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  1. Hello all, what I have is a stadium design that I have created in Google Sketchup! I've posted some other ones on here over the years, but I think I can say this is the most detailed stadium I have ever designed thus far. The stadium is set in Portland, but unfortunately, I couldn't quite figure out how to put real Portland buildings in the back (will keep trying). Here's some basic info on the Bing Stadium. Name: Bing Stadium (Named after Portland Mavericks founder Bing Russell) Capacity: (I estimated the total seat numbers after completion, but the numbers should be pretty accurate) Lower Seating: 8092 Upper Seating (Not including suites): 1040 Suite Seating: 320 Standing Room Only: ~500-1000 Total Fixed Seating: ~9452 Maximum Capacity ~10,000-11,000 Dimensions: LF - 330' CF - 411' RF - 315' As far as the standard goes, this is pretty on par with some of the larger AAA markets, which I think Portland mixes in with pretty well. Enough with the chit-chat, here come the pics! Here's a general view of the stadium, like I touched on above, I'm a little disappointed I couldn't throw in some Portland landscape around it, as I think it would've made it look a lot better. There will be some other close-ups, but from here you can get a gist of the general design of the stadium. I tried to go for an industrial look. so the concourse is mostly brick with some large windows (Camden Yards heavily influenced this choice). The roof is a metal material, and you'll see some more industrial designs throughout the shots. Becuase this stadium is in Portland (hypothetically), I tried to incorporate a lot of outdoorsy elements, which is the reason for a lot of the green spaces throughout the park (see parks 1 & 2). I didn't really do the research, but just off the top of my head, I don't believe any other stadium (major or minor league) has a rock wall (or anything similar) in their park, so I used that as a unique element that differentiates Bing Stadium and also fits the outdoors theme. I placed that on the side of the large building in center field, which is a multi-use facility (smaller team store, can rented out for events, etc.). The right field plaza is 25' above the playing surface, complete with a built-in bar so fans can stand/sit and watch the game from atop the right field wall. Here's a nice view from dead center, behind home plate reads "Welcome to Portland" (Sorry if that's a little hard to make out). From here you can see the full work of the support trusses for the overhang, which I think turned out nicely (not to toot my own horn!). Here's a view from slightly behind the above photo. As touched on in the top view photo, you can see the rockwall (on left) and the kids field, along with the pine trees that form a (natural looking) batters eye. Here we have another outfield view, this time from the left field corner, right near the entrance to Gate 2 (see top view). Not much new to see here, except it does show how the warehouse building runs down the first baseline a little better than some other views. Here's the view from the left field bleacher seats, which hold exactly 120 people (3 sections of 3 rows x 20 seats/row). Pretty decent views from down the line, drew some inspiration for these from the fountain seats at Kauffman. Here's the last outfield view from down the right field line. I put a decent sized building in this plaza area which has 1 concession stand, mens/womens restrooms, and several ticket offices. Another nice view of the backstop from here, as well as the shorter side of the lower bowl. Another thing to note (view coming shortly) are the two standing room areas above the suites in the upper deck. I would envision these as a higher access area (could be rented out as well) with nice views of the city behind (sorry!) and the field. Here's a view from the first base deck that I just touched on above. You can also see the scoreboard (fairly simplistic), the berm, and the left field bleacher seating. Here's a view from the third baseline (section 121 to be specific). You can see the right field plaza pretty well from here (25' high), with the "Keep Portland Weird" text above the 10' padding. Here's one of the better all-encompassing views from right behind home plate. Pretty