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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all! I've been making some hockey jersey templates recently, and I figured I'd release them here on the boards! I'd like to make it clear, though, that none of these are mine. While I did make them, they were all based off of templates others used, but I couldn't find anywhere online. I'm not going to take credit for the creation of these, just the recreations for public use. If you originally made one of these templates, PM me and I'll take it down. .PDN TEMPLATES: Click here for the Mediafire folder .PNG TEMPLATES: Click here for the Mediafire folder .PSD TEMPLATES: (I'm not sure if these will work. I made them using and I don't know if it'll still work on Photoshop) Click here for the Mediafire folder Thanks for reading, and use 'em well!
  2. NEW RULES!!! If you want a JerseyBack just leave a reply with the following things in this order: Name- List of jerseys, Jersey #. For Example: Williams- Raiders Home, A's Alt, Warriors Home #25 If you do not put your request in that form I WILL NOT add your name to the waiting list Also, PLEASE leave less than 5 requests. Anybody with more than 5 requests WILL NOT be added to the waiting list. One last thing, Please be PATIENT! If I don't get your request done 1st don't complain, just wait. I have lots of things going on (Sports, Church, Family) , so don't be mad if I don't get 5 done in a day. Here is the list in order from oldest requests to newest requests, I will try to update the list every few days.
  3. Lately I've been working on some NHL redesigns. Like another very talented designer, Vitorio Arts (check out his work by the way), I prefer simple, yet classic and elegant uniform designs. All logos are from this site and I have Calgary in this post and should have Minnesota and possibly Colorado up tonight or tomorrow! C and C is much appreciated! Calgary Flames -removed black -simplified the striping -used 80s colours
  4. Hey guys I'm back with another concept. This time I wanted to redo the Wild how I want to see them. I wanted to keep wheat as a color, but it just doesn't work because the away jersey is normal white. My solution was to add another color to the stripes. I made a colored yoke with an outline on the home, and added a red outline to the away yoke. I chose a new font because, why not. I also extended the stripes to the end of the jersey. As always give me some C&C! Enjoy! Also, it was made in