up the colours. So it's technically not a straight throwback. Rule not broken. Now the City jersey is where things get real different. You can see the flag for the City of Anaheim in the top corner there, that's what this designed is based on. Even though it looks like the perfect All Star uniform, it is indeed just the Ducks city jersey. You may also notice the Ducks logo recoloured to fit the theme. I have all the logos prepared, but not the uniforms, so I'll be posting them as I finish them. Any C&C is appreciated, even if this is all about what I think the NHL should look like, I still appreciate comments! Especially if someone can tell me how to angle stripes on the back right sleeve haha.
  10. Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! So there are lots of cool Seattle NHL concepts right now (yay!), but I thought I'd try my hand at our soon-to-be archrivals, the Vancouver Canucks! 2022 updates/additions ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ As I'm sure you're all aware, Vancouver hockey has had a bazillion different identities. Here's an overview of Vancouver's hockey history for those who are unfamiliar: In this series, I'll try to combine or introduce different styles to some logos through their history. The uniform template I will use is this Adidas template by Matthew McElroy. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any combo recommendations!
  11. Hi everyone, I have recently started a new project where I have made it a goal of mine to combine all of the sports logos from NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB (and at times MLS) from all of the major cities in the U.S. and Canada to create a singular city logo. I know this has been done countless times before but the way my designs stand out is they are more cohesive. They feel less like something was Frankenstein'd together and can almost act as a standalone logo. Consider this the definitive collection. I say this with confidence because they were all composed in Adobe Illustrator with linework redone to make the designs more seamless, images rendered in crisp high resolution quality, each one taking several hours of work and trial and error and the cherry on top of the cake is that I own my own print shop so I can make stickers and shirts out of these designs. It's a true passion project for me. My journey began when I was first getting serious about graphic design, the summer right before I enrolled at DePaul in 2013. I created a mashup of all the Chicago logos because I wanted my own version of it. All the variations I had seen online did not do the city justice and I wanted something genuinely more badass that wouldn't look cheesy. I dubbed it "The Chicago Beast". It was cool for a few years and then I sort of forgot about it - well in 2019 I decided to take another crack at it and make a wildly popular rendition of this logo mashup combination - you may have seen it online (I made a North Side - Cubs and a South Side - White Sox version. Both featured elements of the Blackhawks, Bears and Bulls. I have made slightly different variations - some including the 6 star Chicago flag and others with different color arrangements. Fast forward to 2021 - A whole year of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown had me yearning for another creative project that I can do for fun. I decided - why not give every city this same treatment? And so I did - "Major League Remix" (#MajorLeagueRemix). I will be posting the designs in this thread and would love some feedback! While I do consider these designs to be 'complete', as a true designer, I know there is always room for improvement, especially since teams change logos frequently. A few things to note (ground rules) for my concepts: They don't necessarily have to use the entire design of the logo in the mashup. They can be as little or as much as possible - the only rule is they have to look cohesive and make sense - no Frankenstein work! I often use past versions of team logos although I try to use the current ones as much as I can. This is because my goal is to make the logo look good, and if I use the core logo, it may not look the best. I have struggled a lot to piece some of these together because of the lack of uniqueness, clean design or symmetry so I have had to resort to alternates. Colors are fair game - as long as they are pulled directly from within the color palette of the city's sports logos. They all have a white border with rounded corners for consistency and also to set them up for sticker printing. That is all! I am so glad to be a part of this awesome forum - I can't think of a more perfect place to post this kind of work on the internet. If you want to follow me on social media - I am @DeluxeGraphicSupply on Instagram and Facebook. My website is also DeluxeGraphicSupply.com Chicago Bulls x Bears x Blackhawks x White Sox
  12. Hello! This series will consist of all 32 NHL teams if they had a vintage/cream alternate uniform. All concepts will either be something new or a combination of different uniform/logos from their pasts. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments, I would really appreciate it!
  13. https://news.sportslogos.net/2022/03/26/canucks-introduce-first-nations-night-jersey-worn-pre-game-on-march-30th/hockey-2/ https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/canucks-to-celebrate-fourth-annual-first-nations-night/c-332366944 Love the look and (warm) colors. Really hope they'll eventually wear not just pre-game warm up jerseys for future First Nation events. despite the expensive shipping costs from overseas I've ordered all sorts of First Nations related merch.
