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  1. Okay, so it seems I've caught the college football fever a tad early this summer, and I've had the concept in mind for some years now, so I decided to run with it (finally). My idea comes from the ever popular idea of super conferences in college athletics. You've heard it all before I'm sure, sixteen schools, four divisions, the whole nine. Personally, I value regional location for conference affiliation over the money, so however unrealistic it is for some schools to be in certain conferences monetarily, this is the time where I point out it's my concept ?. Uniform updates will follow with all. First up will be the Southeastern Conference, being Mississippi native for my entire life and a graduate of Ole Miss I'm somewhat partial to the SEC. So here goes. The Southeastern Conference will have a centralized location and headquarters in the mecca of the South, and one of my favorite (and possibly future home of) Atlanta, Georgia. This includes location for all championship matchups and tournaments, meaning not only the SEC Championship Football Game, but for the purpose of this concept the Basketball and Baseball Tournaments. Atlanta is more than capable of hosting such events with a plethora of hotels, metro areas, and state of the art facilities, two of which are completed and brand new (Mercedes Benz Stadium - SEC Football Championship, SunTrust Park - SEC Baseball Tournament), and one of which is undergoing renovations currently (Philips Arena - SEC Basketball Tournament). This brings us to the member institutions and how they will be divided up. My vision for the SEC has the conference leaving the Big 12 footprint of Texas and Missouri, and instead focusing on states already within the geographic footprint of the "current South," including the state of North Carolina (where I believe the SEC Network is currently located). There is also a heavy emphasis on developing and continuing in-state rivalries, as well as historic rivalries, in this concept. As I said earlier in the post, there will be four divisions. They are as follows: The SEC East, The SEC North, The SEC South, The SEC West, giving us a total map look as follows. I tried to split these up geographically as best I could. Here are Division Specifics: The SEC East: - Clemson University. Location: Clemson, South Carolina. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Orange, White. ~110 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Georgia. Location: Athens, Georgia. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Red, Black, White. ~59 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Georgia Tech University. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Mascot: Yellow Jackets. Colors: Old Gold, Navy, White. 1.8 Miles from Downtown Atlanta, GA. - University of South Carolina. Location: Columbia, South Carolina. Mascot: Gamecocks. Colors: Garnet, Black, White. ~195 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC North: - University of Kentucky. Location: Lexington, Kentucky. Mascot: Wildcats. Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver. ~296 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mascot: Tar Heels. Colors: Carolina Blue, White, Navy. ~338 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. Mascot: Volunteers. Colors: Orange, White, Smokey Grey. ~157 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Vanderbilt University. Location: Nashville, Tennessee. Mascot: Commodores. Colors: Black, Vegas Gold, White. ~216 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC South: - University of Alabama. Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mascot: Crimson Tide. Colors: Crimson, White, Grey. ~186 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Auburn University. Location: Auburn, Alabama. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Navy, Orange (Auburn), White. ~115 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Florida. Location: Gainesville, Florida. Mascot: Gators. Colors: Royal Blue, Orange, White. ~310 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Florida State University. Location: Tallahassee, Florida. Mascot: Seminoles. Colors: Garnet, Vegas Gold, White. ~230 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC West: - University of Arkansas. Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mascot: Razorbacks. Colors: Cardinal, White, Black. ~576 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Louisiana State University. Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Athletic Gold, White. ~460 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Mississippi. Location: Oxford, Mississippi. Mascot: Rebels. Colors: Navy, Red, White. ~300 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Mississippi State University. Location: Starkville, Mississippi. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Maroon, White, Grey. ~256 Miles from Atlanta, GA. I do plan to write a post for each school as to why they are in the SEC (if they aren't a current or founding member), what makes them a good fit, and what they bring to the table for the conference, the rivalries, and the tradition. I will also note that this concept (when it comes to uniforms) will put huge emphasis on uniformity of design across word marks, scripts, logos, and sports. In other words, a school is it's brand, and that brand and it's elements will be seen across all three of the big sports in their uniforms, fields, courts, etc. C&C please! Like I said, not perfect realistically or logistically, but what my SEC would be in a Super Conference era, perfect HuntTheJones world!
