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  1. In what can only be described as the culmination of over a decade of poor management, utter moronic ideas, and a lack of planning, we find ourselves on the cusp of history. The first ever two country team in history. Montreal and Tampa Bay sharing the Rays. Sound like a terrible idea? Well, it is. A French speaking Canadian city and a English speaking city sharing a mediocre team that the vast majority of fans have long forgetten about. Nevermind the Expos having 35 years of history. I'm actually quite impressed with myself on this one. It's almost as if I've put more effort and thought in the last hour of designing than Stu Sternberg has put in the last several weeks. No idea what their name will be. No idea what the logo will be. No idea what they'll do for the playoffs. Haven't spoken to the city of Montreal or Tampa Bay. All of this being taken into consideration, I did exactly what you could do with this joke of a situation. Turned the terrible faux-back jersey for the Rays into an Expos jersey. I do look forward in the future to design a few more concepts, once the team decides San Juan should share in the fun, and then decides Sao Paulo deserves to share as well. The first ever Portugese/English/French/Spanish team ever. As in the words of the absolute mad man himself: "If you get two dollars there and one dollar here, you have three dollars"
  3. After hearing the news of the Oakland Raiders plans of moving to the bright lights of Las Vegas, I decided to try to create a new logo. Hence forth, the logo: I based it off the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Let me know what y'all think. Done in paint.
  4. We haven't had much talk about the NHL and their expansion/relocation plans lately. I'm not going to let CCSLC tradition go by the boards, so let's toss something out there, shall we? I present to you, @the admiral's third-favorite team to take shots at...the Carolina Hurricanes. Bless their hearts, they try their best. Their owner has been trying to sell the team for a while....firstly as "looking for investors", then selling them as a whole. Their owner's having about as much success at that as the Atlanta Spirit did. From Yahoo's Greg Wyshynski: Hurricanes possibly to be sold to Quebecor or Las Vegas owner, with relocation a possibility. Now, it's been eerily quiet on the expansion front. You would think that a team starting a couple seasons from now, that there would be some discussions or rumors or whatever taking place. Could that quietness be due to getting this Hurricanes situation settled first, whether the team stays in Raleigh or gets moved to either Las Vegas or Quebec City? Then the city(ies) that lose out on the Hurricanes could be granted an expansion franchise. As the article states, it would benefit Las Vegas (from a box office standpoint) to acquire a team that's already established over starting from scratch and having to wade through the lean, early seasons of the expansion team. Quebec City would pay whatever it takes to get a team and can likely tough out the growing pains expansion teams go through without suffering at the gate. The team has a lease through 2024, but we've seen over time that leases aren't much of a restriction if someone can afford to buy it out, which both Quebec City and Las Vegas can afford to do.
  5. Portland is always at least mentioned when discussing NHL relocation. It's a decent market in the desirable U.S. Pacific Northwest region. It has an NHL-ready venue (the Moda Center). NHL aspirations pretty much hinge on the whim of Moda and NBA Trailblazers' owner Paul Allen. Although he's a "basketball guy", Mr. Allen reportedly put in a bid for the NHL's Coyotes in 2013, which never transpired. So, in regards to an NHL franchise landing in never know...maybe. Based on the (slim) possibility, I gave a Portland concept a go. The Inspiration I built this identity around 3 elements of Portland culture/history... - the quirky, iconic Portland "White Stag" sign, featuring a stylized deer/stag. - Plaid. I think of plaid when I think of Portland. I don't know why...perhaps because of the Grunge scene, or the lumberjack tradition. - the lumber industry- an important part of Portland's history. There's a large concrete statue of Paul Bunyan (looking more like Alley-Oop) somewhere in the city...
  6. PD13

    LA Chargers Logo

    Here's my take on an LA version of the Chargers, seeing as this scenario looks likely within the next few years. I'm not really a logo designer, so feedback would be appreciated!
  7. With the exception of 2012, at least one National Lacrosse League franchise has moved or folded after every season since 1993, when the league was known as the Major Indoor Lacrosse League. This year is no different, as not one but two of the league's nine teams have a foot out the door - in both cases, with their owners citing leasing issues at the arenas where they play. Sadly, one of those two teams is my beloved Minnesota Swarm. It is unknown where they will end up, though Nashville, of all places, seems to be the early favorite. The other is the Edmonton Rush, whose relocation threats come as the team itself is making a deep run in the NLL playoffs. Their owner has had some rather ugly, public spats with city of Edmonton over their being shut out of the Oilers' under-construction new digs. His preferred destination - Saskatoon - seems even more far-fetched, though there is already a Facebook page calling for the Rush (who have several ex-Swarm players on their roster) to take the Swarm's place in Minnesota instead. It's also possible that the Rush franchise could just fold if neither of those markets work out for them. If both teams move, that will leave only five NLL teams (Buffalo, Toronto, Rochester, Colorado and Calgary) who have survived in their current markets since the 2006 season when the Rush franchise began play.
  8. First the Swarm moved from Minnesota to Georgia, without bothering to change up their look apart from sticking a different location name on their logos and unis. Now it's the newly crowned league champions' turn. This week the erstwhile Edmonton Rush announced a move one province over, to Saskatoon, where they are now known as the Saskatchewan Rush. The Rush unveiled their new logo in a promotional video on their new Web site, and as you can see, they didn't just pull a Swarm by slappping "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been. Nosiree, Bob. They changed the secondary color from silver/gray to a kind of sickly green, then slapped "Saskatchewan" where "Edmonton" had been.
  9. This is a pretty simple thread. List teams that should relocate and places for them to relocate to. Hard Mode: no Coyotes or Panthers.
  10. Sacré bleu! It's been discussed quite a bit, so I thought it was appropriate to have a thread about it (unless I missed it in a search) - can baseball work in Montréal? Throw in your opinions on "The O", the season that wasn't, those gorgeous 1993-2004 uniforms, any potential ownership, and the viability of a traditional American sport with the Francophone crowd.
  11. http://s1102.photobu...09983.jpeg.html Blue: AFC East Green: AFC North Orange: AFC South Red: AFC West As you can see (or not cause this is pretty :censored:ty haha), I relocated the Bills to Toronto, the Dolphins to South Beach, The Chargers to Portland, Oregon, and the Jaguars to Los Angeles. I think those cities are more deserving than the ones that have their teams currently and make the divisions make more sense. Update: Here is what I have so far for the Los Angeles Grizzlies! Logo Home