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  1. Thanks for watching!
  2. Hi guys, I just came up with a concept for an orange third jersey for my Oilers using a recolored version of the old McFarlane logo. This is just for conceptual purposes, I think they wear 3 perfect jerseys right now. C&C is appreciated. On a side note, my EPL series isn't dead, I'm just taking a bit of a break from it. Liverpool will be up within a few hours.
  3. So in the recent discussions about the new Anaheim Ducks third jersey, it was suggested that the Ducks should perhaps try an orange home jersey with a white road jersey that compliments it. While other people have focused on trying to match the new third jersey with a white version, I decided to instead, try making an orange version of their current home jersey. I made the letters and numbers just two layers instead of three, though doing so now makes it match the stripping (sort of). It also differentiates from the Flyers by using black numbers outlined in orange or white instead of orange or white numbers outlined in black. (And the use of gold too, of course). Comments welcome.
  4. If it isn't obvious already, I am a Dolphins fan. I saw the new 50 Seasons commemorative patch and thought it was really cool. I haven't seen a digitalized version of it yet, so I made this: Here is the reference: Please leave some feedback!
  5. This is a sequel to me earlier brown Padres series. That one was more wishful thinking while this one is a helpful suggestion to the team, which seems pretty set on switching back to navy and orange next season (the team has been overloading on 98 nostalgia and the new team president cut his teeth with that team). My goal was to update the 98 look by modernizing it and keep unique among all the other teams that wear orange. I also didn't want to go too heavy in one direction as the either, as Padres fans can be a bit sensitive about looking too much like the Giants or the Dodgers. I think I did a good job of splitting the difference but of course, constructive criticism is welcome. I hope that the home and road jerseys speak for themselves but I know some explanation is needed for the navy alt. I went blue-on-blue as a tribute to the alternate jersey the Padres wore in 98, which is a personal favorite. I played around with a white-on-blue look and it didn't look bad but I thought I'd start with this one and see what people think. If the reception to this is OK, I have a camo version planned and a brown alternate (the Padres are supposedly thinking about wearing brown on Fridays).
  6. Hey Guys! This was a fun one for me. First, the logo. The logo is a keystone "crest" with the wings of the original Flyers logo going through it. Second, the jerseys. I wanted it to look somewhat similar to the jerseys they have now, but keeping it simple at the same time. (And yes, their jersey now is kind of simple). This is just a concept, the logo they have now will forever be their logo, I just wanted to get creative with it. Hope you like this one! C&C Welcome!
  7. The mighty redux: Conceiving a new Anaheim hockey identityFrom the halcyon days of the Disney-born Mighty Ducks to the period of rule atop the league as black-and-orange-clad Stanley Cup champions, hockey fans in Anaheim have had the luxury of cheering for a team whose identities have consistently been unique and, well, awesome. Although the original Mighty Ducks identity was the butt end of many jokes during its run, its standing with fans remains favorable. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say a significant slice of the fan base would be happy to see it return. Several years after the team’s brand was toned down — and grown up — to become the Anaheim Ducks, the new look seems to have left people wondering what has continually driven the organization to move ever further away from its Disney roots. The latest update to the franchise look, however, has pushed the needle back in the other direction, if only slightly. The Mighty Ducks logo has been resurrected in the form of a shoulder patch, and the orange adornments from 2007 have spread and saturated more areas in an effort to co-opt the surrounding community’s culture. In other words, there’s lots to like, but realizing the full potential of this team’s identity will require revisiting some elements of its own past. MORE HERE:
  8. thought id share my pitch for the fantasy league over on icethetics, Hawaii honu (sea turtles). done a bit of tweaking since i posted it on dribble (mostly changes to curves and line weights), pretty happy with how it ended up. the turtles natural texture had a cracked magma feel to me, which i think ties in with the Hawaiian theme. I chose this particular colour scheme to emphasize that and go with something wasn't just your typical blue and green approach. The word mark i decided to keep simple and modern again shying away from the cliche tropical look. any last suggestions before i turn it in? I'm also looking for ideas for a secondary logo, so far volcano is at the top of my list but ideas would be great
  9. This concept is something I have thought of for a while. This jersey is a hunting style jersey for the week before, during, or after opening season of hunting in Wisconsin. Since hunting and Packers are two huge things in Wisconsin, why not have them combine. Give me some ideas on what I can add or adjust to this jersey.