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  1. Rip-off time! Who do you think will earn the right to lose to the Clippers Lakers?
  2. I couldn't find any predictions megathreads, so I figured why not I be the one to start it? I'm gonna start this first of all with my WAY TOO EARLY NFL PREDICTIONS NFC EAST: AFC EAST: PHI 11-5 BUF 10-6 DAL 9-7 NE 7-9 WAS 4-12 NYJ 5-11 NYG 3-13 MIA 4-12 NFC NORTH: AFC NORTH: GB 11-5 BAL 13-3 MIN 9-7 PIT 9-7 CHI 8-8 CLE 8-8 DET 5-11 CIN 4-12 NFC SOUTH: AFC SOUTH: NO 13-3 IND 10-6 TB 10-6 TEN 9-7 ATL 9-7 HOU 7-9 CAR 2-14 JAX 2-14 NFC WEST: AFC WEST: SEA 12-4 KC 13-3 SF 10-6 DEN 9-7 ARI 8-8 LV 7-9 LAR 8-8 LAC 7-9 NFC PLAYOFFS: AFC PLAYOFFS: #1 NO 13-3 #1 BAL 13-3 #2 SEA 12-4 #2 KC 13-3 #3 GB 11-5 #3 IND 10-6 #4 PHI 11-5 #4 BUF 10-6 #5 TB 10-6 #5 PIT 9-7 #6 SF 10-6 #6 DEN 9-7 #7 DAL 9-7 #7 TEN 9-7 WILD CARD: PIT over BUF IND over DEN KC over TEN TB over PHI GB over SF SEA over DAL DIVISIONAL: KC over IND BAL over PIT GB over SEA NO over TB CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS: BAL over KC NO over GB SUPER BOWL 55: NO 28 - 38 BAL RAVENS ARE YOUR SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!
  3. Considering the NFL had it's first major throwback uniform season in 1994 to celebrate the league's 75th season, I've been wondering for years how the NFL's 100th season in 2019 would look as far as uniforms are concerned. Since it is now only three years away I thought I would make a post about it so we can see who was right when 2019 does finally get here. If the 75th season can give us any ideas, they would be that every team will wear a 100th season jersey patch (every team wore a diamond-shaped 75th Season jersey patch in 1994, even on the throwback uniforms) but I think that's where the similarities between the two seasons will end. I do think special uniforms will be worn in 2019, but I don't think they will be throwbacks. The throwback trend seems to be dead for multiple reasons (played out / losing popularity, pretty much run out of interesting old uniforms to bring back, players must wear the same helmet throughout the season now so that eliminates a lot of options, etc.) so I'm guessing in 2019 to celebrate the 100th Season of the league they will do a throw forward year, with every single team having Color Rush (or some other gimmick) games or having Nike design "Pro Combat" style one-off uniforms designed to be worn with each team's normal helmet. If you don't count Super Bowl XXIX, when the league let the 49ers wear their 1994 throwbacks longer than teams were initially allowed and throwout the playoffs and Super Bowl, I believe Super Bowl LIV, played at the end of the 2019 season, could be the first year we see alternate jerseys or special one-off "Pro Combat" uniforms in the Super Bowl, if it doesn't happen this year for Super Bowl 50 (could be a nice game day or game time surprise for the 50th celebration.) In addition to "throw forward" and "Pro Combat" uniforms I'm sure the NFL will make an exception and let the two teams that played in the very first season of the NFL and are still around have a throwback year like they did for the original AFL teams in 2009 for the 50th Anniversary of the AFL. That means the Bears would throwback as the Decatur Staleys and the Cardinals would throwback as the Chicago Cardinals (that would be an interesting game: Chicago vs Chicago! With 1920 throwbacks!!!) So what do you guys think? What do you think is going to happen three years from now during the 100th Season of the NFL as far as team uniforms and logos are concerned?
