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  1. I decided to do a Ducks-Sharks Stadium Series concept, since I've always thought it would be cool to see the Ducks play outdoors at Angels Stadium. The other two California teams have hosted Stadium Series games, so while it's unlikely, it only feels logical that the Ducks would eventually do the same. As you can tell, both of the jerseys combine aspects from the teams' past and present uniforms. For the Ducks, I went with the original Mighty Duck logo, as well as very similar striping pattern as their original uniforms. With the Sharks, I combined their current logo together with their original jerseys, while swapping out the grey stripes with orange. The Stadium Series logo itself obviously is based on the "Big A" that is located just outside of Angels Stadium, while also borrowing from the Angels' color scheme itself. The home plate shape also continues the baseball motif. This is my first post here, so I would appreciate some feedback.
  2. He guys! This is my San Jose Sharks concept using their new logos they unveiled last season. I tried to blend the old and the new to make a new, bold look for the Sharks. C&C is appreciated!
  3. MiK

    Sharks Cleanup

    Been a while and I had some free time so I did a quick cleanup of the Sharks jersey sets. Nothing major, mostly just what we've all been clamoring for since the last update for the primary and secondary sets, alternate has a few changes. Primary: Slightly thickened orange on sleeve stripe. Added yoke hem to match sleeve stripe. Replaced shoulder patches with SJ script and Fin alt logo. Removed unnecessary front number. Removed hockey stick from main logo. Secondary: Same adjustments as primary. Updated 'SJ' patch to teal from white for contrast. Alternate: Added gradient shading to sleeve stripes. Added yoke hem to match sleeve stripe with gradient from middle (now that I see it, it's a little off-center but pretend its centered). Added Northern California patch to replace one pair of SJ patch. Adapted 25th Anniversary patch for chest logo. Removed hockey stick and added gradient to teal. Removed outlines from number and name patch. Normally I'm not a huge fan of gradients but I was just playing around and the teal on black really makes it pop and gives the alternate a better vibe than just black version of home. Thoughts?
  4. To be honest, not much of a story behind the striping pattern I used here, it just seemed to fit the Sharks as I was working on it. I was actually thinking of giving this one a half orange/half black torso, and basing it on the pre-Edge jersey, but ultimately did this. Might do that anyway and post it here, who knows.
  5. When the Sharks did away with their colored shoulders and the waist stripping, I didn't necessarily think it was bad. It works on the teal jersey, but the white jersey is admittedly blander. But what struck he as odd is the overwhelming contrast of teal to black on the jerseys now. And yet, they use black pants. There are not many teams in the NHL that wear black, but don't wear black pants. And to my knowledge, there has only even been two black jerseys that were worn with non-black pants. (the 2003 Mighty Ducks alternate and the Coyotes alternate they had up until last year). However, the Carolina Hurricanes have demonstrated to me that even if you have black as a significant color to your identity, you can get away with not using it as the pants color as long as the jerseys aren't black themselves. So with that in mind, I decided to try a Sharks set with teal pants. And here we are... I realize that in only to make it work well, especially with the white jersey, is that it does require a might higher ratio of teal over black. So that it what I've done. Comments and critique welcome.
  6. I don't have strong feelings for or against the San Jose Earthquakes, however I'm not a big fan of their current crest: So I took some time to update their look to the following: I tried to balance it out more while retaining similar use of the colors from their current crest. Also, two additions I want to point out are the richter scale readings behind the word "San Jose" and the wreath around soccer ball which comes directly from San Jose's city seal: This is my first redesign and I'm new to graphic design, so constructive criticism is welcome!
  7. So, after feedback from those about my Stadium Series sweaters being too good to be Stadium Series apparel, I went back and looked at how to make the jerseys modern, yet keep the classic feel. I've narrowed it down to two sets, I feel they deserved their own thread as they won't have the Stadium Series Patch, nor the cream color. I've been a bit lazy in getting them posted, and today I look and see Demonkah's set, so they may appear a bit redundant, but still hopefully a little different. Here ya go. Home Sets: While A1 is strictly a classic look, with A2, I wanted to add a little flavor, and tried a white yoke, but wasn't feeling it, so tried gray and black and liked it. Not sure how others will feel about it. Road Sets: I really like both Road sets, but for me and B1, it's a teal-palooza. B2, adds a little contrast with the teal hem/sleeves and the black yoke. Which ones do you like? C&C is welcome as always.
  8. So the other day I notice TRoyConcepts San Jose Sharks modern set and saw that he used Mr. Wonka's template. and proceed to get said template and see what i could do. Also I've been curious to try this fairly new program for mac called Pixelmator. Which is where most of the design and stuff was completed in. I've had a Sharks Stadium Series concept since the game-event was announced last week. Looking through numerous concepts on here and on the web I didn't see anything like what I wanted, so I moved forward with it. Here it is: While last season Stadium Series games featured modern jersey sets with vibrant colors, unique patches and chromed crest logos that were, well…different. This season, I’m hoping is different and opted to combine a modern feel with and old-time look. Starting with the Sharks original jerseys used for the hem and sleeve stripes.The old Fin-in-circle shoulder patch. To complete the vintage look, I went with a cream colored sweater instead of white. The Jumping Shark logo and a not-quite-matte-black shoulder yoke for the modern feel. Straying from last year’s chrome-fest, I opted for a embroidered crest. The back of the sweater is not too much different with the numbers, just made them smaller. Used the current name plate. See below for more detailed images. C&C as always. Thanks checking these out
  9. So this is the first concept I've ever made. I've reworked this concept countless times and I've finally decided that this is the winner. Also used Mr. Wonka's fabulous template (thank you kind sir) so I hope it really pops.
  10. I just drew this up in the last hour. I took some inspiration from my Lion Concept thinking it would work nicely as a Sabretooth Tiger. Well it didn't work too nicely, I basically had to re-draw everything. During the process I was thinking of what teams it may fit, NHL's Predators or the AFL's SaberCats... I feel it would be an improvement over the either, but especially the SaberCats. There is obvously a lot of work yet to be done, but let me know what you think of the sketch. C&C appreciated.
  11. Did a search and didn't see any thread on this. Also haven't heard of any news in a few months, but decided to post it anyway and maybe we'll hear more on this closer to the summer. HP Pavilion looking to end naming rights early in San Jose: Sounds like Meg Whitman and HP want out early of the ($47 Million/15yrs. [2016] and SAP could be interested in taking over as early as the 2013-2014 season or even this summer. Here's the mercury news article: http://www.mercuryne...ew-name-home-sj If SAP doesn't go for it what company do you think might go for the naming rights? Maybe the Adobe Dome? (I know it's not really a "dome" but dome seems to include all covered stadiums/arenas. Maybe the Apple Arena? Or do you think a company might go with something like: (Company Name) San Jose Arena? (Company Name) Shark Tank? I still think of it as the Shark Tank, but I'm pretty certain the Arena will have a corporate sponsor. As long as the sponsor changes their logo to match or come close to the Sharks colors. None of the Oracle Arena red on a gold and blue court stuff.
  12. A few weeks ago I did a time-lapse of a Whalers concept. I had a really fun time doing it so I made another. This time, I made an alternate jersey for San Jose. I personally love sublimated patterns on hockey jerseys, so this jersey is right up my alley. I also think the sublimated pattern looks like shark teeth. Which was totally not intended! Tell me whatcha' think.