  2. With the college football season coming to a close, fans start to look back on the season as a whole and talk about what needs to be improved. Of course, this generally applies to on-field performance, but the same principle can be applied to uniforms. Some teams already have theirs perfected. Some have a good base and just need to build off of it. Others need a complete rebrand. None of the three FBS teams in Mississippi have reached that stage of perfection yet, but none are at stage zero, either. Mississippi State’s 2016 pants and road jerseys are as close to perfection as possible, but they need to update the home jerseys to be consistent. Ole Miss has a pretty classic look, but color inconsistencies, some of which can’t be fixed without deviating from tradition, are prominent. Southern Miss is farthest from a great look, but they have a solid foundation and some great throwbacks that they should build off of. ------------------------------------ 1. Mississippi State The last few seasons, Mississippi State’s football uniform changes have followed a pattern of two steps forward, one step back. This past season, they added , a road jersey with no black outlines, and a silver helmet that fit well with rest of set. However, they kept the maroon jersey with black outlines, got rid of the matte maroon helmet, and wore a head-scratching black jersey with a templated Adidas design- Louisville wore the exact same one. What needs changing in 2017: I. Make the maroon jerseys match the white jerseys. Remove the black outlines on the numbers and put white-gray-white stripes on the sleeves, matching those on the maroon pants. Granted, I would have gone with gray-white-gray, but it looks like they’ve settled on w-g-w, presumably to retain two white stripes on the sleeve. II. Bring back matte maroon helmets. The biggest disappointment of 2016 was the lack of matte maroon helmets. They were replaced by the silver helmets, which admittedly worked in their own right. However, the matte maroons were the Bulldogs’ best helmets. I’d like to keep both the matte maroon and silver helmets, but if one has to go, let it be silver. III. Make the gray pants match the white and maroon pants. By far the most minor change needed, the gray pants just need to be updated to match the format of the other two. Remove the M-State logo from on top of the stripe on the left side and put one on the front left. IV. Add gray alternates instead of black. State has a silver helmet and gray pants. A gray jersey, with stripes matching the gray pants, only makes sense. It would look so much better than the string of black alternates do. IF they were to go back to a black jersey though, it should match the other jerseys, with white-maroon-white or silver-maroon-silver stripes. More like the 2015 version than 2016. Helmets for Mississippi State: Primary Uniforms for Mississippi State: Alternate Home Combos for Mississippi State: Alternate Road Combos for Mississippi State: Alternate Gray combos for Mississippi State:
  3. At the University of Mississippi, the athletic teams are the heart of the student body. Whether it is a crisp Autumn Saturday Locking the Vaught, getting weird at the Pavilion, or a sunny and 75 beer shower at Swayze, it is safe to say that the Rebels are the largest entity that can unite the students, faculty, fanbase, and state as one giant, high-spirited, hospitable, and often inebriated, family. With that being said, why not try to unite the different sports teams, at least in uniform aesthetics? With this concept, that is exactly what I have attempted to do. What it will consist of are football, baseball, and basketball uniforms and their various combinations, as well as a "new" group of wordmarks and number font that will send Ole Miss into this new era of national recognition and success in one recognizable and "fresh" brand, while still encapsulating and embracing the traits and nuances of the Rebel legends before them (How ya like that for "Nike-speak," eh?). Forward Together, Rebs. We are Ole Miss.
  4. So I can't 100% confirm, but today at the Rebel Locker Room (official school store for athletic stuff, game jerseys, helmets, etc.) I came across this hat displayed behind the front desk. When I asked, the worker told me it was the new baseball hat. So take that as what you will, but obviously I had to have it haha. Don't know when or where they would wear it, or what it would be paired with, but I think it's actually a great concept, especially if they are trying to make money. Powder Blue is a cash machine in Oxford. What do yall think?
  5. Okay, so like everyone on the board I like to make concepts using the various templates. It is my dream to see my concepts in reality, and with that chance being slim, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Without further ado, my attempts at bringing some concepts to reality with Photoshop. C&C welcome, on the uniforms and the Photoshop job. First up, not really a concept I made, but a current uniform combination I want to see. That being the Powder Blue helmets over the Navy Jersey and Grey Pants. Up until now, the Rebs have only worn Powder Blue with Red or White/Red Jerseys, and I for one would love to see the next combo. Let's call it a throwback. Then my modern version: Up next, a couple of my own concepts, the first being the standard Navy Helmet, only with a Grey Facemask in order to tie in the Grey Pants and give them a vintage, old school look. This is meant to be the full time Navy Helmet, giving both helmet options a Grey mask. The next two are also just concepts (Sorry I will be using the same photo, if that is bothersome). The first one is a Navy version of a Colonel Reb Throwback Helmet, and the second is just the Powder Blue counterpart. We can call them the "Archie Era" throwbacks. And the concepts: C&C Please!
  6. The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  7. So I have been working on this logo for a while now, and I think that I am ready to share. The inspiration behind the idea is actually the new Georgia Bulldogs logo with the front facing bulldog head. Took a trip to Athens for a game with my girlfriend and saw it on merchandise and loved it. The rest is history. Let me know what y'all think. It is blurry and has my name in it right now because that is my attempt to keep it from getting snagged my some random t-shirt guy. I have a high quality image made, just wanted to throw that out there before it was questioned.
  8. Had an idea for a slight change in Ole Miss' Road Jerseys as far as the script on the chest. Changing the "Ole Miss" to "Mississippi" since we are the University of Mississippi, and have "Ole Miss" on the Grey jerseys (bring them back). Let me know what you think. FYI: This is not a name conspiracy thing about not liking "Ole Miss" (yes that is now being debated here). Just an idea I thought was cool to embrace being Mississippi.
  9. I'm a long time admirer and decided to try out my own concept for the first time. I am attending the University of Mississippi and decided to remake their football uniform with the excitement on campus for the recruiting class and football team. I do not know how to use Photoshop but have always been okay with Paint, so that is how I made them. Comments and criticism are WELCOME! You can only improve when the opportunity is presented to you! Let me know what yall think and what should change if anything! Thanks! I'll start off with the navy home jersey: I went with a classic look in all of my sets, so they will all follow this sort of simple look. I used the "Rebels" script from the baseball uniforms which is probably my favorite script. And I used the circle SEC logo, but since it is navy also, you can't notice the circle. Next is the red home jersey: Just like the navy jersey I used the "Rebels" baseball script. And I accented the red with navy on the cuffs and collar. The road white jersey: Here I used the more well known "Ole Miss" script. Road or home grey jersey: Same as the white jersey, just the Ole Miss grey. Throwback white jersey: Here I used our current away set, but just removed the navy outline from the script and added the "SEC" logo to the collar. I feel like the removal of the navy gives it the throwback feel I am looking for, like you get when seeing the Ole Miss uniforms from back in the day. The Helmets: Sticking with the same navy helmet that the team currently wears because if something isn't broken, don't fix it. And for the throwback uniform: Powder Blue with the grey face mask. Also, I found an older version of the "Ole Miss" script. Alternate White Throwback Helmet: Just for fun.