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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone else see the new TCU Football uniforms for next season?? I think that NIKE did not do a great job with the "frog skin" sublimation and could've utilized it in a much more appealing way, disappointment in my eyes. If anyone else can find better pictures of the uniforms please add them to this!
  2. I'm leaving the helmet alone because that's about the only thing I don't mind about this year's set. That, and the white jerseys are ok, as well. But since I'm "correcting" an entire set, I might as well add another... HOME AWAY ALT. All in all, I like the idea of using the Frogskin more... but the current uniforms used TOO MUCH of it. It's overkill. So this was basically my idea of taking the now current uniforms and toning the pattern down. Only the shoulders, numbers, and pant stripes (and helmet, which isn't shown) have it while the rest of the uniform looks like it should. Also, I'd rather have the black shirts back instead of the grey Army-esqe camo jersey that's being used.
  3. Hello everyone I've really been into basketball lately especially since March Madness has kicked off. And yesterday I heard that TCU is having a contest for a new court since there renovating (or getting a new one I dont remember) and I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring. But I didnt want to be lazy and just do a court I've been making a basketball uniform template and I wanted to test it out so basically this will be a TCU Basketball Rebrand. Now basketball is a really hard sport to make concepts for because there isnt much wiggle room for creativity but I had a idea and it looked good to me so here we go.... Court Now I wanted to do something original since TCU isn't the most traditional school I wanted to take a bit of a risk. Somewhat similar to what Northwestern has now instead the colors on the court are inverted and I thought that is was a great look. Uniforms Im really starting to get annoyed with Nike for having every team wearing the "Duke" uniforms and I feel like half of Nike's teams use them. So I upgraded TCU with the new Nike Ignition uniforms now I couldnt come up with some crazy back mesh right now but there may be an update later on it. And I gave them a clean look that I think they could really pull off. So tell me what you think!
  4. So way back when I started compiling vintage college mascot logos I said I had a personal project for which I was using them. Today I unveil part of that project. Vinylmation If you've ever been to a Disney park then it is likely you've seen some vinylmations. They are a 3 or 9 inch vinyl figures, shaped like Mickey Mouse, that have a huge array of themes. From classic Disney characters to Star Wars to Indiana Jones and many others in between. There are even sports teams; NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA. However the NCAA versions are terribly generic and lack the personality for which many vinlylmations are popular. They also created a "Mascots" series of the main 4 Disney characters in vintage college gear. This is where I was inspired for these concepts. Vinlymations also have a large "custom" following. Artists take either blank or unpopular vinyls and re-work them into amazing pieces of art. I chose to get into this by painting NCAA Mascots onto the vinylmation canvas and I just finished my first series and put them up for sale. Below are images of them but first I'll post some pics of other vinyls as well as the "official NCAA series."