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  1. I apologize if this has already been done, but I didn't see it. I feel like there have been so many Pads concepts in the last couple years that a unique thread for them would be appropriate. Blue, brown, yellow, orange, white, whatever. Bring 'em.
  2. So the other day I was watching MLB Central and they were talking about the Padres. One of the hosts said something along the lines of, "As the owner of the Padres, where do you go next to fix this ball club?" So I got to thinking, being the sports logo/uniform lover I am, I would start be tweaking the teams identity. I then looked over at my Green and Gold military appreciation Padres on field hat, and thought about how that is my favorite color scheme to see the team wearing. This redesign is what resulted. I wanted to take their current wordmarks/logos and make some color changes, tweak the uniforms, and give them an updated primary logo. My goal was to stay simple and not get too crazy with it, so here it is. New Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Alternates: BP Uniform:
  3. I whipped these up after the Padres unveiled the 2016 All-Star Game logo, taking my cues from there. The uniforms are (obviously) blue and yellow with a bit of "battleship" grey and they borrow heavily from the 2004-11 look, just like the ASG logo does. That includes bringing back the old Friar. C&C is welcomed.
  4. This is a sequel to me earlier brown Padres series. That one was more wishful thinking while this one is a helpful suggestion to the team, which seems pretty set on switching back to navy and orange next season (the team has been overloading on 98 nostalgia and the new team president cut his teeth with that team). My goal was to update the 98 look by modernizing it and keep unique among all the other teams that wear orange. I also didn't want to go too heavy in one direction as the either, as Padres fans can be a bit sensitive about looking too much like the Giants or the Dodgers. I think I did a good job of splitting the difference but of course, constructive criticism is welcome. I hope that the home and road jerseys speak for themselves but I know some explanation is needed for the navy alt. I went blue-on-blue as a tribute to the alternate jersey the Padres wore in 98, which is a personal favorite. I played around with a white-on-blue look and it didn't look bad but I thought I'd start with this one and see what people think. If the reception to this is OK, I have a camo version planned and a brown alternate (the Padres are supposedly thinking about wearing brown on Fridays).
  5. In his second official day as the Padres President and CEO, Mike Dee said all the things the fans expected him to say, topped by the obligatory “winning is the No. 1 priority.” Dee said he is “well aware” that many Padres fans have no connection to the current uniforms and many see them as ties to the failed Jeff Moorad-Garfinkel leadership. “We’re going to listen,” said Dee, who overhauled the look of the Miami Dolphins in his last job as President and CEO of the NFL team. Dee then asked about the Padres traditional brown-and-gold colors, an redo of the red-white-and-blue uniforms of the Pacific Coast League Padres and the orange-trimmed uniforms the 1998 National League champions wore. “A lot of things are possible,” said Dee. “It is for us to make it happen. And to make it happen with a smile on everyone’s face. As a baseball organization, I don’t think there’s anything we can’t accomplish.”
  6. It's no secret that the Padres have one of the most confused sets in the MLB. The modern scripts clash with the traditional piping, number font, and color scheme to produce a poorly-conceived set. Here is my attempt to give the Padres an identity that is grounded in both the history of the club, and the history of baseball in San Diego. Logos: The first noted change is a switch to brown and orange. While the brown and gold is a good color scheme, I felt the brown and orange was a little more striking, and that orange was different enough from the Giants' shade for it to work. I've also used the 90's and 00's Swinging Friar as a modernization of the older one (that surprisingly turned up again in the latest redesign). The cap logo is the 1991-2003 interlocking logo, alongside the caps of the two fauxbacks. Home and Road: Using a traditional-looking script created by Matt Malinosky, I've been able to use the current piping style without it looking out of place. I also opted to use the sand color (unique in the MLB) and the cap logo (no "San Diego" script looked all that good with the home uniform) on the road uniform. The number font is a classic block variant. Alts: I added an orange-billed hat to the orange alt, and shifted the color balance on the brown alt to make the crest and number more visible. Home Fauxback Alts: These alts (which would only be worn a couple of times per season) are fauxbacks that would not only try to please the fans of brown and gold, but also honor the legacy of the PCL Padres (which the current Padres have tried to do). I converted the 1970s alt to a button-front jersey with belted pants to accommodate for player comfort. Hope you like them!