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  1. I had been putting off the start of this project for a while and then I remembered school is right around the corner and so I thought it better to get it going as soon as possilble. As the title and header image suggest, it's time for another NHL redesign from me. The last one I did came in 2013 and looking back on it, was just awful. I hope that in the 3 years since, my skills have gotten better. Anyways, its another NHL leaguewide redesign, and even with Adidas taking over, I left all the jerseys Reebok branded. Lets get in to it. The last time I ran through the NHL, I was very sloppy, this time I hope to not be a walking disaster. Anyways, here's a couple rules I'll hope to follow: NHL sets a rule on jerseys: 5 can be in the rotation for any given season. Special event jerseys (Winter Classic, SS, Heritage) can be worn after their event if the club desires. Just means one of the 5 pre-determined jerseys gets worn one less time that season Have to have a designated home and away set, but the other 3 can be alternates, throwbacks, what have you. I think one team has 5 jerseys but you'll see why when I get to them. The Bruins are not the team, and here they are: Call me crazy, but I don't think too highly of the EDGE Bruins uniforms. The overoutlining ruins it for me. Plus, I'm just not a fan of the uniforms. Call it unpopular if you want. I went back in time on their look. -took the stripes from the '69-'74 jerseys -kept the more modern looking yoke design -deleted a few outlines from the spoked B, which improves the look drastically IMHO -BRUINS bear logo graces the shoulders. -single color NOB, also fixes the look. -home socks stay yellow, but both sets reflect the jersey stripes now. -black pants now feature standalone B on the pant leg. Alternate: Having two black jerseys feels really redundant to me, and so elevating the Winter Classic jersey to me felt a very lateral move. So I played with the design a little bit, because I was a big fan of said WC uniform. -basically flipped the colors on the WC jersey from this past year. -big ass stripes on the sleeves, and one big ass hem stripe. -modern bear logo on the chest. C&C welcome and will have Buffalo up next.
  2. jlnhlfan


    For this series, I'll be doing designs that could have been PR07PTYPES for the RBK Edge redesign in 2007-08. Here's the first batch. From top to bottom: Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals.
  3. Fixing The Pittsburgh Penguins Modernizing their current alternate jerseys and adding a white version Black-Home White-Away
  4. Taking the Penguins old gold and black uniforms (1980-92) and modernizing them. Black-Home White-Away
  5. With the Panthers' logo leak today, I made a mockup for it and what I expect the jerseys to look like. I think this redesign can and will go really well, but there's always that chance that Reebok screws everything up. The logo is good, but the jerseys are yet to come. Here are my concepts!
  6. I'm talking about the triple striped socks in the New England Patriots' away uniform. How is it possible that Nike is being forced to include a design element that is essentially an adidas trademark in the Patriots uniforms? The Pats' current away uniforms were designed by adidas in the late 90's and debuted in the year 2000. They feature a signature adidas design element: three stripes on each sock. In case you think this is silly, that nobody can trademark the number of stripes on a sock, adidas markets itself as "the brand with the three stripes" and three stripes, not only on socks, but on t-shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets is an adidas branded design element. It may or may not be an officially registered trademark but adidas has aggressively sued other companies who design clothing that even remotely comes close to looking like their three stripes. So why did Reebok agree to keep making the triple striped socks when they took over the NFL uniform contract from adidas in 2002? Adidas ended up buying Reebok in 2005 so it makes sense that the triple striped socks would stay after that but now that Nike is in control, why are they continuing to make a symbol of a competitor on such a high profile team? Considering how Nike loves to "fix" what isn't broken I'm sure the subject has come up many times. So why do you guys think Nike hasn't changed the design of the away socks by now?
  7. Over the summer, I took a little break from my NHL Redux series (sorry for the shameless plug ) mainly because of time constraints. But when I did have some free time, I worked on a project to create a hockey player model template on Illustrator. I've always felt that there aren't many good player model templates out there for hockey, so I took it upon myself to recreate one. This took a lot of time and effort, as well as a lot of tinkering, refining, etc. Let me know what you all think! I may release this to the public sometime in the future. Here is a plain view of the entire template: I've also come up with a few different generic reebok template cuts, so here are some examples.... C&C is always appreciated
  8. I don't think people realize just how far the NHL's come since the utter destruction that was the Reebok (then RBK) Edge change-over, so let's get together the worst matchups seen in the league, and if there has been a truly profound change, show the comparison
  9. I don't like it. It's not a bad design, but the old one was classic. The new one, just doesn't look right. Old New
  10. While Googling Jonathon Stewart (I was bored), I came across an interesting picture of when the Panthers were with Reebok. The Reebok logo was behind the Panther logo on the sleeve, not on top of it like every other Reebok and Nike jersey. I know the reason for this was because of the way he cut his jersey, which left little room for where the logo was supposed to be. Does anybody know of any player that also did this?
  11. So a friend of mine asked me if I could help him out by designing a new jersey for his roller hockey team. Although I'm not a big hockey guy, I figured I'd give it a crack. I had complete creative freedom, and the only stipulations were that they didn't want anything traditional looking, and they wanted a pattern of some sort and suggested argyle. Details: - I used Oregons font because I liked the futuristic vibe it put off on the jersey. Much thanks to Conrad for posting it, and all the awesome work he's done! - The logo was previously made. I basically traced it out, and recolored it to fit the palette I went with for the jersey. - Sublimated the argyle pattern on the main panel on the front and back. This also happens to be my first official concept to be posted to these boards. C&C is certainly welcome. Last but not least, I am planning on doing a complete NFL redesign series soon, so stay posted for that!
  12. Today guys I am bringing you a leafs concept. On this concept I wanted I vintage but modern look to it. I used the late 60s logo. I thought it came out pretty well and your suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks!