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  1. Hey ya'll, So I started this project back in the spring (when quarantine hit), not intending for this to be anything serious. This was just something fun I could do from home while everything was locked down. But over the course of this year, I've just been knocking out 2-3 sets per week in my free time. And lo and behold, I've finally gotten through all 32 teams! Disclaimer: I'm by no means a "pro user", I drew all these up using MS Paint and they're nowhere near the level of detail that I've seen from some users on this site. I'm just good with Paint and it's good enough to get the job done, so that's what I used. A couple notes: I drew these sets up assuming there were no limiting factors (i.e., " the one helmet rule") that would affect uniform design. Teams can have as many different uniform/helmet combos as they want to. Every team will have at least 4 different uniform combinations: a Home set, a Road set, an Alternate set, and a Throwback set. Some will have more, some will have less. I also won't show every possible combination, just the ones I think look best together. I didn't just change things for the sake of changing them. If a team already has a good design, then I most likely didn't make any major design changes. With all that being said, I'll start out in the AFC East and work my way west. Comments/feedback welcome! AFC East Buffalo Bills v2.0 Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets AFC North Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans AFC West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers v2.0 NFC East Dallas Cowboys v2.0 New York Giants v2.0 Philadelphia Eagles Washington Red Wolves NFC North Chicago Bears Detroit Lions v2.0 Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC South Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers v2.0 NFC West Arizona Cardinals v2.0 Los Angeles Rams v2.0 San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks v2.0
  2. National League North: CHC | CIN | MIL | STL Pacific: COL | LAD | SD | SF Atlantic: MON | NYM | PHI | PIT South: ATL | CHA | MIA | WSH American League North: CWS | CLE | DET | MIN Pacific: ANA | OAK | POR | SEA Atlantic: BAL | BOS | NYY | TOR South: ARI | HOU | KC | TEX Two teams switch leagues (Arizona to AL; Tampa Bay to NL), two expansion teams are added (Portland in the AL; Charlotte in the NL), one team relocates (Tampa Bay subsequently relocates to Montreal as agreement to switch leagues) and MLB goes to a 4-team, 4-division format for each league... Just a preview of what lies ahead with this series:
  3. So the Thunder logo is bad, and I came across this. It doesn’t destroy their(horrible, yet familiar) Identity, but improves on a couple things.
  4. Hey folks! @ZionEagle and I are collaborating and starting a redesign concept of the Albuquerque Public Schools. Each team will have a new logo and wordmarks (Thanks to ZionEagle) and new basketball, baseball, and football jerseys. (Note: This is for fun, not for market.) So without further adieu, here is our first school, the Sandia High School Matadors. Now lets compare how that looks from their previous logo. Quite a difference, am I right? Uniforms will be coming soon for Sandia, and then West Mesa and Manzano will be the next schools to get their facelift. C&C much appreciated!
  5. Alright, I think we all can agree that my first try was a fail. But now i've improved. I have digital graphic designing which means actual team colors, and real templates. I also have more experience with other designers in the requests forum. So let's finish what we started! Right where we left off is where I'm starting. The University of Purdue Boilermakers! (P.S. I accidentally left Home on the Road uniform template so don't get confused.) Hope you like it, ECUFan25 EDIT: 150th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello everyone, with all this football talk I've really been itching to do some more football concepts. I started a similar thread a few months ago when I first started getting into design, and now looking at it I've gotten waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better lol. Now unlike my last football thread I will just do whatever teams I feel like so I most likely wont do all of them. So my first concept is a simple one i decided to tweak my favorite school Michigan State Michigan State Now I really like the new additions of Green Pants and the new White Unis, so this is just a small tweak. -Made Monochrome Green and Monochrome White Home and Away -Brought bake there Gold Nike Pro Combat Gold Helmets -I made a Rivalry Home and away for games against Michigan (Yeah I know Miss State already does the same exact thing but I thought it was a cool idea) So this was a very small tweak but there will be more, so stay tuned and C&C!
  7. Hey everyone! This is my 2nd stab at a baseball redesign project. Hopefully this one will be better recieved . The first team in this series is the Iowa Hawkeyes. Without farther ado here it is! P.S. sorry it's sideways!
