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  1. Since there has been news that Philadelphia has put in a request to get a XFL team I decided to create a concept for a potenial team.
  2. I've been out of the concept game for a while but my creative juices got going again and decided to throw this concept together. This was inspired by the Flyers new wordmark font and their Stadium Series practice jerseys (see below). I am anticipating comments saying that it's just a recoloring of last years stadium series jersey. And I would like to counter that argument with the following: I have been a flyers fan my whole life and they have used this striping pattern on their arms for a very long time. The only difference is that there is no stripe the length of the arm connected to it. (Check out their uniform history from 1983-2007) I just had to make the top stripe a little thicker so that it will look good. Secondly, as an extension of first argument, this would be a realistic third jersey look considering their history with this striping pattern. In my opinion it is very rare that a third jersey that is completely different from anything they've done before is received well. Think of Atlanta's weird maroon jersey, Florida's baby blue thirds, basically anything Buffalo has done, and the "throwback" flyers jersey which I never liked because it just never looked like a Flyers look. I imagined a lot of different options and I couldn't imagine anything looking better than this look. I even thought about a stripe the length of the arm where the outline was the shape of the crack in the Liberty Bell, but I didn't think that would work very well. And lastly... yeah, it kinda is a recoloring of that jersey... shoot me lol. I also realize that the arm stripes on the middle image don't look symmetrical but the striping is similar to what the Flyers have always used which is a curved look so that there is no point on the outside of the arm, just a smooth line. So from the outside of the arm it will look straight but from the inside of the arm it will look curved. Lastly, I put together a possible 3rd logo below. I was always going to use "Philly" on the front but I thought this might look good on the shoulder, but I never quite fell in love with it. Also, for realism's sake, the only time the Flyers have had a shoulder patch is for a memorial or the 50th anniversary patch. So adding the shoulder patch wouldn't be a very "Flyers look." It is essentially the Liberty Bell logo from the Phillies batting practice/spring training hat with the Flyers logo on top. And in all honesty, it is a direct copy of the new Phillies logo. But I thought I'd share it anyway, so let me know what you think. I am always open to constructive criticism so I'd love to hear what you all think.
  3. Discrim

    Eagles concept

    I figure it happens to all of us eventually...the muse simply hasn't been there lately. That is, until I sketched a few ideas down...and realized I was sitting on an Eagles set I not only never posted, but had left unfinished until now. Two tone green, as kelly green returns as the primary hue, with midnight green remaining as trim. Silver returns, albeit with a greenish tint. The jersey and pants blend a few eras: the pants are from the Cunningham era, the shoulder stripe-cuff combo is from the late 60s, albeit colored in a different manner than that set had been (and I may have had King Corcoran on my mind a little bit, too), and then the chest striping is from the Jaworski era's sleeves, also seen on the socks. Both of the alts are throwback inspired, the third being a tweaked version of the 40s greens, with plain silver pants and a little addition to the yoke-stripe, alluding to the helmet's wings; the heritage uniform is loosely based on something the Eagles' predecessors, the Frankford Yellow Jackets, had worn early in their time in the NFL, hence their YFJ monogram on the back of the jersey. Sleeve stripes were turned into wings, largely for the hell of it.
  4. This is Where I will post my concepts for potential Outdoor Games that I think the NHL should consider, and will even write mini proposals We start off with a crazy idea I has for a Florida outdoor game, a stadium series probably. First off, it would take place in Raymond James Stadium (the Bucs home), which in the winter can go down to as low as 40 F, perfect to sustain ice for a perfect amount of time. With some nice planning, this would not be much of a hassle. As to why to do this you ask? These two teams are very unknown and do not have any attention going to them. A NBCSN game and outdoor game in Florida would attract much press attention. Also although I do not agree with most southern market NHL teams, I feel that Tampa Bay has a very passionate fan base and does deserve this. Now for the aesthetics of it, the Florida Panthers whole theming would be around the sun and heat, as they do represent most of Florida and many of their logos do indeed. For this I made the Panthers uniforms have the rays of the sun on the bottom stripe as well as more red and yellow then usual. The Lightnings uniform have the grey color of storm clouds, using all 4 of their colors rather then just 2. For the actual presentation of the arena the arena would be set up with palm trees all around the outskirts similar Minnesota's pine tree display. There would be a small picture above the arena of a sun facing off against a storm, pushing against one another. This would be between the logos. When the Bolts come out lightning coils will activate as they walk in. When the Panthers walk in fire will erupt followed by gold-ish smoke. Worst case scenario it all melts. Also I feel its only appropriate to have both team goal horns go off. Any Ideas for the next one?
