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  1. NBA Reverse Retro Series Why hello everyone! It has been years since I've been on the boards, but it's great to be back! With my first topic back, I wanted to tackle a project I worked on for fun late last year. The NBA Reverse Retro Series. After the NHL put out their Reverse Retro series of uniforms, I wondered what it might look like if the NBA did a similar thing. Now it is way harder to bring back a classic look for some teams because they never really left their classic look. The rules I set for this project were simple. Bring back a classic uniform from sometime in each team's history, but altered to fit their current colour scheme. Just like the NHL, team's could go back in their history, even wearing a jersey from a different city. Similar to what the Avalanche did with the Nordiques uniform. To start, this is the teaser, with each team represented and the year which the uniform is based on. I found all the logos and examples of the original uniforms from right on this site, I will add, I won't be making any changes at this point, I finished this project about a month ago, but I wanted to share it here and see what people think of this idea. C&C is appreciated!
  2. As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  3. This must be a Toronto thing because the Jays like unveiling banners during the post-season too. I prefer this, tbh then waiting until the following year to unveil it. Also if you end up winning more than one, it gives fans something to look at.
  4. I decided to continue my previous Hybrid Logo Series on my hometown team, Toronto Raptors. Here are all 29 NBA teams mashed-up as a Raptors logo. You can catch a closer look via my instagram @mmmonggg or website LET'S GO RAPTORS
  5. This upcoming season's All-Star Game is set to take place in Toronto. The Toronto Raptors just underwent a massive re-brand and it is safe to say that most feel it is a downgrade from what they had before. However, they might be able to make it up if the All-Star Jerseys come out nice. Since they have not yet been released, there is no telling what the final product will truly look like. That is where my concepts come in. I have provided a concept as to what I feel what be a nice design for the All-Star Game. The concept that I have is based on jerseys that the Toronto Raptors have sported in the past. The East will wear white since Toronto falls in the Eastern Conference and in Purple (yes, purple makes an appearance) are the Western All Stars. There are also certain elements that I will explain in further detail. Where to start, the overall concept has some designs that are seen on other All Star jerseys such as the team logo and the player's number. The front of each jersey states EAST or WEST depending on where the player plays. The All-Star Logo for Toronto appears on the player's left shoulder and the year "2016" appears above the EAST/WEST. The sides of the jersey feature the familiar design that the Raptors currently use with the silver bars. On the back is where things start to get a little bit interesting. On the back of the collar is a feature new to All-Star jerseys, a little golden strip that states the amount of All-Star appearance that the player has made. This same golden strip appears on the jerseys of teams who have won championships and it reads how many that that certain team has won. Taking the place of the normal NBA logo, one of the alternate logos made for the Toronto All-Star game, a Maple leaf with the NBA logo inside of a star will be placed. Another feature that appears on the concept is that like last year's All-Star jerseys, the player's full name will appear above the number. Appearing below the number is the logo of the team that the player plays for in the NBA. The final feature appears on the back of the shorts, and it is a small phrase that I thought would be cool for an All-Star game up North without saying WE THE NORTH. The phrase is NORTH NATION and I think that it is neutral enough for the All-Star game. That concludes my concept for the All-Star jerseys for 2016 Toronto. I know that they are not perfect and I appreciate it when people point out things that can be improved. C & C appreciated!
  6. This can go on all sports, but right now in the NBA I have to say the Rockets, Jazz, and Thunder are the teams most in need. In the NFL the Bucs and the Jags need to scratch the Nike treatment, and in baseball the only team that really catches me are the Rockies. But the worst team in all "4 major sports" IMO is the Aneheim Ducks.
  7. Following the Toronto Raptors' rebrand, I thought I would have a go at tinkering with their court and offer up a couple of concepts.
  8. With all the talk about the new Raptors logo coming out soon... I wanted to play around with a different way to use the Raptor in a circular logo. I thought having the Raptor incorporated into a basketball was kinda cool.