  14. Last year, there was a lot of discussion about Houston as a new market for the NHL. If the city was to get a team, it would make the most sense to revive the name Aeros after the successful WHA franchise (1972-78) and later AHL franchise (1994-2013). The original Aeros wore blue and powder blue with AEROS diagonally across the front of both jerseys. Today, the team would need to share the Toyota Center with the Rockets, who are historically a red clad team. The arena follows this color scheme having red seats. In order to match the arena, tie into the history of the name, and avoid looking like the division rival Jets, the Aeros are a red team with navy and powder blue secondary colors. These colors also connect to the other professional sports teams in the area as the Texans wear navy and red and the Astros wear orange and navy. The team's primary logo features a roundel with the team name in white with a navy border on a powder blue background with a WWII era plane over a red circle. The secondary logo is a roundel with a star reminiscent of various US military aircraft, but with an A over top of the star. The home uniform features a red jersey with the primary logo on the front, sleeve stripes which an homage to the Texas state flag with the player's number taking the place of the star, and and hem striping which omits the bottom powder blue and navy stripes since the striping is very thick. The helmet is red with AEROS on the side and the pants are navy with one white and one red stripe down the side. The white uniform uses the same striping on the jersey as the red one plus it retains the red shoulders. The alternate uniform is navy and takes aspects of the WHA team's uniforms (AEROS diagonally across the front, sleeve striping from the white, hem striping from the blue), but with red included. NOBs are of players from the WHA franchise: Frank Hughes - Most Goals Larry Lund - Most Assists/Points Gordie Howe I'm really interested to see what people think about this. C&C are greatly appreciated! Might have some updates in the near future.
  15. Hey there, everyone, here's a quick (and possibly polarizing) NHL series! I'm sure you're all familiar with the controversial Vancouver Canucks Flying V jerseys. Personally, I've always kinda liked them! I think the black ones were a really well-designed jersey that pushed boundaries without being over-the-top. (The yellow ones, not so much...) Anyways, some of the recent Stadium Series jerseys feel like spiritual successors, of sorts. Though they haven't been particularly well executed (cough cough LA Kings, cough cough Tampa Bay), I can appreciate the ambition to try something a bit new... And I appreciate that they aren't meant to overwrite the teams' traditional jerseys—they're just one-off alternate jerseys! In that spirit, I've tried to create an alternate jersey for every NHL team in the vein of the Flying V... A bit out there, hopefully without getting caricaturishly ugly (like the infamous Blues jersey, Wild Wing, or Burger King). Unlike the Canucks' change in the 70s, they won't involve a total brand change; I want them to feel somewhat "in character" for the team's existing brands. Hardcore traditionalists, please suspend just a little bit of disbelief (but not more than a little bit, when restraint is especially needed...) Buckle up and enjoy!
  16. You know which jersey I love (and it’s not from my favorite NHL team in the Boston Bruins)? This blue jersey that the Washington Capitals wore from the late 90’s to the early 00’s.
  17. Hello everyone! I am new to this site and am wanting to share some designs I made. I create concepts using Sketchbook by hand so I am not sure if I will post this correctly since this is my first attempt. This is the first concept I made and depending on feedback I may start a series. Thank you for viewing and please feel free to comment!
