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  1. Hey guys, I've always been interested in doing concepts for fictional sports leagues and I have noticed that there are definitely some cities for which assigning a name can be exceedingly difficult. Like I'm sure many of you do, I try to give my team names some sort of connection with the city (historical, economical, whatever) but for some cities I have major problems. So my question for discussion is, what cities give you the most trouble when doing a fictional league? I know for me my top three are usually LA, Charlotte, and Toronto. Would love to hear what everyone else thinks on the subject!
  2. So a post in the "Charlotte Very Much in Play for 30th MLS Team" thread stated that their pitch to MLS is going to focus on it being a Carolina team rather than a Charlotte team. I started writing a post in that thread but it spiraled into a much longer, off topic post about teams that use the name of their state in their team name rather than their city's name. I'm rather new here, so forgive me if this has been a topic of conversation before, but this is a subject that has always interested me. While I often understand the reason for why clubs across the major sports leagues would use the state name instead of the city name (and I'm a fan of one of them), it just strikes me as somewhat odd each time. MLB: Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Colorado Rockies NFL: Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and New England Patriots (a region, not a state) NBA: Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors NHL: Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild, Arizona Coyotes MLS: Colorado Rapids, Minnesota United, and New England Revolution (I'll add that I realize that any team with "New York" in the name could ambiguously be referring to either the city or the state) So I'm not really complaining, because teams can do whatever they want, and they're going to do whatever they thinks makes sense for them to maximize their marketability. But from this list we can see that most teams prefer to go by their city name and that these other teams going by their state (or region) name is the aberration. To extrapolate further, it's pretty clear that we have some consistency here with some states. Minnesota: Makes sense because they don't want to offend one of the two twin cities Carolina: Appeals to the other respective major N Carolina city and S Carolina New England: Clearly a marketing opportunity the stretch beyond just Boston Arizona: Wants to include Tempe? The Cardinals play in Glendale and not Phoenix? Colorado: I do not for the life of me know why all non-Nuggets franchises use Colorado rather than Denver Utah makes sense because until Real Salt Lake they were the only major pro franchise in the state. Also, Utah's ABA team also was called the "Utah Stars" so the state name being used was precedent there. In fact, using the state name was much more common in the ABA, considering they had the Utah Stars, Indiana Pacers, Carolina Cougars, Minnesota Muskies and Pipers, Kentucky Colonels Virginia Squires, and the New Orleans Buccaneers were briefly the Louisiana Buccaneers. So that also helps explain the Pacers since they were founded in a league that used a state name more frequently. I presume Tennessee is to keep Memphis in the fold of fandom. Golden State was to increase the Warriors appeal across the state. New Jersey Devils makes sense because it's the only New Jersey team that doesn't put "New York" in the name since the Nets left. I have no clue why the Florida Panthers would feel audacious enough to claim the whole state when the state of Florida had the Lightning a year before they started playing. Looking it up, it's apparently because the "Florida Panther" is the actual name of the animal, but that rings hollow to me as an excuse to claim an entire state. I have the same feeling towards the Texas Rangers when Houston already had a club. But to circle back around the original reason I started writing this, I think the reason "Carolina" strikes me as the oddest name to use is because it doesn't just try to make Raleigh fans of Charlotte teams and Charlotte fans of Raleigh teams, it also tries to bring in South Carolina as well. Apart from the New England Patriots, all the other team names are still confined to a singular state, but the teams that claim "Carolina" as their team name are crossing state borders. Anyhow, I've rambled on quite long enough. Any thoughts? Do you like it when a team uses a state or regional name rather than their city's name? Do you detest it? Thanks for reading.
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