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Found 4 results

  1. I've launched my new ColorWerx.NET (note the new extension as well) site today...please take a look and let me know what everyone thinks. There is a LOT more content coming however; I wanted to at the very least get all of the regenerated Pro Team Colors and College Colors & Nicknames swatch images up before unveiling the new design. I'll be bringing over most of the sRGB-optimization projects from the site, as well as a number of the old projects and experiments from my old SSUR/ColorWerx site. I would appreciate any and all feedback; positive and negative.
  2. This idea came to me from another thread where Color-on-Color match ups were being discussed, specifically in college football. Most everyone agrees that the USC-UCLA game looks FANTASTIC as a color versus color game, but what about YOUR team? Which opponents would look best against your team in an all-color game? It doesn't have to be restricted to college football, but give your Top 3-5 picks, preferably against teams that are natural rivals or in the same conference / division / league. Obviously, similar-colored teams are not a great idea, so Alabama-Arkansas or USC-Arizona State aren't good choices. --------------------------------------------------------- Nebraska Cornhuskers (specifically football) 1. Michigan - the pairing of Scarlet & Cream versus Maize & Blue. The helmets (white / two-tone), the jerseys (red / blue) and the pants (white / maize) all contrast, giving this game great visual appeal. 2. Penn State - similar to Michigan, but not as flashy. Red versus Blue - everyone wears white. 3. Iowa - could make for an interesting Thanksgiving Weekend game, with Iowa's Black & Gold contrasting nicely against NU.
  3. Does anyone know what the official team colors were for the Aces from 1972 to 1975?
  4. I was thinking about rare color combinations for sports teams today and I think I found the rarest without including pink or purple: orange and yellow. The only team I can think of that even *INCLUDES* orange and yellow in their colors is the Oklahoma City Thunder, but their primary color is blue and orange and yellow are only used for trim on the uniforms, although orange is a big part of their logo. Has the Thunder ever worn orange or yellow alternate jerseys? After the Thunder your choices are extremely slim if not nothing, at least in the U.S. You have the original Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniforms, and even though yellow would fit nicely into that uni set, it wasn't one of their colors (their actual colors being orange and red). Then you have the Vancouver Canucks with their late 70's / early 80's jerseys with the infamous giant V neck design. Even though in some pictures it looks orange, and on the Canucks' Wikipedia page it is referred to as "red-orange", the "red-orange" color was actually closer to red and the others were yellow and black. This is sooooo flippin' close to being a team with orange and yellow in their uniforms but the "red-orange" color is just too red! Oh well. In my research I discovered that FC Barcelona, a European soccer team out of Spain, has worn orange and yellow gradient uniforms. (Oddly enough their home colors are red and blue but their usual away unis are mono orange and their usual alternate unis are mono yellow! I wonder what the reasoning behind this is...) I'm surprised some pro or college team in Florida never went for orange and yellow because it is a very citrusy combination and Florida is famous for it's oranges. Now it's your turn. I am open to hearing about ANY pro team (big 4, minor league, foreign) or any U.S. or Canadian college team (Division 1, 2, or 3) that currently has orange and yellow as their colors or part of their colors, or once did. No high schools please. GO!