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  1. The NBA is on its way to becoming one of the world's pop culture icons, and throughout its history it has had plenty of teams vie for being the best. This series is more or less of a "What if the NBA wanted to expand?". It seems likely that the NBA could decide to expand soon, and I wanted to see what some of these teams could look like. Each division will receive a new team, based on certain qualifications, history, and geography. There is a total of 6 teams, each with a distinctive brand. Some teams call back to older days, while others bring a new look to the table. So, let's begin. Without a doubt, Seattle had their team wrongfully stripped from them. So, naturally, they are the team to start with. Currently, they have an aging KeyArena. but Seattle is so iconic, they could probably last a few years there. Logos are simple, but blend modern and traditional elements. A new font epitomizes the Sonics name, as well as the updated color scheme, featuring a tweaked dark green, and a brand new shade of *ahem* volt yellow. However, the old skyline logo has returned; a simple emblem of the city. Courts are also fairly simple with some modern additions. There is an alternate court for their "Hardwood Classic" uniforms. The uniforms are meant to be an evolution of the team's arched stripe front; this time it is straight, but with a more modern stripe to match the modern look. White home, green road, a (probably controversial) yellow alternate, with a "Hardwood Classic" combining eras of the team's previous run. I am not the most pleased with this look, but I am open to options. Next team will be up tomorrow evening at the soonest. Cheers!
  2. We can all agree that the USA baseball team's uniforms are dated, and do not look any better with this year's WBC. Recently, Uni Watch has posted a USA Baseball redesign contest, and I wanted to share my look with you: Logo: An attempt to simplify and modernize the team's current cap logo. USA is in a more modern and bolder font, along with a retooled, brighter shade of red (what USA baseball needs more of). Home: White pinstripe vest with blue undershirt. USA is in red to give the color a more distinct position. Road: Grey uniform with basic piping details. Font and lettering color does not change. Simply a basic, American-style look. Alternate: A tribute to the "golden age" of early 1900's baseball. Simplified cap with star, blue jersey with blue pants and white striped stockings, and a vintage styled font. A bit out there, but added in for a fun look. No changes will be coming to the entry sent in for the Uni Watch competition, but C&C is still welcomed.
  3. Hey guys- It's hard for me to believe that is has already been 2 months since I joined, and I thought I needed a special project for my 100 post. The Colorado Rapids are owned by Kroenke Sports Enterprises, which also owns the English soccer team Arsenal. I decided to create what I think the Rapids could have switched to if the Rapids also had Puma. Of course Adidas is the sole manufacturer in the MLS, but if there was multiple manufacturers, I think Colorado would have Puma. Here is the home kit: The template is an old Puma style, because it fit the concept perfectly. I also took the liberty of adding more claret, because there is not enough of it in any Rapids uniforms. The font is the base MLS font with simplified numbers, because they actually work better than the drop shadow ones. C&C would help, A road kit may be added, and depending on how this goes, I might start a new series. Thanks for your time!
  4. Living in Colorado, almost everyone knows the Avalanche. But I have always loved their previous brand as the Quebec Nordiques. I am thinking of starting a new series, but I just wanted to get something out there. I have started using Inkscape, and I enjoy it! It is so much more flexible than paint. So, this is my first posted Inkscape concept. This concept utilizes more red in the uniform, to add some color to it. The yolk is also a new addition. The fleur-de-lis still appear around the waist, and are also the shoulder patches. A new stripe style appears around the uniform, and there is blue pants for both the home and the road, as well as a blue home helmet and a white road one.
  5. Time for Super Bowl 50! I was just working on the computer and thinking about the Super Bowl. My thinking went like this: Family Member: What would Cam be without the dab? Me: he would Superman! Me, thinking: Cam: Superman...Manning... Cam vs Manning... SuperManning! So, I present to you, the utterly useless and stupid SuperManning logo! Basically, I took the Superman logo (which is Cam's nickname) and mixed it with a Manning in the Broncos font. It's really nothing special. Enjoy the Super Bowl! Go Broncos!
