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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys. Now I don't know if you would consider this a "concept" or a wallpaper, and I don't know if I stole someone's idea, I know I'm not making sense, but here I go. Recently, I have come up with "Sports States", and I don't have any words to describe the idea, so I'll give you guys an example. Yes, these are wallpapers. But I don't really want to explain much, sizes may vary, blah blah blah, etc. All I'm saying is that I'm making these "wallpapers" and I am also accepting requests for wallpapers. All you have to do is give me a conference or a league division (I'm not doing full leagues) and I will whip up a nice Sports States wallpaper for you. I will allow requests for most sports (Although I'm not sure about lacrosse), if it's college, professional or sometimes high school sports, I would allow it. I don't want to get this too long so I'm ending this post and I will start accepting requests.
  2. I want to make a new start with this topic. I'm interested about the history of the teams who make a league and banners are helpful to understand the great moments of a team. So I decided to make my own version. Instructions on adding signature images To add a image to your signature, go to your profile and click the "Edit my profile" button. So now, you should have a tab on a left for "Signature". Use the "polaroid of the tree" button on the editor toolbar to add the image and enjoy (I hope ^^) your new signature. Every banner consists of the year when the team won the championship, the name of the championship and a logo of the team. All this with colors of the team at the time of the victory. I have a new design for the banners : so let me see what you think ? Let me know what you think about my idea and give constructive suggestions if you want, it's always good to improve my work ! I taking requests. Please ( ), do a post with: - Year of the title - Name of the title - The logo you want in the banner. So let's go ! Table of Contents (to find easier your banner) Seattle1917 (Trailblazers) Word02 (Pats, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, FC Seoul) timberwolf (Maple Leafs) jaker52 (Cardinals) Seattle1917 (Canucks, Mariners) Jabel777 (Arizona Cardinals, Rockies) nitsua99 (Braves, Georgia) Raleigh Panther (Hurricanes) nitsua99 (Hawks, Leicester) Jake3.roo (Phillies) WayneD92 (Mets) biscuit faces of them (Rolex 24) Seattle1917 (Ajax Amsterdam) You can ask for the new design if you want, guys ! New Design: Zeus89725 (Islanders) Pabig (Dortmund) nitsua99 (Braves, Georgia, Hawks, Leicester) Wackyriderfan14 (Roughriders) masterchaoss (LA Dodgers) RockyTopper (Braves, Titans) Jabel777 (Cardinals, Rockies) DiePerske (OM) Logos 'n such (Devils, Giants, Yanks) Seattle1917 (Arsenal) Word02 (Pats, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox) baseballsam.2 (St. Louis Cardinals) flyersfan (Penn State) DisneySports1 (Boise State) WFBL (SA Spurs) crosby87rules (Bournemouth) mets2k (Mets,Cowboys, Rangers, Sooners, Thunder)