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  1. Over time, I have been working on concept uniforms for all 130 FBS football teams. I did the universities that are currently planning on staying or joining the FBS level. My designs were intended to be very unique and creative. I have had a lot of fun during this designing process while creating new uniform ideas. I will start uploading the uniforms for each team in alphabetical order. Let me know what you guys think and which ones are your favorites. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Yeah you heard it right!!!! Alright so this thread was only suppose to be a Sun Belt only redesign but after a lot of thinking I've decided to do a "COMPLETE" Division 1 (so FBS and FCS) redesign, now I know its gonna be a lot of work but I dont have to much going on until the spring (I play baseball for my high school) so im pretty sure I'll be able to finish this before that, in fact I'll probably finish this before the new year so if you decide to stick a round that would be great Rules -There will be no Russell Uniforms only Nike, Adidas, Under Armour (sorry if you like Russell im not a fan of them) -And please comment I will read everything thing on here so tell me if something doesn't look right because I will edit my work So here are all the Conferences that I will be redesigning right now. American Athletic Conference (FBS) Atlantic Coast Conference (FBS) Big 12 (FBS) Big Sky (FCS) Big South (FCS) Big Ten (FBS) Colonial Athletic Association (FCS) Conference USA (FBS) FBS Independent (FBS) FCS Independent (FCS) Ivy League (FCS) Mid Eastern Athletic Conference (FCS) Mid American Conference (FBS) Missouri Valley Conference (FCS) Mountain West Conference (FBS) Northeast Conference (FCS) Ohio Valley Conference (FCS) Pac 12 (FBS) Patriot League Conference (FCS) Pioneer (FCS) SEC (FBS) Southern Conference (FCS) Southland Conference (FCS) Sun Belt Conference (FBS) Southwestern Athletic Conference (FCS) Conferences Done (Or almost finishing) Sun Belt Teams American Athletic Cincinnati/Adidas Connecticut/Nike East Carolina/Nike Houston/Nike Sun Belt Appalachian State/Nike Arkansas State/Adidas Georgia Southern/Adidas Georgia State/Nike Idaho/Nike Louisiana-Lafayette/Under Armour (Yes i know they switched from Russell to Adidas but i wanted them for Under Armour) Louisiana-Monroe/Adidas New Mexico State/Adidas South Alabama/Nike Texas State/Adidas Troy/Adidas *UPDATE* I've now added links so you can see the Unis more bigger and you can now see the Combos individually
  3. There's something about smaller, lesser known conferences, that makes me excited about redesigning the uniforms for all the teams. It might be the fact that most don't have long standing uniform traditions (like Bama or Michigan's home unis), or that most of the current designs are template cut outs, or that when I start I know almost nothing about the school, but I do really like trying to create uniform concepts for smaller schools. Last summer around this time I did some MAC concepts and I really liked the exercise of trying to look at a school and football program as a whole and figure out how to communicate the brand through uniform design. I wanted to start up again this summer and I chose the Sun Belt. I plan on doing all of the schools listed on the map below but that just depends on my work schedule this summer. Really I just want this to be a fun summer project and I hope to get some good C&C. so without further ado, your new Sun Belt: COMPLETED TEAMS: IDAHO S. ALABAMA UL - MONROE IDAHO For Idaho I wanted more of a traditional feel. I unified the gold all the way through the uniform with a slightly more old gold color than Idaho usually uses. I just felt like it fit the school more than a metallic gold. I kept the pants and helmet pretty simple, no stripe. On the jersey I went with an old school drop shadow number which I really like and a sleeve design this is a modern execution of an old school sleeve hoop. All in all I like this design for them. I think it's much simpler and classier than what the Vandals currently use and just says "IDAHO" to me. S. ALABAMA South Alabama was tough because they don't have a long tenured football program and their history has been filled with templated designs like this and this. For this design I started with the helmet. The striping is similar to the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet from a few years back and also the new potential UCF helmet. The striping tapers off in the back into a crescent with a red crescent below it. This striping pattern was inspired by the logo and is also used on the pants. For the jerseys I gave them a pretty simple block font with a red outline on both (again taking the red accent from the logo) and a custom striping pattern on the sleeves. Its a relatively modern design but its also simple enough that it doesn't look over done and, again, was inspired by the logo. UL - MONROE My first decision with ULM was to use the full bodied warhawk logo because to me the current helmet logo just look incomplete. I kept the white helmet and the single red stripe the same though. I put the ULM Warhawk badge logo on the hip because I thought it really went well with the fauxback design elements also included in the jersey. Monroe has a nice palette so I wanted to included all the colors in the uniform without over-designing so I thought northwestern style stripes would look nice and keep it traditional. The number font is simple and clean but also brings a little more modern feel to the design. So thats how this starts. C&C is encouraged and hopefully over the next week I can crank out three more of these. Already have two teams in the works. Thanks guys.
  4. Appalachian State University will be joining the Sun Belt Conference and recently announced that with the move will come a new basketball court for their home arena, Holmes Convocation Center. What would you like for this new court to look like?