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  1. It is about time to show some love to rugby here ! As always I found an obscure league in need of an overhaul and so I'm glad to present you my redesign of the spanish División de Honor, the top tier of spanish rugby union. The league has 12 teams and has a relegation system, meaning that the last team is sent down to the División de Honor B and the champion of the lower tier gets promoted; the second to last of the División and vice-champion of the B tier get to play a play-in-out game. This is a pro league, meaning that players get paid, but for many not enough for a living, so a number of them has a side job or are students. This a very common thing in european pro rugby outside of the top leagues. Many teams have important sponsorships that even change their names, I don't really like this system so I'll call the teams without their sponsorship name. The División was founded in 1953 and since then a number of teams have won the trophy but the most succesful are Valladolid RAC (10 titles), Club Deportivo Arquitectura (9 titles) and CR El Salvador (8 titles). Teams for the 2020/21 season are: Valladolid RAC (Valladolid, Castilla y León) UE Santboiana (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Catalunya) CR Cisneros (Madrid) Independiente RC (Santander, Cantabria) CR El Salvador (Valladolid) Ordizia RE (Ordizia, Gipuzkoa) Aparejadores RC (Burgos,Castilla y León) Getxo Errugbia (Getxo, Vizcaya) FC Barcelona Rugby (Barcelona, Catalunya) Club Alcobendas Rugby (Alcobendas, Madrid) Ciencias CR (Sevilla, Andalucia) CR Santander (Santander) league map Here you have my redesiged logo fot the league. Renfe, the spanish national railway company, is the main league sponsor. For reference you also have their actual logo (this is the 2014 edition, seems like they haven't a newer one)
  2. Hello, it's my first time in a good while doing a logo series, but I thought I had some stuff worth sharing. This little series is based on the premise of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks deciding to expand on their sports holdings and launch expansion teams in various other leagues. I have dubbed this hypothetical enterprise the Deer Sports Empire. Currently, aside from the Bucks they own the Wisconsin Herd. I will be leaving the logos for those teams as is, partially because I really like them and partially because the idea is the owners are launching new teams with similar branding touches (colors, font, etc). I also will not be touching MLB or giving them an NFL team as there's no world where those things would happen. These are the teams and leagues I plan to do so far. A couple are already done or close to finished. As suggestions (hopefully) are made and new ideas come to me I may add to this list. If anyone has a team in a league they would like to see, feel free to make suggestions. I dont have uniform templates for all the different sports so I'm just focusing on uniforms right now. Posted Logos... WNBA: Milwaukee Does (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 MLS: Cream City SC (Vers 2) ... Click here for Vers 1 IFL: Milwaukee Staghorns --> Evolved from a swing-and-miss at a Mustangs Arena Football revival, which can be seen by scrolling through. NLL: Milwaukee Blaze MLR: Milwaukee White Harts NHL: Milwaukee Hunters
  3. Since I haven't seen one on here, thought I would start one for the rugby followers. The World Cup started today with Japan taking on Russia. Saw the first few minutes of the game and was kind of surprised by how well Russia was playing. Anyways, curious to see input on picks to win it all this year. The All Blacks are heavy favorites to do the three-peat but haven't been playing all that well leading up to it. a big lose to Australia and a tire with South Africa in the Rugby Championship saw them lose that competition to South Africa. The Spring Boks could also be a favorite to win their 3rd Webb Ellis Trophy as they have been playing well. As for the northern hemisphere teams, Ireland who holds the number 1 ranking going into the competition has a decent chance of winning their first World Cup. The other side story is the up and coming 2 tier nations. Japan is starting to play really good rugby as well as the USA. Could be their coming out party and actually put some real pressure on those tier one countries. As for Canada, they are projected to beat Namibia but that's about it. They have been playing terrible for the last 4-5 years and there has been a lot of internal turmoil within Rugby Canada. I am really hoping they can pull off the upset victory over Italy and get that win over Namibia so they secure an automatic birth in the next World Cup. What are the other predictions for this World Cup?
  4. It's been a minute, but just wanted to get some feedback on something I've been working on. Lake Forest College Rugby has been one of the most successful clubs on the LF campus, but has never been more than a club. In recent years the competition has increased dramatically, and the move to a full-fledged varsity program looks realistic. With this in mind, I made something that could be considered the first official crest of this club. Hope you guys enjoy, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, it's been a while. While I was up at university, my case of rugby fever got exponentially worse. Now that I'm back home in AZ, it got me thinking about if everyone had the same obsession with the sport as I have developed. I'm unsure if this will continue beyond this little concept, but I have a little more time to kill now that school's out so who knows. For now, I have a little concept for neighborhood a I grew up around. "Encanto-Palmcroft", in central Phoenix. The colors are meant to represent the vintage feeling of the neighborhood, as well as the stucco/tile coloration many of the houses have. Crest Encanto-Palcroft is well known for its historic homes, mostly Spanish style villas and its streets lined with palm trees. I did my best to recreate a simple, stylized version of one of these types of houses, and included the palm tree at the bottom to include both aspects of the name. I struggled a little bit with the tiling on the roofs, and would like to know how I could represent them in a different way. Kits The kits are not very complicated. I thought the shoulder striping looked classy, and although the template does not show it the socks would feature identical striping. The clash kit features green details that are supposed to represent the green fronds of the palms (maybe a little exaggerated), and the black is just a dark base besides maroon to make the green pop. The kit ad is probably the most interesting part of the uniform. The Heard Museum is dedicated to preserving as much of the indigenous native-american culture as it can, and is adored by everyone in the central phoenix area (if you are ever in Phoenix check it out, it's very cool). This template was given to me over a year ago, and I cannot find who gave it to me. If I see the name it will click very quickly, so PM me so I can give whoever it was credit! What do you guys think? Should I expand into more well-known areas of AZ, or even a larger rugby concept? C&C is always appreciated, thanks!
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