  4. What are yours? I made my pre-FA picks earlier and don't feel like going division-by-division right now, so I'll just talk about what interests me. 1. AFC South: The Texans are faster and probably have a slight upgrade at quarterback, albeit a very expensive one. Can they repeat? Will the Colts resume their former dominance of the division? Will the new-look Jaguars defense catch up to the development of the team's offense? Which running backs and wide receivers will the Titans keep? 2. AFC West: Will the Raiders finally break through to the playoffs? Will the Broncos have a post-Super Bowl hangover bad enough to keep them out of the playoffs? How will the Chiefs handle the excess talent at running back? How will their defense fare? Will the Chargers be a doormat again? 3. NFC East: Anybody could win this division. Who will? 4. NFC North: Will the Vikings be able to build on last season's success? Will the Packers' defense build on its improvement? (I see the Packers as the best team in the NFL right now.) Overall: What has Color Rush wrought? How often will the Rams wear their throwbacks? Can my Bengals finally win a playoff game? Can anyone keep the Patriots out of the Super Bowl this time around? How will the Panthers fare coming off their Super Bowl loss? Will the Rams finally post a winning record? Which non-playoff teams from the 2015 season will make their return to the postseason next January?
  5. Obviously, draft choices and injuries will alter this, but here's what I'm seeing right now. I'll do it the way the old Street & Smith's guides did in the '90s, with projected standings and playoff seedings but no actual records. An (x) means projected divisional champion; a (y) means projected wild-card team: AFC East (1) Patriots (x) - Even with Brady suspended for four games, they're the class of the division. (2) Bills - I still think their personnel favors a 4-3 rather than a 3-4, but they'll improve on both sides in Rex Ryan's second season, and I believe Tyrod Taylor is a legit QB, at least in this system. (3) Jets - Matt Forte is definitely a more versatile halfback than the departed Chris Ivory, but without a dependable quarterback this team will remain a tweener. They overachieved last season and will have a tougher schedule this time around---I'm thinking 8-8 is a pretty good prediction. (4) Dolphins - Unlike some others, I do believe that their defensive changes will produce an improvement on that side as long as they stay healthy. However, I'm not sure that they will stay healthy, and the offense...well, it has me wondering. They'd be well-served by a run-first attack, but they just let a very good running back (whom they almost never used properly) go in free agency. A power-running approach featuring Jay Ajayi and a player to be named later seems sensible but I don't know that their O-line is good enough to facilitate that, particularly with Ajayi's lack of experience. At the very least they have a pair of solid receivers in Landry and Parker. 5 or 6 wins seems a probable outcome. North (1)Bengals (x) - They're still the most balanced team in this division, and I would say that even if I weren't a Bengals fan. As long as they are able to replace secondary receiving options Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, and to get bonehead Vontaze Burfict to control himself, they'll be fine. (2)Ravens (y) - This team won't be kept down for long. Don't expect another perfect storm of injuries and bad defense this year. The Ravens will contend for a playoff spot. (3)Steelers - Too many question marks on this team. I wouldn't trust the defense at all, and key wideout Martavis Bryant is suspended for the whole year. Yes, Darrius Heyward-Bey can fill in for Bryant, and of course they still have Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, DeAngelo Williams, and Markus Wheaton, plus free-agent signee Ladarius Green to replace the retired Heath Miller at TE. The offense should still be one of the top-scoring attacks in the league, albeit slightly worse without Bryant. Still, it's hard not to wonder about Big Ben's age and health; Bell's health coming off a major injury; Green's ability to replace Miller; the health of the O-line; and, of course, almost the entire defense. The worst they'll do is 7-9; the best, 11-5. Exactly where they finish is anyone's guess. This team never meets expectations: they always exceed them or underperform. (4)Browns - How bad will the Clown-suits be? It will be very interesting to see whom they take with their top selection in the draft. Zeke Elliott would be nice for them if he is still on the board. Later in the draft they'll have to try to replace Pro Bowl center Alex Mack and upgrade pretty much every position on the roster. If they have a good, productive draft, that could get them 1 or 2 additional wins. As they are right now, I'm thinking 1-15 at worst and 3-13 at best. South (1)Colts (x) - The Texans are the more complete team, but I just don't see the Colts staying down this season. They won't be great, but they'll be good enough to win an improving (but still weak) division, fighting off Houston and Jacksonville. (2)Texans (y) - Will Brock Osweiler give Houston a much-needed upgrade at QB? Remains to be seen. Lamar Miller gives them a good, explosive running back, though, and without Arian Foster's injury history at that. The combo of Miller and power-plodder Alfred Blue (should they choose