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  1. While this relates to a logo, I'm more interested in the design aspect, so I'm starting this in General Design. When you have been hired to design a logo, how much is put on you to assure that you haven't used another logo as the basis of your work? For example, you are hired to do a logo for a high school, and you (I assume) would have something to show your design process such that you could safely say you didn't use another logo as the basis of your work. Do you keep something like this in case the high school to which you sell your design is approached by someone claiming that the high school is using THEIR logo, not one that belongs to the school? Thanks for any input.
  2. So one criticism I have faced on these boards is that I often develop logos in haste. I acknowledge and embrace this criticism. In an effort to improve my NAVO fictional league thread I am creating this research and development thread. From time to time I will post things on this thread that I have sketched up. I want your thoughts, opinions, criticisms, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement on everything I post on this thread. As you provide this I will take your comments into consideration and work through projects. Hopefully this will supply me with a steady stream of well hashed team concepts for NAVO. Not everything started here will see the light of day. So for the first concept I present to you the logo for the Hummingbirds. This ideas is very open ended at this time. No location or time frame for the team exists. Just an idea for a logo. I know a lot of you who post on these boards are not fond of the use of gradients but I think for Hummingbird wings it is very fitting. What do you think? For those of you who follow NAVO know, the leagues history is being presented in chronological order, currently in 1885. As you can see this Hummingbird, unless it is drastically altered, would not be one to be used in NAVO at its current date. Understand that as things are posted here it is not to suggest that these are the next teams to come in NAVO. The only chronological order to this thread is the order in which I am inspired with new ideas. Sometimes you might see something on this thread and it could be a LONG time before you ever see them used on NAVO and as I said some might not ever be used at all. The sole purpose of this thread is to flush out good concepts.