  6. Lately, I knew I needed to do something logo-related, but I was losing inspiration. However, I came up with an idea: creating sigs. My sigs are not flashy or crazy, they are simple to reflect one's pride for a team, and can be used with any style. I designed them so that they can be customized to a certain degree. The sigs have a logo or picture, which take up no more than 1/3 of the sig. The text will fill up all the rest of the blank space. Now, I have a couple examples for inspiration: Team Name (can be just city, just name, or both): Motto: Player (only last name and numbers 0-99): BEFORE REQUESTING: There are some restrictions, some personal, and some relating to my program: -When requesting a player, keep it to a last name and a 2 digit number (0-99) -When requesting a picture or logo, do not request one with a watermark or an image that is not compatible with Paint. -Also, if the image cannot easily be found on the internet, please have a sample image ready for me. This will ensure that I have an image for your sig. -If you want to request a font, please double check that it is free. I will not be paying any money for a font. If you do request a font that requires money, I will try to select one similar to it. -If I miss your request, please PM me. This will ensure that one, I will add it to my list without the risk of losing your request if you post it again, and two, if I purposely did not do your for one reason or another, I can contact you without building up the thread with unnecessary posts. Here is how you should lay your request out: Preferred text (font, what to type, player information, etc.) Description of logo or picture (with logos, say what logo you exactly want. Ex: Super Bowl 50 logo, Denver Broncos Alternate logo, Georgetown 1978-1995 Primary, etc.) Background color: Text Color: These sigs can be personalized for: Fantasy sports teams Stadiums Events Sports Teams Players Other Locations or people Request List: 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Thank You! EDIT: PLEASE HOLD ON. THE SIGS ARE CURRENTLY TOO BIG. I AM EDITING THE SIZE NOW. EDIT 2: It may take longer than expected to change the size. As of right now, I am currently trying to change it, but I am getting it smaller than I intended. I made a mistake in posting this early. I am sorry.
  7. I'm Back! I was looking at Napoli's logo, and I felt like it needed a refresh/modernization. All I did was simplify and made the N another font. As for the jerseys, I also simplified them in Macron. Sorry, no camo shirts this time! Sorry for not posting sooner, i have been very busy the last few weeks. Anyway, C&C is very welcome!
  8. Hey guys- I was looking for something unique to do for my next topic, so I decided on the American Hockey League for a soccer crossover. Each team will have a home, road and alternate shirt. First up, the Albany Devils: HOME For the home, I liked Nike's sublimated hoops so I made that the home. The end result looked solid to me. ROAD Another one of those templates I liked. Again, the colors look solid on it. ALTERNATE The alternate is based on the Devils' NHL affiliate, the New Jersey Devils, old color scheme. I brightened the green to make a very different kit that wouldn't be to similar to any other green that would be used as a primary color for other teams. The sponsor is Times Union, the same company that owns the naming rights to Albany's arena. The font I'll be using for the whole league is Western by Conrad. C&C is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  9. Hey guys- Now, I really have been looking for a new Paint soccer template, but most of them just don't have the variety or detail I want. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked at the kits on the main site, and transferred one of them over to paint. I filled in colored spots with white, changed the color to a grey that I think is dark enough it will show up on black, but won't be drained out by other shade of grey. I got rid of some details I thought unnecessary to make easier to work with. Now, before I release the rest of these, I wanted to show off a finished Puma product: I did get rid of the logos for Puma, because I thought them to tedious to do, but I think you could probably put new ones on in places you prefer. Logos for other companies will stay. This uniform was taken from a Czech Republic kit from 2014. Now, C&C is appreciated before I release the others, which will include Nike and Adidas, and maybe in the future, I will release some custom templates. Thanks for you time!
  10. Hey guys- After looking at the TB vs CHI Stanley Cup Finals series, I thought that this could be one of the best dressed series in playoff/championship sports history. I mean, look at them: Is there any others you thought looked really good? Post your ideas here. I would love to see this become an awesome thread.
