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  1. NBA Reverse Retro Series Why hello everyone! It has been years since I've been on the boards, but it's great to be back! With my first topic back, I wanted to tackle a project I worked on for fun late last year. The NBA Reverse Retro Series. After the NHL put out their Reverse Retro series of uniforms, I wondered what it might look like if the NBA did a similar thing. Now it is way harder to bring back a classic look for some teams because they never really left their classic look. The rules I set for this project were simple. Bring back a classic uniform from sometime in each team's history, but altered to fit their current colour scheme. Just like the NHL, team's could go back in their history, even wearing a jersey from a different city. Similar to what the Avalanche did with the Nordiques uniform. To start, this is the teaser, with each team represented and the year which the uniform is based on. I found all the logos and examples of the original uniforms from right on this site, I will add, I won't be making any changes at this point, I finished this project about a month ago, but I wanted to share it here and see what people think of this idea. C&C is appreciated!
  2. As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  3. I liked the idea that Indiana had to create a design featuring stripes to represent cornfields. However, like a lot of others, I think the design felt a little bit disjointed with an uber-old school wordmark compared with modern side striping. I wanted to try my hand at a design for the Pacers that would better incorporate the ideas, and then ultimately scrapped the circle wordmark idea. The two main issues I had with the uniforms (particularly the home) is 1) The primarily blue side panels with smaller yellow stripes. For as long as I can remember, Indiana has worn yellow side panels, and to me that look is iconic for the team. The fact that golden state also wears blue side panels with yellow stripes is annoying to me. 2) The strange modernity of the pattern. It just doesn't fit the whole "home grown" classic theme they seemed to be going for. So, without further ado, my concept. The design retains side stripes, but does so in a more traditional manner. The yellow panels with the horizontal stripes are meant to evoke the uniforms of the Reggie Miller era with its yellow side panels and pinstripes, while maintaining its own unique identity. The panels also taper, getting thinner and thinner towards the top, a much less drastic nod to the FloJo era. Finally, the chest wordmark, back names, and numbers are italicized, reminiscent of the italicized wordmarks worn by the team for nearly two decades starting in 1981. Finally, white was eliminated from the road uniform. Ultimately, adding white outlines created an inconsistent striping pattern with the panels (which look terrible with white lines). Obviously, nothing too over the top, but something that I feel is a bit more "Pacers" while still creating a unique identity.
  4. I made a graphic, to touch on the idea of the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend to come to Indianapolis, Indiana. I added another one that actually features the NBA logo in the graphic.
  5. Good afternoon, folks! So I've been sitting on this for a solid two or so months now, and though far from complete as far as a full package is concerned, I wanted to share at least the start of this project anyways as a means to gage where to go from here and how y'all think of the direction I'm taking with this. I got the idea for a Pacers rebrand after looking through some old pictures of 1940's-50's Indy 500's, and am shooting for a brand package inspired by these kinds of elements. To help see where I'm coming from, here's just a couple of the bunch of pictures I used as references: Some brainstorming and sketching led me to going in the direction of using a racecar driver from this time period as the primary, with the wordmark inspired by this Mercury ad. The colors remain similar, and the "speed lines" trailing from the driver's helmet are slightly inspired by and nod to those found in the current "P" logo. I really wanted to make this guy look like he was hauling it, so without diving into gradients and such, I tried to make him look like he was blurring by in a way (which is why some elements of the left part of the logo are sort of trailing off and do not connect naturally). Anyways... ...the finished product: As of yet, I still haven't settled on any uniforms or the court, so that's still to come much further down the road. But I just wanted to post what I did have for now and see what y'all thought of it, and how it could be improved before I took the project much farther. All C&C is welcome and encouraged! Thanks for viewing!
  6. Hello, just signed up here. Being a Pacers fan is difficult with our bland designs. I did a bit of an update recently and wanted to share. Getting great feedback on the logos but yes, I know the jerseys are too busy. Let me know what you think. Thanks, BKD
  7. This was a concept I designed for the 1st event of the recent Logolympiad. A pacer is also known as a harness horse, which is a big thing still in Indiana in harness racing. I designed it to blend the history of the state into the current look of the "P" logo, with similar motion lines and such. I may end up revisiting this and making changes, but this is something I am just posting for fun:
  8. Im a Pacer fan and with the little hot streak, being in the playoff run, and getting Paul George back soon, Im pretty excited. I came up with this shirt idea to welcome PG back and make a big push for higher seed. What do you guys think?
  9. I've decided to make a master thread for compiling my random NBA concepts. So...yeah, here we go. Los Angeles Clippers Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Phoenix Suns Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Dallas Mavericks Home | Road | Alt | Court Indiana Pacers Home | Road | Alt 1 | Alt 2 | Alt 3 | Court Seattle Supersonics Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court Sacramento Kings Logos | Home | Road | Alt | Court
  10. After the FSU "leaked" logo got around,I thought I might share my favorite logos,unis,Ect. You can share your favorite logos,as I will like to get your interests in sport logos. I will be counting it up from 1 to 100. I will try to get an equal number of uniforms,logos per sport league. Hope you have fun!
  11. Just wanted to share a side project I did for fun: a logo concept and some graphics of my fav player. The original concept was to create a shield and connect that to Paul's defensive ability. His greatest asset IMO is his D. He's our first line of defense as he defends on the perimeter. The direction was to have something simple, edgy, and aggressive. The photo manipulation is supposed to represent his 'transformation' into being a star. Hope you guys dig it! PG24 http://arielaurellan.../portfolio/pg24 Paul George 24 Logo PG | 24 Logo Iterations TRNSFRMTN Nike Hyperdunk PE Apparel Thanks for checking out! More work @