self-explanatory here, pretty good sightlines of the field, scoreboard, and outfield plaza. The other thing to take note of are the pine trees along the left field wall, create a nice field backdrop (in my opinion). A little backstory on these, I wanted to recreate something similar to the Kauffman Stadium fountains, but I felt like the water feature would be too similar in feel, and wouldn't fit the outdoor theme as well, so I went with a ton (maybe too many) of trees instead. To be blunt, this isn't a great view as far as seeing details go, but I wanted to show how the field would look from the batter's box, mostly just to show that I had created a decent batter's eye. Here's a view of the bullpen area. I drew heavy inspiration from Coors field on this one, and that inspiration kind of pushed the whole outfield aesthetic I went for. Small little detail to notice is the "PDX" text on the side of the building in RF, just another city pride element I tried to throw in there. I have plenty more renderings for y'all, but I don't want to bore you with a ton of images, so feel free to check out the following links to explore some more! Album: https://imgur.com/gallery/Met92YJ Sketchup Model: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/26672ab1-91c5-4f44-bfa9-b89073c4c6d7/Bing-Stadium I spent a pretty decent amount of time and energy designing this for fun, so with that being said, I'd really love some C&C. I know I have come up with some of my own, so feel free to use the following as a jumping off point for any C&C: Building Down the 1st Baseline - I am absolutely in love with this building. I think that if it's a pre-existing structure that was built around (hypothetically) then it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't know if a building of that size is worth the money to construct just for the sake of design. Small Details - I concession stands, tables, etc. No excuses for that one, but since this just for fun, I neglected to throw those in there, which is on me. Trees and Bushes - I have a gut feeling that there may be too many of them or that they are too tall Overall, I am personally happy with how it turned out, but I'm anxious to hear the feedback, positive and negative (always looking to improve, so please leave some constructive C&C and ways I can improve!!). Thanks for the time to read through all of it!
  2. Shad Khan In Deal to Buy Wembley Stadium. Just when you thought the NFL Franchise Merry Go Round had stopped for a while... new speculation emerges. It seems unlikely to me, but has Khan given up on Jacksonville and is he willing to take the London plunge?
  3. I decided to do a Ducks-Sharks Stadium Series concept, since I've always thought it would be cool to see the Ducks play outdoors at Angels Stadium. The other two California teams have hosted Stadium Series games, so while it's unlikely, it only feels logical that the Ducks would eventually do the same. As you can tell, both of the jerseys combine aspects from the teams' past and present uniforms. For the Ducks, I went with the original Mighty Duck logo, as well as very similar striping pattern as their original uniforms. With the Sharks, I combined their current logo together with their original jerseys, while swapping out the grey stripes with orange. The Stadium Series logo itself obviously is based on the "Big A" that is located just outside of Angels Stadium, while also borrowing from the Angels' color scheme itself. The home plate shape also continues the baseball motif. This is my first post here, so I would appreciate some feedback.
  4. Prelim designs for the new Atlanta Stadium just got released. Two options, one called The Pantheon which is pretty ground breaking and looks to be more of the enclosed multi-use stadium with the wow factor that the city wants and the other is The Solarium which looks like a greenhouse. Very Lucas Oil like with great open views of the city which I know the owner said he wanted. The Pantheon The Solarium Here's the link where you can download the full PDF which has the other design as well. http://clatl.com/fre...#readerComments What do yall think?
  5. After a long hiatus I'm back with a newish stadium That I modified to fit both football and baseball it's for a fictional university me and one of my friends are doing.
