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  1. The Revs are in desperate need of an update, so I thought I would try my hand at it. Eventually, I hope this logo gets featured in an entire MLS concept series with some other updated logos + kits. I feel much more comfortable with kit design than logo design, so I could use your help. Here is my first try: (sorry for the empty space, the cropping is off) The badge itself has 6 points and the logo has 6 stars for the 6 New England states. The badge features the tree from the New England flag and the crossing white stripes reminiscent of soldiers in the Continental Army. The fonts are are supposed to give it a bit of a dated feel. The logo also emphasizes the date the Revs were established to highlight the club's history in a league where a lot of clubs have none. My concerns at the moment are about the lack of red in the logo and the readability/recognizability of the red text and the green tree in applications where the logo is shrunken down. Thanks for your constructive comments in advance.
  2. Earlier this week there was a post about all the new uniforms for the upcoming MLS season. Something stuck out to me that the New England Revolution a original member of the league have never bothered to change their logo which is now 22 years old. So I thought I give it a shot but because others have done their own designs of this logo I wanted to give myself some parameters to follow. First, I had to keep all elements of the original logo in the design, next I need to keep with the same color scheme, any new elements must be accurate to the region and finally it must have a classic soccer look. The shield shape is the same shape that is on the Massachusetts flag, I kept the orginal elements (stripes/font/soccer ball with stars) and on the right side added a silhouette of Paul Revere (Revolution Symbol plus it's a acknowledgement to the Midnight Riders), the arm and sword on the Massachusetts flag and Faneuil Hall (Another Revolution Symbol). Please let me know what you think and if this could be something the Revs might be able to use in the future. New England Revolution New Logo idea First Edits based on Feedback.... New England Revolution Logo Paul Revere New England Revolution Logo Arm And Sword Second Edit New England Revolution Logo Tree And Paul Revere
  3. A few months ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across the logo for the Patriots' Draft Preview which was in the shape of the crest seen above. I became inspired by it and I finally got around to executing the idea. The crest includes a diagonal stripe representing the American soldiers, a curve at the top representing a colonial hat and the tree of the Flag of New England. High Quality version Examples of usage C&C is appreciated! If you notice any flaws in need of fixing I'll see what I can do! Kits to come soon.
  4. I've tried to rebrand the Revs many of times but this is the first time I think it's actually acceptable. I've spent a couple of weeks adapting this crest. As well as creating the new logo and jerseys, I also like to draw what the possible stadium in my off time and what it would look like so here we go! Rebrand Kit and Crests Stadium edit: I should mention that the inspiration of the stadium would be like a mix between Sporting Park and Red Bull Arena w/ roof C&C is greatly appreciated
  5. So for a long time now, I have looked through the great ideas a lot of artists have on this forum and I figured it was about time I made something on my own. So here you have it, my attempt at a redesigned logo for the New England Revolution, who are very much overdue for a makeover. And I made some kits as a bonus. A few points about the new logo: The top of the crest is supposed to resemble the hats worn during the American revolutionFive red stripes to honour the original logoA white circle (a representation of a soccer ball) containing six stars to represent all six states that form New EnglandIn the middle is a pine tree, taken from the flag of New England that many fans wave during home gamesHope you like it! Comments & critique appreciated.
  6. Disclaimer: All the credit goes to nas1787, who provided the adidas Photoshop template. Without his work, I would still be stuck in neutral. Having said that, starting with the premise: Every concept jersey I've seen for the New England Revolution has been a re-design of the logo & brand. I know I am in the minority, but I happen to really like the uniquely American (it's not a badge or shield) logo. I used the thought of keeping that logo to start and built each of the kits off the state's flags. I moved the New England flag to the sleeve, and put the state flags on the back. I know they have the 2015 fonts [thanks to this board for providing those] but I wasn't too keen on inventing a new font for the names and numbers. I really tried to keep the old school feel and keep it simple; not introduce too many design elements and fancy graphics. A - Because I'm more of a fan of the simple uniforms and B - Because I felt it was more in keeping with the concept. And I had to throw in a Fall River concept GK kit. Anyways. I'm not a pro - just a Revs fan and uniform geek who loves seeing all the different stuff y'all come up with and decided to give it a try. And I have thick skin - so if it sucks, don't be afraid to say so. Here you go.
  7. I've been working on putting together some uniform concepts for the entire MLS, and now that some of the actual jerseys are leaking with some similar design ideas, I thought I better start posting them so I don't look like a total copycat. I'll post them in alphabetical order periodically, as I finish them. I'd welcome any feedback. Chicago Fire Colorado Rapids Columbus Crew DC United FC Dallas Houston Dynamo LA Galaxy Montreal Impact New England Revolution New York City FC New York Red Bulls Orlando City Philadelphia Union --- First off is the Chicago Fire. I wanted to return to a more traditional treatment of their kits, using the concaving chest stripe. I've taken cues from the Chicago flag to create a tonal pattern on both jerseys and the coloration of the away kit. While it's far from a unique idea (as evidence by their leaked away jersey for the upcoming season), I think it's the most iconic look they've ever had, and I anticipate it would continue to resonate with the civic pride of their fanbase.
  8. Hello! Since there has been some news about the Widett Circle Soccer-Specific Stadium, I decided it might be fun to take a look at how other stadiums would fit inside the area! I'm really hoping that Kraft will toughen up and build it with his OWN money before the idiotic Olympics Team swoops in. What thing do you think the stadium should include? 1) Toyota Stadium 2) Sporting Park (Sorta Cut-off and i think the the field is a little too big, I got all the images of Google Maps with a 200ft distance so they SHOULD be equal) 3) Gillette (Just for fun)