  5. Hey all. I'm back. I drafted up a concept for the 2017 outdoor game between the Penguins and Flyers in Pittsburgh. I do not like a lot of the elements used in these jerseys simply because I dont like a lot of the stadium series templates. I feel they are a bit to modern. However I tried to make these accurate to what the NHL might want in a stadium series jersey. C&C is welcomed and appreciated.
  6. I was thinking at one point, and philadelphia (where I am from) has an area code of 215, which is symmetrical (in certain fonts) plus, after testing it a bit, it looked cool. I have 8 options. Tell me which ones you like the best, leave C&C, etc. Note that if people really like it, then the ones on the right side may end up on cotton bureau in the near future (hopefully) The ones on the left use Conrad.'s NW RANGERS font, so I cant put them on cotton bureau, but I still want to know what looks good. Thanks! and one on a heather gray background (because that's what the shirt would be)
  7. The wait is over. Rivalry Classics resumes with a city I have something of a conceptual history with, of course I speak of the home of Rocky, stomping grounds of some odd green creature, the land of rough hockey and football players released for borderline inexplicable reasons. Before all of those, though, it was the home of one Connie Mack and his Philadelphia Athletics... The A's tended to have a pretty consistent look for the bulk of their run in Philly, usually donning a blackletter A on the left chest, with royal blue as their main color. The now-familiar Athletics script, indeed, didn't make its first appearance until the team's Philly swan song. The club's other enduring symbol, the white elephant, was famously adopted in defiance of derisive barbs from Mack's friend and rival John McGraw, and though the A's never wore a shirt pocket like the Browns and a few other teams did, I decided to go in that direction for the whites (if you want a straight reporduction, Dressed to the Nines knida already exists ). The road set is something of a peek to the future (I decided to push the time frame up from the 40s to the early 50s), as the A's would wear vests in Kansas City and Oakland, with the past in there for good measure, as they'd occasionally worn pinstripes off and on. When Boston and St. Louis went from having teams in each league to becoming one-team towns, the less-successful of the two had been the ones to ultimately bolt for greener pastures. In Philadelphia, however, it was the chronically underachieving Phillies who stayed in town, and the A's' issues had as much to do with this as the Phils' newfound success. In any event, here go the Phillies... A good amount of the Phillies' sartorial history has seen them with a P on the chest, so here it goes with the Whiz Kids P. The shortened city name, PHILA, is far more associated with the Sixers, but the Phillies wore Phila grays early in the 1900s. Decided to have a collar on the grays for good measure. I'd considered reviving the old William Penn logo as a sleeve patch, before deciding I hadn't given myself enough time to put forth the necessary effort. I'll let you know one thing: the two remaining sets are done. I simply plan to wait a few days before releasing Boston, and then a bit after that the NYC Three-way.
  8. Home: This is based off a couple of former Sixers looks with some modern touches. The collar is from the 1970s era jersey with a RWB thin stripe scheme. The Side paneling is also from that jersey, but modified. Instead of a thin blue panel with a red piping a few inches off it, I expanded the blue panel to meet the red piping. I used "PHILA" instead of "SIXERS" in a font similar to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The numbers are off to the side, a modern aspect to the jersey that I think balances is it well. Everything has a red outline. The 76ers logo is the same here, except with consistency in the lines and a red "76". City Pride: The city pride jersey here is extremely simple. I wanted a white jersey to differentiate it from other team's city prides and because the home whites already are so colorful with the thick side panelling. The uniform is all red and white except for the shorts logo. The thin red piping stays just without the blue panelling with the white stars. "BROTHERLY LOVE" is used, a common nickname for Philadelphia and its direct translation from the Greek words "Phileo" and "Adelphos". The 13 star logo is finally utilized, in this case surrounding the number which is in a different font, a block font (an homage to the Sixers looks in the past). Shorts Logo: This is based off the famous LOVE statue in Philly. The top 2 numbers are the jersey number you wear, the bottom 2 are always "76". The top right number is purposely tilted like the "O" in the LOVE statue
  9. Just a concept I whipped up a short while ago. What if the Athletics never packed their bags from the City of Brotherly Love? After all, they had a much more storied history in the city while the Phillies were always relegated to second-division status (Of course, financial problems and the Phillies new-found success did the A's in for their stay in Philly). So here's a concept for the 2014 Philly A's. Their home jerseys stay basically the same as they did for most of their existence, though they keep the gold from the 1950 Golden Anniversary uniforms. For the road jerseys I used a Philadelphia script I found on the internet, though I would love to one day be able to replicate the actual Athletics script into the word Philadelphia. The alternate uses the script that the team used in the late 80s, before the second serif was added. Let me know what you think, I might do one of those "alternate universe" threads where the A's stay and the Phillies move to another city, much like the A's did.