  11. Hey guys- Yes, I know I switch series A LOT, but I just rush into them, without any pre-planning. So, I need your help with getting started with the next league. Now I know this is not a true concpet thread, but I would appreciate some name help. The league has some teams that have names I can't decide on, so you, the community of CCSLC can help me with deciding. Now, note that I WILL NOT be accepting any city requests ( EX: I want a team in Philly, LA, Dallas, etc.) I already have CITIES SET. But If you want to help with names, you are more than welcome. Here are the names I need help with: Providence Hurricanes or AquaFires. Charleston (SC) ShoreCats or Palmettos Vancouver Flying Fish or Mounties Fort Worth Wardens, Enforcers, Sheriffs, or Law New Mexico Atomics, Stars or Suns Las Vegas Tycoons or Invaders Iowa Oaks or Harvesters All other team names are set, but for these, I would appreciate your favorite, or, if you don't like these, you can suggest another one for these cities. Thank you for all your help and support, and I hope this series does launch by the end of the summer. EDIT: I also wanted to let you guys know that I would really appreciate if you would choose from these names when you post your response. I would help A TON if I don't like the other names requested. I will add names that I do like to the list. This list will be updated until after I get back from vacation, which ends next Wednesday (the 17th) which is when final decisions will be made. Thank you.
  12. Hey guys- I have just a quick question about software. I have been looking to move away from Paint to something different. What kind of softwear/program is the best for logo AND uniform design? I trust you guys will have a good one that will meet my criteria. I regret posting something that really does not help the boards out with concepts, but I think it is necessary to help my skills grow. Thank you for your time.
  13. Hey guys- After a hiatus due to focusing on the end of school and creating plans for the summer, I am back. The inspiration for this thread is 1clkgtramg's Tamaria thread. After looking at it I decided to showcase my country a few years in the making, Acalia. The name was just made up on the fly a few years ago, and it has really been fun to make up histories and leagues for this fictional country. Heck, I haven't even bothered to do a map, and I gave the country a population of 10 billion just so I could make a lot of leagues. On another note, to start this thread off, I want to show off the flag, national crest, and the sports board logo. FLAG The flag is designed after a typical European flag and displays the national colors. Purple represents loyalty and the royal family, white represents purity and the judicial branch, and gold represents the wealth and bright future of the country and the senatorial branch. A simplified crest of a black triangle is displayed in the center, which represents the 3 branches of the government working together and the 3 original countries that agreed to form Acalia, which were Acadia (not Acalia), Barbaria, and Lutheria. Black represents the unbreakable bond between the government and Acalia's citizens. CREST/COAT OF ARMS The coat of arms's colors and triangle mean the same thing as in the flag, but in a different setting, and without white, so the meaning of white is also incorporated into the black. The first letters of the 3 original countries that made up Acalia appear in the middle, with the full name of Acalia on top (Semi-Monarchy of Acalia) and the country's motto (forever steadfast) on bottom in Latin (Firmus in Aeternum). SPORTS BOARD LOGO The board is the governing board of sports in Acalia. The logo appears in the national sports colors of purple, gold, and white, and has the triangle and the initials of the board in the center of the roundel. A roundel was chosen because of its simplicity and its distinct renown as one of the most common shapes in sports. Alright. I hope you get pumped for this series, and hopefully the national soccer team will be posted later today. Until then, C&C is welcome, even on the crest and sports board logo.
  14. Hey guys- My name is Stephen Smith, and I am a new member. I have stalked the boards for a little while, but finally decided to join in. My first topic I will post here is on one of my personal hockey leagues: the United League of Ice Hockey. HISTORY The ULIH was founded on April 6th, 1946, and began play on November 3rd of that year with four teams: the Pittsburgh Cougars, Detroit Bulldogs, Toronto Tigers, and the Boston Portsides. As the league grew in popularity, it expanded west then south, and by 2006 had a total of 20 teams. The most recent Williams Cup champions are the Detroit Power, with the league MVP going to Utah Scouts goalie Tyler Simmons. TEAMS The league is divided up into 2 divisions with 10 teams in each: EAST: Detroit Power Montreal Saints Toronto Tigers Boston Ports New York Knights Miami Skippers Chicago Stars Minnesota Thunderbirds Washington Eagles Tennessee Pioneers Philadelphia* WEST: Seattle Metros Vancouver Kodiaks Calgary Steers Denver Bandits Los Angeles Quakes Arizona Scorpions Houston Eclipse San Francisco Internationals Utah Scouts Las Vegas Devils Saskatchewan* *=Expansions needing names To start the series, here is the division and league logos: Now I know these are a bit big-I'll try to get that fixed. In the meantime, C&C is welcome! EDIT*: Montreal Patriotes renamed the Montreal Saints.