  18. Columbus Blue Jackets Stripes inspired by Ohio Flag St. Louis Blues Based on their 2017 winter classic jersey Washington Capitals Features 13 stripes on the front of the jersey
  19. With the first year of the Reverse Retro program nearing its conclusion, I thought I'd share some alternate concepts for every NHL team that I came up with throughout the season. I feel that the actual Reverse Retro designs were very well-done and fun, at least the vast majority of them. So I'm not necessarily looking to "fix" anything; this concept series is purely a just-for-fun exercise of using the Reverse Retro rules, but picking a different historical jersey. (There are just a couple teams where I've reused the IRL choices in a different way, because of a lack of other good options from the team's history. I'm not using any of the Edge-era piping-covered messes, because a) they're generally ugly, b) they're not really "retro" yet, and c) they're not particularly compatible with the Adizero template.) There's a healthy mix of classic, (in)famous, and obscure jersey designs. All 32 teams are finished and ready to share, so the thread should move along at a pretty decent clip; I'll do my best to post one a day, though I may miss a day here and there. But it does mean that I should have plenty of time to take in any C&C and suggestions, and post revisions and updated versions. Since alphabetical order is so passé, I figured I'll post them alternating between the end of the alphabet and the beginning of the alphabet, and meet in the middle, just for the heck of it. Winnipeg Jets -- same jersey in modern Jets colors Anaheim Ducks Washington Capitals Arizona Coyotes -- new version Vegas Golden Knights Boston Bruins -- same jersey colored differently Vancouver Canucks -- new logo on sleeves Buffalo Sabres Toronto Maple Leafs Calgary Flames -- revised equipment colors Tampa Bay Lightning -- revised equipment colors -- new version Carolina Hurricanes Seattle Kraken -- revised "modernized" versions -- resized logo Chicago Blackhawks San Jose Sharks Colorado Avalanche St. Louis Blues Columbus Blue Jackets -- new version Pittsburgh Penguins -- two new versions Dallas Stars -- same jersey colored differently Philadelphia Flyers Detroit Red Wings Ottawa Senators Edmonton Oilers New York Rangers Florida Panthers New York Islanders Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators Montreal Canadiens So first up is the... Winnipeg Jets The Jets 2.0 have now used the Jets 1.0's well-known WHA uniforms as throwbacks, and their first NHL jersey design was used for the IRL Reverse Retro jersey, so the remaining options are a bit limited. (One thing that I'm not doing is using past locations of a franchise, so we won't see any Colorado Nordiques or Carolina Whalers in this series; plus, I've already seen several Jets/Thrashers RR concepts that I wouldn't be able to top.) So I went a bit obscure, and used the Jets' inaugural WHA uniforms, which only lasted for the one season, '72-'73, before being replaced by the classic jersey that we all identify with them. This jersey has a shockingly generic logo, and a fun and unique NOB font with a contrasting nameplate, which appears to have extended from shoulder to shoulder regardless of the actual length of the name. I went with the blue jersey (without the shoulder yoke), and simply reversed red and blue, leaving white as-is. (In the spoiler tag: For posterity, the original version with an unfortunate technical mistake on the waist stripes, as pointed out by @B-mer).
  20. So based on the recent teasers on Minnesota's social media, I've put together a prediction. Here's what I think each teaser image is and my concept. Teaser 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTPjdnxDXTY/ (This feels like shoulder/yoke striping) Teaser 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CTSIRysDq62/ (Shoulder logo? I doubt they'd tease the main logo. Looking closely it looks like an outline of the state) Teaser 3 https://www.instagram.com/p/CTUtECBjGWU/ (Sleeve or torso striping) With that: here's my prediction:
  21. Hi! I've been a longtime reader of CCSLC and I've decided to start posting some of my concepts. I decided to redesign the nhl uniforms for the 2021-2022 season. In this concept I decided to take a page from the NBA and give all 32 teams a third and fourth jersey. Going on with the NBA and soccer, there are no home or away uniforms. They just need to clash (I know this would be tough for equipment managers so my idea is that the away team picks the color so they can just travel with one set) I originally redesigned a few teams logos but in the end I decided I still wanted to keep all the teams with the same general brand they already have or have had. Here's the Atlantic Division: Boston I changed the dark and light to be closer to the Bobby Orr days of the 1960s-70s. The third is a modern take of the B's 1965-67 home uniform. Their 4th jersey pays homage to the first bruins' uniform. Buffalo The dark uniforms are inspired by their heritage third jersey they used to have and the light is their winter classic jersey just with laces. The 4th jersey is in spired by the Buffalo flag. Detroit I keep the dark and light the exact same, the third is a red version of their centennial classic uniforms with the 2014 Winter Classic logo. 4th jersey is inspired by the 1930's away jersey and added the Hockeytown logo. Florida I keep the dark and light the same except for having the same crest on both jerseys, the third is a recolored version of their original navy third jersey. I'll admit this is ripping off the Heat but these are Miami Vice inspired. Montreal The Habs' home jersey is probably my favorite uniform in sports but I've always thought their away jersey was missing something so I added stripes to the sleeves. The third jersey is an inverse of the dark jersey. The 4th jersey is blue to honor the Quebec flag but also honor the Canadiens' history. Ottawa The dark, light and third jerseys are all inspired by the Centennial Classic jerseys which has historical significance to Ottawa. The 4th jersey is the Senators original jerseys. Tampa Bay I added some black to the dark and light. The third jersey is an update to their cup winning uniforms. The 4th jersey are a heathered grey pattern to make a rain storm type pattern. Toronto I make the hem stripe a double stripe to add consistency. The third jersey is inspired by the Arenas throwback and the 4th jersey is inspired by Drake. Thanks so much for viewing and any CC would be appreciated! I'll be posting the Metro soon.