  9. Although I first posted the Boson/New England Hybrid logos it all started off the with my hometown, Toronto. I needed/still needed to tweak of the logos but here they are anyway. Toronto Raptors (Blue Jays) Hybrid Logo. I red did the font and use the Blue Jays logos clean line for inspiration but still can't not totally happy with it. I kept the original Raptors colours but this logo also looks good with the Blue Jays colours (below). This one is still a work in progress. I've been having a hard time getting this one jusssst right. Thoughts? Here's the logo in the Blue Jays colours with a different mouth. Which colour way do you like best? Toronto Blue Jays (Raptors) Hybrid Logo. \ This is my personal favourite. Using the original Raptors logo as inspiration by keeping font, layout, the legs and head position and making The Blue Jay hold a baseball and wear a baseball uniform. I kept the Jay's colours minus the red. Toronto Maple Leafs (Argonauts) Hybrid Logo. As dull as the Argos and Leafs logos are I did have to do something. Here I used the current Argo's logo, changed the "A" to a "L" and added maples leaves to the border of the shield. Toronto Argos (Maple Leafs) Hybrid Logo. I didn't have much to work with the Leafs logo. I re-did the entire font since its not available anywhere to download. I turned the Leaf into a "A" and kept the side of the leaf design so it didn't just look like a boring "A". Toronto Maple Leafs (Argos Classic Logo) I prefer the old Argos logo to the current one so I had to do another Maple Leafs Hybrid Logo based on the old one. Instead of the Argo I replaced it with a hockey player holding a hockey stick and a shield (couldn't think of anything hockey-ish to replace the shield). The helmet is changed to a hockey helmet with a leaf branded on it. Stuck with the old Argo colours. The line work needs to be cleaned up a bit. Thoughts, praise and criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Just re-did the Toronto Raptors x Toronto Blue Jays Hybrid Logo. Made sharper lines and re-did the font. My big issue is what colour way looks better? You be the judge! Classic Raptors colours? Classic Blue Jays colours?
  11. I've always had a fascination with sports and logos. As a kid, I would sketch re-imagine logos for teams from the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. I always appreciate a good sport logos and strived to improve ones that were not so great (ie. Blue Jays T-Bird logo). I recently decided to go back to my logo loving roots. I thought, what it would look like if the Toronto Raptors logo looked like the Toronto Blue Jays logo and vice-vera? This is the birth of The Hybrid Logo Series. Check out more on my website
  12. I have followed these forums for quite some time, but I am only now posting my first concept on here. I usually only make hockey concepts, but with the release of the new Toronto Raptors logo I figured I would try to put together a new uniform set that the team could use next year. First of all, I made a couples updates to the recently unveiled logo. For the logo i first thickened up the lines on the basketball a bit, and then changed the font to the font the Raptors used for their WE THE NORTH slogan. Now onto the jerseys. I tried to give them a new look while tying in with the team's past. For the third jersey I swapped all red from the black jersey and changed it to gold. The black and gold uniform would most likely be used on Drake night.
  13. Over a year ago I posted a layout that I did for the Raptors potential redesign. Since then, I have updated many aspects of the scheme, most notably the primary logo. There are many aspects that I feel make a perfect Raptors set for all fans of the team, and I wanted to share that with you again. So without further ado, here it is! My skyline jersey was actually made posted before Dallas introduced theirs. It had "T-DOT" on the front, but I changed it to "TORONTO" because no other jersey in the set had the full city name on it. So, how do you like it??
  14. Hi guys, well now I am posting the whole project, feel free to give suggestions and feedback Enjoy. So what do you think??
  15. After seeing the jerseys in the Toronto Star Jersey Re-branding contest, I decided to make my own. I wanted to recapture the history of the Toronto Raptors all in one jersey, while keeping it looking slick and modern. So without further ado, here they are! * First and foremost, I do want to state that I re-added the Raptor and the classic script back to the front of the jersey. Many disliked it, but I strongly believe it was only because the rest of the 1995-99 jersey was so busy. However, the Raptor doesn't need to be there, and the jersey could still work well without it. * Next on the agenda was the colour. Gone is the ruby red that the Raptors have used in the past. It is now replaced by a more sharper, darker red. * Block numbers were included to give a more pronounced, yet clean style to the jersey. * For the away jerseys, I chose to go with the black jersey as the primary. However, the red can easily be the primary as well. * Finally, the alternate home. Inspiration was drawn from the Nuggets skyline jersey and the Blazers 'RipCity' jersey. These 'cultural' jerseys are great for a fan base. It features the word 'T-Dot', which is commonly used to represent Toronto, and a Canadian leaf to the back above the player name, to represent Canada. Complete with skyline and the 'moon-claw', this would sure be a best seller! These jerseys would only be worn 2-3 times a year. The road team can choose to wear their white home jersey or a complimentary away jerseys. Other Jerseys: Holiday Jerseys Other Logos: 20th Anniversary Patch So how do you like them??
  16. So I know for the past while a lot of discussions have been taking place about the Raptors and their branding. More specifically how dramatic of a change this might be. While watching TV I noticed when doing an interview the head of MLSE had mentioned how the Raptors will not only rebrand but consider a name change (though not necessarily as he added shortly after). It also seems there's an urgency as he mentioned the deadline and wanting to meet it and also discussions between them and the NBA. So to boil this down,.. What does this mean for the Raptors? Total redo of the Raptors brand? Huskies or a new name? EDITS: Video :
  17. what do you guys want to see in the upcoming rebrand of the torronto raptors? i want to attempt a new raptors logo and wordmark,but i literally have no idea about the nba or torronto...