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  1. I was inspired initially by the NCFA and later “The History of a Fictional Football League” by @Veras. I really wanted to bring this back and do more regarding it. I started this concept on here in 2013 and never completed it. I’ve came up with numerous ideas, past and present, and this by far is my favorite. The original logo was a dingbat, and was outlined and shaded by a member on this site back when you could make request (Can’t remember the person’s username). I’ll only be doing identities for the 3 main sports; Basketball, Football, and Baseball. "History" Charleston Harbor State University was co-founded by Charles Hallandale and former Governor Barnabas Kelet Hanagan. Hallandale assumed role as advisor Lieutenant Governor to Barnabas Kelet Hanagan when Hanagan became Governor due to the death of Patrick Noble on April 7, 1840. Hallandale, a Yale graduate, was a prominent lawyer in the area prior being appointed to the Lieutenant Governor position. Hanagan's term as governor lasted less than a year. The following year, Hallandale, with the help of Hanagan laid the groundwork on what would become Charleston Harbor State University. Hanagan would return to public service in 1844 when he was reelected to the state Senate he’d serve as Secretary of State from 1846 to 1850. Hallandale would remain Chancellor. Located off the Charleston Harbor, the name "Stevedores" was adopted in homage to the hardworking individuals working the harbor docks. Founded 1841 Colonial Blue and Red are reflective of the Revolutionary War (Red and Blue Coats). Ocean Blue is connected to the Charleston Harbor, and the rarely used "Hunley Rust" was adopted in 1996, a year after the Civil War submarine was found in the harbor. 1st posted sport will be basketball...
  2. I'll finish my Orlando Breakers concept soon. I just have been working on this project recently. I've been a big lurker on the NCFA and NCFA-FCS boards for a little while, and was inspired to do my own fictional University concept. I've yet to come up with a University name for this fictional university (suggestions) but logo's and athletic team name are below. I'm thinking of "Charleston Harbor State" or "Fort of South Carolina- Charleston. I kind of want to include South Carolina and Charleston in the university name. Fort of South Carolina- Charleston history is that it was formerly called Fort Moultrie College as it was near Fort Moultrie historical site. The school later moved it's main campus to Charleston adopting the TBA name. The Stevedores is the team's athletic name/identity. A Stevedore is defined as, "a person whose job is to load and unload ships at a port." 1st Blue- "Colonial Blue" Is representative of the "Blue Coats" of The American Revolutionary War Red- "Colonial Red" Is representative of the "Red Coats" of The American Revolutionary War 2nd Blue- "Harbor Blue" Is representative of the Charleston Harbor. Gold- "Hunely Rust" Is representative of the H. L. Hunley (submarine) used The American Civil War