  6. Hello, Sportslogos.net! I decided to make a Stadium Series template, obviously for hockey, due to the fact that I wanted the one that nhluniforms.com uses, but the internet didn't have it. Therefore, I made it on my own, and that made me want to make more. (Some templates are just re-made for Paint.net) Here they are: Stadium Series (Now with tweaked shoulders!): https://41.media.tumblr.com/723f0c91312b7170e04f10a41346ef48/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio8_1280.png Archetype Blank: https://40.media.tumblr.com/918dd4f6a682dccf15edab260c46a1bf/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio9_1280.png Archetype Ultra-Modern: https://36.media.tumblr.com/e7be2592799c0c559357445f21a8a4e6/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio3_1280.png Archetype Classic: https://41.media.tumblr.com/efb9a60315f39635c89f8eb72e3b2b8d/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio1_1280.png Archetype Modern: https://41.media.tumblr.com/a53d23b1df62ac7fe4d44aa10d78d75d/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio5_1280.png Archetype Modern Hem Stripes: https://40.media.tumblr.com/d26c29fc5082d4a650985efa7eed49f6/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio2_1280.png Archetype Stadium Series: https://40.media.tumblr.com/845d1f763054b0041dd63d4460e9d5f5/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio6_1280.png Nike Custom: https://40.media.tumblr.com/d83a87bdcea776fff80b32eb9409ed7f/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio10_1280.png RBK Edge Ultra-Modern: https://40.media.tumblr.com/292da85867aa1e42dc299bb91d4e4900/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio7_1280.png RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 2: https://36.media.tumblr.com/4313481fb8121170b3a95602eb7e4f68/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio4_1280.png RBK Edge Ultra-Modern 3: https://41.media.tumblr.com/5d2046eab78bd41dc885b752579e02e2/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio1_1280.png RBK Edge Modern 1: https://41.media.tumblr.com/ca0cf39daa4839e212b333175c4f92df/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio2_1280.png RBK Edge Modern 1 Arm Stripes: https://40.media.tumblr.com/524f35681a5d13770717e6aa6331c982/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio4_1280.png RBK Edge Modern 2: https://41.media.tumblr.com/2e177c2df286679bcb3dec39e6a5534b/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio3_1280.png RBK Edge Modern 2 Hem Stripes: https://40.media.tumblr.com/7f8754c3b57864e346bcc6d24bf6bc98/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio5_1280.png RBK Edge Classic: https://40.media.tumblr.com/2df2c7377277d8db5306788a647e7eb1/tumblr_nv284wmMeY1ue9cjio6_1280.png Old CCM: https://36.media.tumblr.com/f9f3bd58fb1692eb7c68fe31754632ba/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio7_1280.png Sweater: https://41.media.tumblr.com/ffbcbec48e128924979ea64bcafcaf1c/tumblr_nv283xx48s1ue9cjio8_1280.png More coming soon. Probably.
  7. So this is more of a curiosity question that I...thought would go here, but I'm not entirely sure. Feel free to move if it belongs somewhere else. In case you haven't already seen it, WSJ posted a video online a few years back detailing the process for changing MetLife Stadium from Giants to Jets. It's a fairly time consuming ordeal, taking roughly two full work days. In other words, not a process that can be completed overnight. So my question is...if in some alternate reality the Giants and Jets both hosted a playoff game on the same weekend, what do you think they would do in regards to stadium decor? Would they find some way to hurriedly change end zone panels inbetween the game, or would they just go with some kind of neutral color "New York" wordmark? I do know both teams hosted wild card games in the playoffs after the 1985 season, but I'm not having any luck finding pictures of what they did then...
  8. My beloved Camp Randall's most recent renovation added a beautiful new entrance to the student section, as well as an enormous new scoreboard. But, it also added yet another disconnected style to the stadium that has made many upgrades that never really felt connected to the rest. The Field House at the South end of the stadium is the crown jewel of the stadium, and is what the new North entrance looks to be most connected to. I wanted to fill in the blanks between the two and make the stadium feel like it was all built at the same time. A lot of this can be fixed by facades, while in other cases I took a more drastic route. I also added to the upper deck, increasing the student section capacity and adding North endzone suite.
  9. Hey guys, Wanted to take a shot at a new project...this is my first attempt working with Illustrator rather than Inkscape. I'm using my own template (which has been slightly streamlined). I envisioned a new look for the Falcons, whose current uniform has been stale for about a decade. This new set would coincide with the new stadium and is more of a throwback look. The overall look harkens back to the beautiful throwbacks from 1966 with the addition of sleeve stripes. I felt conflicted because I love the Northwestern style stripes they've worn before...I also love the gray pants with the red, white, and black stripe (same as the Super Bowl 1998 team's pants)...but mixing those with the helmet and you have a complete hodgepodge of striping patterns. So I've started from the helmet and the throwback pants stripe and expanding into a simple and consistent stripe across all elements. I have designed a custom number font. It's somewhat based off of the wordmark font and tweaked but I think it's still rather simple. I have also included an "Inaugural Season" patch on the black jersey, which I'd imagine they would wear for the very first game at the new stadium. Here's the rest of the number set:
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