to keep using them) will give this team a good lightning-and-thunder rushing attack, and of course they still have DeAndre Hopkins to catch the ball. On defense, J.J. Watt remains transcendent, but there are question marks in a lot of places. This overall defensive unit could be anywhere from elite to average, and that will play a huge part in determining where they finish. (3)Jaguars - The Jags took a big step toward respectability last season, thanks in large part to a potent passing attack. The Allens---Robinson and Hurns---are big receivers who can both make big plays. Having third receiver Marqise Lee available for a full season would be nice. The backfield may be a bit more crowded than before with second-year back T.J. Yeldon, veteran speedster Denard Robinson, and powerful free-agent signee Chris Ivory all on the roster, but at the very least they should be able to run the ball better than they did last year. The defense is the big question mark. Will free-agent signee Malik Jackson and 2015 first-rounder Dante Fowler Jr. be able to change the tune of what was, in 2015, a very weak defensive line? Will new CB Prince Amukamara improve the team's pass coverage? The Jaguars could, theoretically, take a big leap forward this year, surprise everyone, and win the AFC South. I think they're still a year away from true contention, though. (4)Titans - The Titans improved slightly in Marcus Mariota's rookie year, and now they've upgraded his weaponry with halfback DeMarco Murray and wideout Rishard Matthews. Without better o-line play, though, it won't matter. New center Ben Jones will help but he's not going to turn the other four guys on this line into All-Pros. Matthews also makes the receiving corps very crowded. He, Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright, and Dorial Green-Beckham are all talented but largely unproven players. I do believe Green-Beckham will eventually become a star, but I don't think it'll be this year. At least one of these wideouts will most likely be cut. On defense, they're improving and should be a solid unit, but even the best defenses begin to yield when their offense can't keep them off the field at all. That won't be the case here, of course, but neither unit will be elite. Expect continued improvement, but not contention. West: (1)Raiders (x) - You heard it here first. The Broncos and Chiefs are both weakened by personnel losses, and the Chargers just plain aren't very good. Derek Carr is an up-and-coming quarterback; Amari Cooper is an up-and-coming wide receiver. The pass rush will be fearsome, and the secondary, while not elite, will be better than last season, with press corner Sean Smith and ballhawking safety Reggie Nelson coming on board. The linebacking corps is probably the weakest spot on the D; Bruce Irvin is really as much a defensive end as anything else, and Malcolm Smith, while good, isn't as good as he was in Seattle without the same people surrounding him. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski and punter Marquette King are both very solid players. Overall, this is a team that appears to be young, loaded, and hungry. Their free-agent choices all make sense from my perspective, but of course we won't know for sure till they've taken the field. This will be an interesting team to watch one way or the other. (2)Chiefs - This will be another interesting situation to watch. You have to think Jamaal Charles gets the starting halfback job back automatically to begin with, but that doesn't mean he won't be pushed. Charcandrick West is just as fast as Charles but without the elusiveness and vision; he's young and will improve. Spencer Ware also performed admirably in Charles' absence. The Chiefs need to find a way to keep bringing both those young backs along while continuing to give Charles opportunities to do what he does best, which is make big plays (particularly since QB Alex Smith doesn't make big plays). Their defense, however, looks weaker than last year's. Sean Smith is gone and no one knows for sure when (or if) Justin Houston will play this season. Make no mistake, this is a TEAM and can overcome the loss of significant players, but they still don't feel quite as strong to me as last year's unit. You never know with an Andy Reid-coached team, though. (3)Broncos - This division's top three teams will be very close in quality. The Broncs' defense may take a slight step back this season with the loss of starters on all three levels from their Super Bowl champion team, but it will still be formidable. The offense, however, is a giant question mark. Who will be the quarterback? How good will he be? Will C.J. Anderson be able to take the next step as a definite feature back with Ronnie Hillman gone? What about the inconsistent offensive line? The draft could go a long way toward answering some of those questions, but this team doesn't look to me like it'll be as strong as it was last season. (4)Chargers - Philip Rivers gets Keenan Allen back, and he still has Antonio Gates, Stevie Allen, Javontee Herndon, and Dontrelle Inman, and they're joined by ex-Browns speedster Travis Benjamin. Against teams without a pass rush, this offense will score loads of points. They play in the AFC West, however. Their o-line and defense both look weak, and Rivers figures to spend a lot of time on his back against divisional opponents. This season, perhaps the team's last in San Diego, won't be pretty.
