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  1. This concept came about after a conversation on the possibility of an independent Québec with a friend who is a Montréal native and a strong supporter of Québec sovereignty. Taking a break from the heated discussion regarding the viability of such a nation- My brain took full advantage to jump into "hockey mode" and I posed the question: "What would happen to the Habs if Québec DOES become an independent nation?" Naturally, cheering for a team called "le Club de Hockey Canadien" would seem strange to the population in a newly free Quebec, regardless of the history associated with the franchise. After all: this is a province who has just cut ties with a "country" it has been a part of for the better part of a century and a half, I'm certain a change would be welcomed. Wanting to keep my alteration of such a storied franchise to a minimum, I opted to simply replace the "Canadien" in the existing franchise identity with "Québécois"- a fitting, yet subtle change for the team in the largest city in the new nation. The following logos are quick mock-ups of what I think the best possible course of action would be in the event the aforementioned purely hypothetical situation does come to fruition. Ladies and Gentlemen: le Club de Hockey Québécois. This was my first, very visibly rough draft of what a "half C/ half Q" habs primary logo could be. This one answered the "what If they drop the "C" altogether?" question. And finally: This was the third "compromise" between the two prior mock ups. Let me know what you think. This was all product of a quick brain storm and done (quite quickly and messy, I might add) in the always wonderful MS Paint.