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  1. What's good, everyone? It's been a while since I regularly posted concepts on here, but I've found some time recently to start working on a few projects. As I finish more and more concepts, I'll post them. Here is what I'm currently working on. -Stadium Series -Winter/Heritage Classic -Nike Redo -Alternate Uniform Series Firstly, I've started (and completed) a Stadium Series set of concepts for all of the games played outdoors this upcoming season in the NHL. Enjoy. All C&C is appreciated and welcomed. LA Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Chicago Blackhawks New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils vs. New York Rangers
  2. Hey all, I figured since I am starting to get more time to do concepts now, I would just start a new thread and post them all in here instead of cluttering up the boards with multiple topics. I have a good amount of concepts to post, so I'll start with these few. For HJC's untouchables contest, here is my Chicago Blackhawks concept I will be submitting: Chicago Blackhawks And....a 2015 Winter Classic concept! Now, Columbus was snubbed of an All Star Game this season, and it is unknown if/when the city will be rewarded another midseason classic. But to make up for it, they will also get the Winter Classic to be played at the Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium)! Columbus Blue Jackets vs Boston Bruins If you missed my latest concept/project I worked on, here is my redesign of the Columbus Blue Jackets. (link to the thread). Columbus Blue Jackets