  6. With about a month and a half left in this NBA season, it's nearing the time where the best of the best are to be rewarded for their excellence by placement on an All NBA Team. Every season since 1946, the NBA has maintained the tradition of naming these teams to honor those players who played exceptionally well for their teams. Last year, the All NBA First Team featured big names such as breakout stars, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, and James Harden. This year however, only one of those players has maintained the level of excellence to maintain that rank of All NBA First Team. These are my predictions for this season's All NBA Teams. If you agree or disagree with my picks please leave a comment stating your opinion. Well, here they are. All NBA First Team: G: Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors G: Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder F: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers F: Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder C: DeMarcus Cousins - Sacramento Kings All NBA Second Team: G: Chris Paul - Los Angeles Clippers G: Kyle Lowry - Toronto Raptors F: Kawhi Leonard - San Antonio Spurs F: Draymond Green - Golden State Warriors C: Andre Drummond - Detroit Pistons All NBA Third Team: G: Damien Lillard - Portland Trailblazers G: James Harden - Houston Rockets F: Paul George - Indiana Pacers F: Anthony Davis - New Orleans Pelicans C: DeAndre Jordan - Los Angeles Clippers Feedback appreciated.
  7. The next NBA season is just a few months away and it is sure to be a very exciting one. With key free agents like LaMarcus Aldrige, DeMarre Carrol, and Greg Monroe changing teams, there is sure to be a large difference in the standings for this year. The following are my predictions for how I think next season will go down as well as how the postseason will look. I have devised my predictions through taking into account the movement of free agents and the records that the teams had last year. So, here they are. LPPG: James Harden HOU LFG%: DeAndre Jordan LAC MVP Candidates: 1. LeBron James CLE ROTY: Jahlil Okafor PHI LAPG: Chris Paul LAC LFT%: Stephen Curry GSW 2. James Harden HOU 6MOY: Gerald Green MIA LRPG: DeAndre Jordan LAC L3Pt%: Kyle Korver ATL 3. Kevin Durant OKC DPOY: Anthony Davis NOP LSPG: Stephen Curry GSW 4. Blake Griffin LAC MIP: Lance Stephenson LAC LBPG: Anthony Davis NOP 5. LaMarcus Aldridge SAS 6. Anthony Davis NOP If anything needs explaining or if you think otherwise please feel free to leave a reply. 7. Chris Paul LAC 8. Stephen Curry GSW Now here are my predictions for the post season. 9. Kyrie Irving CLE 10. John Wall WAS If there is something that you feel needs explanation or you disagree with something, please do not hesitate to say something.