  8. Hi everyone! This is my concept i'll work on in my spare time. This is my first concept
  9. Im back!!!!! After a brief hiatus I'm back this time with the Jacksonville Jaguars getting a much needed facelift
  10. I will be doing NFL and NCAA helmet redesigns. I however take no credit for the logos that I am using. Only thing I take credit for are the redesigns of the teams helmets. C&C is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  11. Yeah you heard it right!!!! Alright so this thread was only suppose to be a Sun Belt only redesign but after a lot of thinking I've decided to do a "COMPLETE" Division 1 (so FBS and FCS) redesign, now I know its gonna be a lot of work but I dont have to much going on until the spring (I play baseball for my high school) so im pretty sure I'll be able to finish this before that, in fact I'll probably finish this before the new year so if you decide to stick a round that would be great Rules -There will be no Russell Uniforms only Nike, Adidas, Under Armour (sorry if you like Russell im not a fan of them) -And please comment I will read everything thing on here so tell me if something doesn't look right because I will edit my work So here are all the Conferences that I will be redesigning right now. American Athletic Conference (FBS) Atlantic Coast Conference (FBS) Big 12 (FBS) Big Sky (FCS) Big South (FCS) Big Ten (FBS) Colonial Athletic Association (FCS) Conference USA (FBS) FBS Independent (FBS) FCS Independent (FCS) Ivy League (FCS) Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (FCS) Mid American Conference (FBS) Missouri Valley Conference (FCS) Mountain West Conference (FBS) Northeast Conference (FCS) Ohio Valley Conference (FCS) Pac 12 (FBS) Patriot League Conference (FCS) Pioneer (FCS) SEC (FBS) Southern Conference (FCS) Southland Conference (FCS) Sun Belt Conference (FBS) Southwestern Athletic Conference (FCS) Conferences Done (Or almost finishing) Sun Belt Teams American Athletic Cincinnati/Adidas Connecticut/Nike East Carolina/Nike Houston/Nike Sun Belt Appalachian State/Nike Arkansas State/Adidas Georgia Southern/Adidas Georgia State/Nike Idaho/Nike Louisiana-Lafayette/Under Armour (Yes i know they switched from Russell to Adidas but i wanted them for Under Armour) Louisiana-Monroe/Adidas New Mexico State/Adidas South Alabama/Nike Texas State/Adidas Troy/Adidas *UPDATE* I've now added links so you can see the Unis more bigger and you can now see the Combos individually
  12. Got interested and on a roll today so I threw together these logos, that actually turned out better than I expected. I did a Patriots and Browns Redesign. Just wanted to see what everyone thought, here they are: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS A Classic, yet modern logo of a redesigned "Flying Elvis". CLEVELAND BROWNS This logo actually didn't take me that long to make, and I originally designed it for more of an alternate logo, but I think would be great as a primary. It's Paul Brown, why the Browns are called the Browns, so I figured it'd be nice to have a logo honoring him. It's something that hasn't been done very often, but it still holds true to the classic Cleveland Browns Tradition. Like I said, I put these together pretty quick, so feel free to leave feedback & suggestions.
  13. Hello. This is my first thread and I am Redesigning logos and Creating new logos for fictitious teams. As soon as I have one done I will post it. NOTE: I am only doing logos. If you want to design a uniform to go with it that's OK with me. P.S.: I am not a very good artist
  14. See Page Two for Updates. It took me a while to complete this series but I am finally ready to share. If anyone from the forums recognizes my name then you have been on here for a while now. I originally posted a topic called the Heritage Hockey Series were I matched up each NHL team and made a concept for each team to wear, somewhat like what the NHL does with the Winter Classic. This time around I just designed a new look for each team, only home sweaters though, the idea for this series is to focus on alternate/secondary designs. Some of my concepts I like enough I will most likely make a white sweater to go along with its color sweater and then share here. Enough intro bull, on to the concepts. Anaheim Ducks First up we have the Ducks concept. This one actually took me quite some time to design. There were about 5 different concepts I tried and none I really liked. I wanted to use a black and orange color scheme, I hate their colors now and their alternate jersey is the only one I like. I kept it simple with this one, because everything else I didn't like. Boston Bruins I really enjoyed working on this Bruins concept. I've always thought a yellow uniform for the Bruins would be a cool addition to their jerseys. Kept the same logo and a similar idea to what they have as their home and road jerseys. This is a bit of an update over my first concept I made for the Bruins back in the day. Edit: I added a white circle behind the spokes on the logo. Buffalo Sabres This Sabres concept might look unoriginal to some of you. With the word of Buffalo getting rid of their current alternate sweater I took a crack at it and came up with this. The stripes are a bit different compared to what they have no but the idea is still there. I didn't yello out the name plate like they have now, I think that looks bad. Edit: I changed the middle stripe from yellow to white. Calgary Flames This concept took quite some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I looked at everything they have now and couldn't settle on a design until I started to look at older hockey teams from Calgary and saw the Calgary Cowboys jersey. That is what I designed this concept off. Carolina Hurricanes For the Hurricanes I wanted to do a black jersey, but not completely black like what they have now so I added in a bunch of red to the design. Chicago Blackhawks I've always liked the Blackhawks alternate jersey they had back in the day, loved that black jersey and sad to see it gone. I wanted to make my own black jersey for the Blackhawks and looked at that jersey. I thought coping it was to easy and not creative, so I decided to make a black version of their home jersey. I also looked back at my heritage concept I made way back and used ideas from that. I originally had white instead of vintage white but I was not a fan of that. So with this concept I used the vintage white. Colorado Avalanche For my Colorado concept