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  1. Hey everyone! So, with the 16/17 regular season having just come to an end, i figured I'd get a start on some jersey concepts for the highlights of the 17/18 season, the outdoor games. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to complete them, but I will finish all 8 teams before the season starts. So without further ado, here's my first team of the NHL 100 Classic, the Ottawa Senators!
  2. I've been hearing a lot of rumors about the Ottawa Senators holding an outdoor game to commemorate their 25th anniversary as well as Canada's 150th anniversary. I decided to make a concept logo that resembled the Winter and Heritage Classic logos. Hope you enjoy, C&C appreciated
  3. I sent this one into HJC for the contest, and I figured "Why not post it here?" So here's my Ottawa Senators concept. I know nobody likes the Adidas stripes, but I didn't really notice them at all during the World Cup. They look bad on paper, but in real life I don't think they're all bad. So aside from the Adidas stripes, what do you think?
  4. I've been a fan of the Ottawa Senators peace tower logo for over a decade, but feel it needs to be modernized. I decided to use my new dot graph book and technical markers to redo this logo. Here's the original for reference:
  5. Everyone complains that the Senators primary logo, home and away jerseys, and essentially their entire identity is bland and Reebok cookie-cutter. I completely agree. Also, many people say that the team should go to their 'Throwback Thursday' uniforms full time, and I disagree with that. It wouldn't be bad, but I feel like using the olive branch pattern is more unique and versatile than chest stripes. For these designs, I went to their secondary logo, as it's modern, classic, and good looking all at the same time, and made more traditional jerseys with the olive branch pattern. C+C is appreciated! I also was in the midst of designing full on uniforms, and I couldn't decide on red or black pants. The two possibilities are below. RED PANTS: BLACK PANTS:
  6. Hey guys..... I'm new to making concepts. I've been trying out a few different templates to get a good feel of what works and what doesn't, and these are a few jerseys I've done so far for the NHL. 1st up is a version of a Capitals jersey talked about in the NHL 2015 Page. This jerseys uses the prototype jersey Weagle (Made by Mr.Nascar13) and a blue, copper and red colour pattern. The striping is based off the Pre-Edge black alternate. 2nd here is a common one for the Senators. However, I've tweaked the Peace Tower shoulder patch slightly, hoping the addition of green to the logo is enough to make it stand out. C & C is welcome.... and depending on everything, I may make this a NHL series. Up next should be Tampa Bay.
  7. I decided to re do the CFL logos because most of them are awful. Some of them turned out well, and some i'm not totally satisfied. my favorites are ottawa and montreal. working on toronto right now. Hamilton will be hard to do since they have a good logo. We'll see what happens
  8. Well it might seem a tad early but to start one, but it's been a unusually busy off-season, quarterbacks are changing teams, Ottawa is starting play this season, two new stadiums, the Argonauts might join the MLSE fold, the season schedule is coming out tomorrow, free agency is heating up.... ...oh and Arland Bruce said something stupid about Michael Sam and has probably played his last down of Canadian Football....
  9. Hello everyone, and welcome to my first post; i've been visiting and following the site for a while, and the last couples days I decided to participate in the Logolympiad 2014 ('cause I love sports & this site) and I'm happy that my concept finished in 3rd place (I want to thanks everybody that voted for my concept). My concept was for the alternate uniform of the Ottawa Redblacks / Rouge et Noir. For the concept I wanted to combine the past with the present, when they were the Ottawa Rough Riders and now as the Ottawa Redblacks, and used the name of their QB Russ Jackson No. 12 I hope you like it, and I love to hear what do you think, all comments are welcome! Sorry for my bad english ECA Thanks for visiting my post!
  10. I was wondering if the Ottawa Senators have kept with either of the jerseys between fall 1997 and spring 2007. Anyways, here I present the following: Here is version A, based on the 1997-2000 alternate turned 2000-2007 road red jersey: Here is version A, based on the 2000-2007 alternate black jersey: Lemme know your thoughts guys. P.S.: The following concepts aren't mine. The true credit and copyright goes to A_J_H.
  11. I was making this for the (HJC) Open and I thought I would share it on here. I would love feedback.
  12. Ottawa's new basketball team will be changing their name from TomaHawks after an outcry from Ottawa's aboriginal community. The team is the latest expansion in the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC). The league currently has eight teams (London, Oshawa, Windsor, Montreal, Summerside, Saint John, Moncton, and Halifax) Too bad, I kind of liked it (even if they stole the Moncton Miracles colours)
  13. Hi everyone. Just found this great community and have spent hours now going through some terrific concepts. I thought I would share my idea for Ottawa's new NASL team. My proposed name is Ottawa Confederation FC. The crest was thrown together rather quickly as I was more interested in the kit/colours concept. Comments would be greatly appreciated.