  8. The leaked match-ups for Christmas in the NBA this upcoming season are looking to be some high octane fun come this holiday season. So far, four of the likely five match-ups have been leaked leaving one match-up unknown. The NBA has already leaked the new Christmas jerseys for every team so it is with those that I have created my prediction on how Christmas day should go down in the NBA. I understand the any predictions made right now are not really worth much seeing that anything can happen between now and December, but these are just how I feel that these match-ups would go down should all teams be healthy. It is also worth noting that I used the TV schedules from last season for this prediction. So, here it is. That's a lot to take in at one time so let me break down each match-up. (NOTE) The scores are really just playing the role of place-holders. The important thing is who wins and who loses and whether it was a close game. GAME 1: 12 pm. EST New Orleans Pelicans @ Miami Heat : This match-up is cool because it features two teams that are on the rise. New Orleans now with a premier coach and a perennial superstar in Anthony Davis and Miami with a brand new roster trying once more to be great following the unfortunate departure of LeBron James. The game will likely feature some intense moments and a close battle but I predict that a star performance from Anthony Davis will cause the Pelicans to upset the Heat in the first Christmas game of 2015. GAME 2: 2:30 pm. EST Atlanta Hawks @ San Antonio Spurs : This was the only slot that has not been leaked yet so I offered my prediction for what two teams would fill the slot. I figured that the NBA would want to put together a match-up that would be off-the-chain exciting. So, why not a battle between Spurs-West and Spurs-East. That's right, the San Antonio Spurs would host the Atlanta Hawks. The Spurs, with the addition of LaMarcus Aldrige and David West look to be a team that could top the Western Conference and the Hawks look primed to make a shot at coming out of the East. It would also be a chance for Tiago Splitter to play against his old team, but that's not really going to sell out a crowd. Now for the prediction of how the game would go. The game would likely be close at first but the amount of talent on the Spurs should eventually best the Hawks and lead to a clear victory for the San Antonio Spurs. GAME 3: 5 pm. EST Chicago Bulls @ Oklahoma City Thunder : Here is a match-up that is sure to capture an audience. Two teams with injured superstars who are making the run at redemption this season with Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. If both teams are healthy, it is bound to be an epic battle between two playoff bound teams. Kevin Durant (if he is healthy) may use the spotlight to show that he is not only back, but that he is back with a vengeance. That is why I predict that the Thunder will come out on top in this game. GAME 4: 8 pm. EST Los Angeles Clippers @ Los Angeles Lakers : The Lakers look to lose on Christmas for the third straight year. The Los Angeles Clippers play at home on the road as they square up against the Los Angeles Lakers. This match-up is kind of a disappointment as I would rather have seen a Clippers-Spurs match-up, (the most likely match-up for this season's WCF) but a win on Christmas day is nice also. There's sure to be lobs galore as the new and improved Clippers team will find and exploit every hole in the defense of a rag-tag Lakers team and coast to a blow-out victory. Then again, the Lakers do have what may be a rookie sensation in D'Angelo Russel but we will just have to wait and see if he will be a factor in this game. GAME 5: 10:30 pm. EST Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors : Here is what everyone who will be watching on Christmas day will surely be waiting for. A Finals rematch between the Warriors and the Cavaliers will close out the festivities on Christmas day 2015. LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love vs. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. I firmly believe that if both teams are perfectly healthy, that the Cavaliers will have NO trouble in beating the Golden State Warriors. One can use last year's Finals as proof of this claim. The Cavaliers were missing two stars in Kyrie and Love and still took the NBA champs to six games. That coupled with the fact that the Warriors lost one of the best offensive coaches in Alvin Gentry will contribute to a Cavaliers victory to close out Christmas day in the NBA. Well, that concludes my predictions for Christmas in the NBA for this upcoming season. Thank you for viewing.
  9. I realize this could be added to the 2014-15 NBA season thread, but I wanted to start out with roster predictions. Hopefully others will share theirs. Apologies if there is already a similar thread. WESTERN CONFERENCE (Predictions) Starters: Steph Curry, GS Kobe Bryant, LAL Blake Griffin, LAC Anthony Davis, NO Marc Gasol, MEM Reserves: James Harden, HOU Chris Paul, LAC Kevin Durant, OKC LaMarcus Aldridge, POR Damian Lillard, POR DeMarcus Cousins, SAC Russell Westbrook, OKC Snubs: Klay Thompson, GS Dwight Howard, HOU Tim Duncan, SA Rudy Gay, SAC Eric Bledsoe, PHX Ty Lawson, DEN EASTERN CONFERENCE (Predictions) Starters: John Wall, WAS Dwyane Wade, MIA LeBron James, CLE Carmelo Anthony, NYK Pau Gasol, CHI Reserves: Kyle Lowry, TOR Chris Bosh, MIA Jimmy Butler, CHI Paul Millsap, ATL Andre Drummond, DET Nikola Vucevic, ORL Kyrie Irving, CLE Snubs: Brandon Knight, MIL Kyle Korver, ATL Jeff Teague, ATL Greg Monroe, DET Al Jefferson, CHA DeMar DeRozan, TOR Predictions?