I looked at the Quebec Nordiques and really liked their jersey. I decided to make a more modern look for them and then slapped the Avalanche logo on top. I changed the color a bit to something I think would look nice on the ice. Edit: I changed the white pants to blue, made the socks white with blue stripes and changed the bottom of the sweater. There is now a white stripe at the bottom instead. Columbus Blue Jackets This is one of my favorite concepts I made, and one I will most likely design a white version for completing a set. I think their current uniforms are bad, and their logo is the only thing I actually like about their jerseys. I used more red and not the ugly dark red they have, a brighter more colorful red. Dallas Stars I don't know about anyone else but I really dislike the Stars using black uniforms, it looks so bad! I really like them in green. This is a near identical concept as my original Stars concept for my Heritage Hockey series I posted a few years back. The only difference is the size of the points of the huge star that lays over the jersey. Note you can't see the whole star. Edit: I added white stripes in-between the black and gold. Detroit Red Wings Detroit, what was I going to do to Detroit and not ruin it. That was difficult, you be the judge if I ruined it or not. Edmonton Oilers Edmonton was quite difficult to work with, I tried an orange jersey with blue and white stripes and that didn't work. I tried a full thick orange stripe from the left hand up the arm over the shoulder and down the right arm and I didn't think that looked good. I tried a bunch of things. I got this idea from a jersey they used from 2007/08 - 2009/10. Florida Panthers This is another revamp of a jersey I designed for my heritage series back in the day. I did change the color of the red making it more of a darker red than it was. I updated the stripes and added more color to it. This is another jersey I potentially will make a white version and complete he set. Los Angeles Kings I know there are quite a few of you who do not like the Kings in black and white, but I honestly like it better than the purple and yellow. I made this as simple as I could. This is again another revamp of my heritage jersey I created. Edit: I added some silver to the concept so the silver from the logo didn't look too out of place. Minnesota Wild This is a mix of the North Stars and the Wild. Personally I really like the green and red the Wild use, but I like the green and yellow even better. Yeah it might be similar to the Dallas Stars, but the Stars in my concepts have a more gold color than yellow so it works. Another design I may make a white version. I may also make a version with red instead of the yellow. That is up to you guys if you want to see it. Montreal Canadiens Just like the concept for Detroit, how could I not mess up a jersey for Montreal? I took a really simple approach to it, small stripes and lots of maroon. Plus the white pants, I think that's what makes me like this concept. Nashville Predators Since Nashville is already yellow, why not make a blue concept? That was my plan here. The idea for this concept took a while to form, but those lines you see across the chest and arms, those are supposed to be strings, probably from a Bass Guitar, since there are only 4 "strings". New Jersey Devils For New Jersey I took a look at combining the Devils and the Whales into one concept. If you can recall what the Whales green jerseys look like you might be able to see where I got my idea from. New York Islanders The Islanders were a bit difficult to create a jersey for. I looked at some of the crazy colors they used in previous jerseys. I wanted to use quite a few of them and also keep it looking neat. New York Rangers The idea for the Rangers concept came from the New York Americans jerseys. I dulled down the crazy that the Americans had and made it a bit simpler. This was another jersey that was in my Heritage Hockey series. Ottawa Senators Ottawa was fun, I wanted to do something neat and not too crazy. I drew ideas from the Ottawa 67's and the Ottawa Nationals for this concept. Philadelphia Flyers This concept was based off of the Philadelphia Quakers, lots of black stripes on an orange sweater. I got rid of the white in the logo and kept it a two color design. Phoenix Coyotes The Coyotes were somewhat of a pain to deal with, I originally had a concept that was like the original Winnipeg Jets but didn't really like it. I tried to use one of those Aztec looking patterns they had but couldn't create a design that I liked. This is my final version, I am done trying to make a Coyotes concept for a while. Pittsburgh Penguins This Penguins jersey was designed off the Pittsburgh Pirates hockey team, a team that was also named the Philadelphia Quakers. That is why you may see a resemblance between my Flyers and Penguins concept. San Jose Sharks For my San Jose concept I wanted to see more orange, I like the teal and orange in their jerseys. I decided to make a teal version of their black jersey and added the stripes across the lower portion of the jersey. St. Louis Blues The idea for this jersey was taken from the blue jersey the Blues used from 67-73, I did some adjustments and tried to make it different than the other jerseys I already created. This was originally yellow, and that started to burn my eyes so I changed it to blue. This is another jersey I may make a white version of. Tampa Bay Lightning I wanted to make a black jersey of the Lightning's jerseys, I had to add in blue to the design because it just looked weird all black and white. Toronto Maple Leafs This jersey isn't really unique for the Maple Leafs, I moved the stripes a bit and made them vintage white instead of white. Might be boring looking but I like it. It was a lot better than the jersey I first made. Not even going to talk about that one. Vancouver Canucks Why is there not more green in the Canucks jerseys? This is my solution to that issue. Edit: I moved the white stripes so they were up against the green stripes. Washington Capitals I would like to see a blue jersey to go along with the Capitals red and white jerseys. This is a completely different look than what they have now. Winnipeg Jets This is a throwback to the original jets, similar stripes and also more red. I was thinking about making a red version of what they have now but a throwback would look better in my opinion. And there they are, C&C welcomed. More may be to come too!