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  1. I started working on this concept the other day. I've always liked the name Pharaohs for a Memphis team, with the Egypt connection and the Pyramid there. As I have a lot of family around Memphis, I've always been interested in this idea. A few years ago, someone had a little project for all of us to do an NFL Minor League with each person doing a team and of course I created the Memphis Pharaohs (Rams affiliate). Looking back, I wasn't really satisfied with my concept and now had a better idea in mind. However, I am leaning more towards making this a baseball concept. Whether it be an MLB expansion team or Minor League team or just a random one. I may apply it to a football concept in the future as well and possibly even basketball. Not decided yet. Anywhoo, this is where I'm at and just wanted to get some ideas and critiques on where it stands. It's supposed to read as an 'M', for Memphis, obviously. I'm still working on wordmarks and secondaries, but do have an idea of where I'm going with those. My main areas of questioning has to do with the shading and shadowing on the face and other areas, and more importantly the cobra thing or whatever that's usually afixed to the front. I can't decide to leave it off, place it on there, or use the shape subtracted from the head dress to create negative space to better read as an 'M'. if it doesn't quite do so yet. It would basically be a cut-out with maybe some features of the cobra without it actually being a full cobra design. So this is what I have so far. Say what you need to say. (Yes, I just quoted John Mayer, but I feel it applies.)