  10. I figured someone ought to start up a thread for this. I recall someone shared a game-by-game javascript predictor tool that was really handy to use; if someone knows of another one for this year, would they mind sharing it? (EDIT: the person who shared it in last year's predictions thread was zpqmaowl, would you know of a 2014 one, zpqmaowl??) Anyway, here are my predictions. I will preface these picks by saying that they really don't look right to me. I mean, there's only three teams with less than 5 wins and they're all 4-12. There's a whole lot of teams in the 7 to 9 win area that probably shouldn't be there (high AND low), but oh well this is what I got. What are your picks??? AFC East 1) New England (13-3) 6) Miami (10-6) Buffalo (4-12) NY Jets (3-13) AFC North 3) Pittsburgh (11-5) Baltimore (10-6) Cincinnati (8-8) Cleveland (4-12) AFC South 4) Indianapolis (11-5) Houston (6-10) Jacksonville (5-11) Tennessee (3-13) AFC West 2) Denver (12-4) 5) San Diego (11-5) Kansas City (6-10) Oakland (3-13) NFC East 4) Philadelphia (11-5) Washington (7-9) Dallas (6-10) NY Giants (5-11) NFC North 3) Green Bay (12-4) 6) Chicago (10-6) Detroit (7-9) Minnesota (6-10) NFC South 1) New Orleans (13-3) Tampa Bay (10-6) Atlanta (9-7) Carolina (4-12) NFC West 2) Seattle (13-3) 5) San Francisco (11-5) Arizona (7-9) St. Louis (5-11) AFC Playoffs 5) San Diego > 4) Indianapolis 3) Pittsburgh > 6) Miami 1) New England > 5) San Diego 2) Denver > 3) Pittsburgh 2) Denver > 1) New England NFC Playoffs 5) San Francisco > 4) Philadelphia 3) Green Bay > 6) Chicago 5) San Francisco > 1) New Orleans 2) Seattle > 3) Green Bay 5) San Francisco > 2) Seattle Super Bowl XLIX A1) Denver 27, N5) San Francisco 19
  11. The MLB is an interesting league, to say the least. This is a thread to talk about predictions, playoffs, standings, future seasons etc. Everything except A-Rod. So go wild I can't wait so see what you think!
  12. I saw the NBA and the NFL versions go up, so I figured it was about time. Maybe this could also delve into the Olympic roster predictions? Anyway, here's my two cents (I'm only doing the top 10 in this post) East: Boston Pittsburgh Washington Detroit Ottawa NY Rangers ******************* Toronto Montreal ============ NY Islanders Columbus West: Chicago Los Angeles San Jose St Louis Minnesota Anaheim **************** Vancouver Winnipeg =========== Phoenix Dallas Notes: Boston -Chicago going as the no 1 seeds seems a bit safe, but given the way that the NHL mostly worked last playoffs, I think it actually might happen. I think the Blue Jackets will be better than they had been, but I'd be insane to say that they could keep up their pace in the second half of last season. They're moving into a tough division and Bobrovsky could still fall yet, he did play for the Flyers after all. Homerism for Ottawa? Yes That would set up an Ottawa - Detroit playoff series that I would go to absolutely every game.
  13. We've seen an average of pretty much 1 per year in baseball in the past 5 years (Arizona, Toronto, Miami, San Diego, Houston) and the NBA (Washington, Philly, Nets, Golden State, Atlanta to a lesser extent). The other sports have been a bit quieter in comparison, but in your opinions, who's next in line in the 4 major sports? (Not counting if a team relocates) MLB- San Diego. Yes, again. They seem to switch their identity so often, and it's never an upgrade. They should just revert back to brown with either yellow or orange. It would be unique, unlike what they have now where they look like half the teams in the league. NFL- Jacksonville. I know they just went with the all-black thing, but I've got a feeling there's going to be a change in the next 2 years. Plus, every other team seems pretty set NHL- Anaheim. I think their edge look has become dated. I have a strong feeling there's some sort of color change coming. NBA- New Orleans. It's been discussed and I think it'll definitely happen. The Hornets name doesn't seem to mesh with the city. And I know this dead horse has been beaten numerous times, but the Bobcats haven't caught on in Charlotte. You know what my next statement is lol.