  22. With my 72 Project winding down, I thought to myself, "Maybe a break would be nice, get through the semester, and then start a new series." Well then the Reverse Retros were officially released. And then I said screw the break, let's jump into my next project, because honestly, I have no self control. Since the NBA style of doing jerseys is all the rage right now in the concept world, that was the genesis for this idea. 4 jerseys for every team, though there will be no "Association, Icon" style names. Home, Away, Alternate and a Legacy slot were the original four jerseys. Then it became 5 with the advent of the Reverse Retro jerseys. I'll be doing teams in order of how they finished the regular season, starting with the dregs of the league (Detroit *sheds tears*) and ending with Boston. Seattle will be featured, likely after Boston. Home - Away: If you were expecting sweeping changes for the home and away jerseys, then you're in the wrong thread. I tried that in the last NHL thread of mine, simply trying to match the home and away jerseys. So the away jersey is unchanged. The home jersey does change ever so slightly. The hem stripe, formerly running into the hem, moves up to match the away jersey as a stripe. Other than that, the pants, socks and helmets are all the same. Alternate - I always felt an affinity to the Stadium Series uniforms and felt that with some tweaks, they could be a good alternate that doesn't hurt the Red Wings brand. So I decreased the slant on the chest stripe from the original, and allowed it to continue on the back of the jersey. The sleeves now have stripes and don't run off the ends of the sleeves anymore. Winged Wheel moves to the shoulders. Modern D logo on the chest. Slightly larger stripes on the socks. No changes to the pants. Gloves change up the colors a little. Legacy - Revisited the '27/'28 and 75th anniversary jerseys. Kept it largely the same. Bevy of stripes on the chest, DETROIT in the middle of the big one. Stripes on the sleeves to almost match the chest. Socks match the chest stripes. Pants change the Winged Wheel logo to the Old English D. Helmet also uses the Old English D. Reverse Retro - Literally anything would have been better than what the Wings actually went with. White and Grey? I get it, how do you RR a team that has had 4 total uniform styles in their history? Maybe dig just a little deeper? I went with the '28/'29 Cougars uniforms, and Reversed Retro'd them! Red base, white elements. Rolled with the 2014 WC script and the shorter wing. Used the pants from the Legacy jerseys. Also the red helmet now has the Old English D instead of the wordmark C&C is welcome!
  23. Hey Everyone, this is my latest concept series, my Ideal NHL Series! Basically, this is what the NHL would look like if I had total control over everything jersey-related. To make this a little tougher for myself, Every single jersey must have at least one more or less noticeable change made to it. Each team will have 4 jerseys: Home, Away, Heritage, and Breakout. The home and away jerseys are the main jerseys in the set, to be worn for the majority of games. The Heritage jerseys pay tribute to either an earlier era in the team's history, a defunct/historic team in the area. Breakout jerseys are brand-new designs never before worn by the team. For this series, I will be going alphabetically by team name (Starting with Colorado, ending with the Wild). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's kick this off with the Avs! I'm honestly not the biggest fan of the CCM/Adidas era jerseys and the A logo, so I decided to go in a new direction with the home and away. The two jerseys' arms feature burgundy and blue separated by mountainous white line, and a simple matching hem stripe. I personally love the C logo by itself, so I put that front and centre. The heritage jersey features a simplified version of the jerseys worn when Colorado won the cup in '01. Navy blue was used on the numbers and pants instead of black. The breakout jersey features a striping pattern inspired by the logo, and the diagonal striping creates a mountain shape when viewed from the side. What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  24. Hi, I've been reading around many forums about people expecting the team return. Many believe that the iconic logo should stay as a primary, so I've decided to work on this and propose an other version of the this logo. Watch the video of the logo reveal before (No music) & check the rest under the video. C&C are appreciated! https://imgur.com/vDtPrUr
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