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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all my good CCSLCers. As I celebrate 10 years here on the board, I have revamped my portfolio site while I job search. Any input welcome.
  2. Hi all, Over this summer, I have been working on a few things to build up my design portfolio. In the past, I have extensively worked on uniform concepts that have been posted here on this board, but I would like to expand my horizons a bit and give logos, wordmarks and branding a shot. My goal for this thread is to be able to post my designs and get some constructive criticism on what I can do better so I can learn more about creating some nice designs and what is acceptable in the eyes of consumers (i.e. you guys). I have a few things in the works right now, but I am going to start things off by sharing a personal logo that I have created. Problem is, I cannot decide what color combination works best! So I have worked up some mockups of different combos that I think could work well with each other, as well as two basic, simplified versions. C&C is always appreciated! Simplified...
  3. Hey guys! I've just finished something of a personal rebrand, I thought I'd share it here. Here's my new website - Aschwege Creative at What do you think?
  4. Every now and then you gotta show off your own work... recently re-designed my portfolio site. New: Old: I'd had my old one for a few years. Over the past couple I've experimented with creating a new one using WordPress or Drupal but always bailed before I could finish. But last week I got some motivation and decided there was no real need to use a CMS for what I wanted, so I got after it and got it done in a few days. I'm pretty happy with it. One thing I'll probably do is create a portfolio page that functions separately from the homepage and uses square (or rectangular) thumbnails. It's a little odd from a usability standpoint to have the portfolio link go back to the homepage. Might get to that this weekend. Also, while I really like using Helvetica Neue (those of you who are not designers and are on PCs probably just get Arial) for the headers, I'm not entirely satisfied with the typography on the site, so I might give that some tweaking. Oh, one thing to note: it's responsive. There's a few specific breakpoints based on your browser width. Stretch it, view it on your phone, take a look. I look at that as just a nice touch. Anyways, just thought I'd share. Appreciate any feedback.