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  1. Hey folks! Ever since the NHL announced that Adidas will take over the uniform system in 2017, I've been curious and excited to see what the new jerseys will look like. I originally started a series with some concepts for this upcoming season, but now that we have more information as far as what we might see next season. So far, we know that the NHL won't allow third jerseys to be used next season, meaning that some teams could promote their alternates to primary status. It's been confirmed that the Oilers will going orange for the next season, and both the Wild and Capitals are in the process of deciding whether to make the upgrade. It's also very possible that we will see the dreaded Adidas trademark: the three stripes. Based on the negative reaction from many fans, and the outcry we'll get from teams like the Canadiens and Red Wings, I doubt the stripes will be under the armpit, rather somewhere else (the back of the jersey collar, maybe?) First concept coming soon!
  2. I'm new to making concepts but this was an idea that I've been thinking about for quite a while. If all goes well, I'll try create similar jersey combinations for other NHL teams. After the concept, I provided a description as to how the jerseys utilize elements from different eras. Comments and questions are greatly appreciated. Home/Road Jerseys Original Set (1967-1980) - Purple (Forum Blue), Logo (sans KINGS)2nd Set (1980-1988) - Purple (cont.)Gretzky Era Set (1988-1998) - Black, Silver, NumbersStaples Center Set (1998-2011) - Complete color set (different shade of purple), Striping patternCurrent Set (2011-present) - Font on logo, NOB fontAlternate Jersey Original Set (1967-1980) - Purple (Forum Blue), Gold, Logo (shoulder patch)2nd Set (1980-1988) - Purple (cont.), General designGretzky Era Set (1988-1998) - Black, Silver, Striping patternStaples Center Set (1998-2011) - Complete color set (different shade of purple, sans gold), Logo (recolored), Numbers, NOB fontCurrent Set (2011-present) - General design, Striping pattern (cont.)
  3. Well, hello there! This is my first topic on here, so bear with me. I love sports logos and the logo community. And one of my personal favorite logos is that of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Everybody remembers the purple and teal jerseys and that awesome logo. But since they took down the "mighty" moniker, they rebranded the team and changed the logo and colors. People had mixed opinions on it, as did I. Years went on and I decided to make an updated Ducks logo for fun on the Ducks page. And a lot of people seemed to like it. So, inspired by this, I decided to update my logo. Here we have three different variations on said logo: 1. The original logo I made for the Ducks page. FIND IT HERE: 2. I took the red-orange eyes out and shaded the hockey mask. 3. Basically #2 but with the hockey sticks shaded. I also gave the orange "triangle" a sort of beveled look. Well, enjoy...I guess.