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  1. Okay, so it seems I've caught the college football fever a tad early this summer, and I've had the concept in mind for some years now, so I decided to run with it (finally). My idea comes from the ever popular idea of super conferences in college athletics. You've heard it all before I'm sure, sixteen schools, four divisions, the whole nine. Personally, I value regional location for conference affiliation over the money, so however unrealistic it is for some schools to be in certain conferences monetarily, this is the time where I point out it's my concept ?. Uniform updates will follow with all. First up will be the Southeastern Conference, being Mississippi native for my entire life and a graduate of Ole Miss I'm somewhat partial to the SEC. So here goes. The Southeastern Conference will have a centralized location and headquarters in the mecca of the South, and one of my favorite (and possibly future home of) Atlanta, Georgia. This includes location for all championship matchups and tournaments, meaning not only the SEC Championship Football Game, but for the purpose of this concept the Basketball and Baseball Tournaments. Atlanta is more than capable of hosting such events with a plethora of hotels, metro areas, and state of the art facilities, two of which are completed and brand new (Mercedes Benz Stadium - SEC Football Championship, SunTrust Park - SEC Baseball Tournament), and one of which is undergoing renovations currently (Philips Arena - SEC Basketball Tournament). This brings us to the member institutions and how they will be divided up. My vision for the SEC has the conference leaving the Big 12 footprint of Texas and Missouri, and instead focusing on states already within the geographic footprint of the "current South," including the state of North Carolina (where I believe the SEC Network is currently located). There is also a heavy emphasis on developing and continuing in-state rivalries, as well as historic rivalries, in this concept. As I said earlier in the post, there will be four divisions. They are as follows: The SEC East, The SEC North, The SEC South, The SEC West, giving us a total map look as follows. I tried to split these up geographically as best I could. Here are Division Specifics: The SEC East: - Clemson University. Location: Clemson, South Carolina. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Orange, White. ~110 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Georgia. Location: Athens, Georgia. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Red, Black, White. ~59 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Georgia Tech University. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Mascot: Yellow Jackets. Colors: Old Gold, Navy, White. 1.8 Miles from Downtown Atlanta, GA. - University of South Carolina. Location: Columbia, South Carolina. Mascot: Gamecocks. Colors: Garnet, Black, White. ~195 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC North: - University of Kentucky. Location: Lexington, Kentucky. Mascot: Wildcats. Colors: Royal Blue, White, Silver. ~296 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mascot: Tar Heels. Colors: Carolina Blue, White, Navy. ~338 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Location: Knoxville, Tennessee. Mascot: Volunteers. Colors: Orange, White, Smokey Grey. ~157 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Vanderbilt University. Location: Nashville, Tennessee. Mascot: Commodores. Colors: Black, Vegas Gold, White. ~216 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC South: - University of Alabama. Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mascot: Crimson Tide. Colors: Crimson, White, Grey. ~186 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Auburn University. Location: Auburn, Alabama. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Navy, Orange (Auburn), White. ~115 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Florida. Location: Gainesville, Florida. Mascot: Gators. Colors: Royal Blue, Orange, White. ~310 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Florida State University. Location: Tallahassee, Florida. Mascot: Seminoles. Colors: Garnet, Vegas Gold, White. ~230 Miles from Atlanta, GA. The SEC West: - University of Arkansas. Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mascot: Razorbacks. Colors: Cardinal, White, Black. ~576 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Louisiana State University. Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mascot: Tigers. Colors: Purple, Athletic Gold, White. ~460 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - University of Mississippi. Location: Oxford, Mississippi. Mascot: Rebels. Colors: Navy, Red, White. ~300 Miles from Atlanta, GA. - Mississippi State University. Location: Starkville, Mississippi. Mascot: Bulldogs. Colors: Maroon, White, Grey. ~256 Miles from Atlanta, GA. I do plan to write a post for each school as to why they are in the SEC (if they aren't a current or founding member), what makes them a good fit, and what they bring to the table for the conference, the rivalries, and the tradition. I will also note that this concept (when it comes to uniforms) will put huge emphasis on uniformity of design across word marks, scripts, logos, and sports. In other words, a school is it's brand, and that brand and it's elements will be seen across all three of the big sports in their uniforms, fields, courts, etc. C&C please! Like I said, not perfect realistically or logistically, but what my SEC would be in a Super Conference era, perfect HuntTheJones world!
  2. Based on the leaks so far, I strongly dislike what I've seen from the Titans. It feels like too much of a shift and doesn't read as the Titans to me. The gray is pointless clutter and makes the set much more drab. The number font is hideous and overly designed. The underarm panels look like something out of 2002. Overall, the color balance is all over the place and there's generally no cohesion at all. I always thought the Titans needed incremental tweaks, not a complete overhaul. The flaming thumbtack is outdated but I really like the circle with the stars from the state flag. The pants are fantastic, however the modern helmet stripes clash with the traditional pants. I like the shoulder stripes and the sword shaped stripes on the new set are a cool evolution of that feature, it's just a shame that they're now gray. My set looks to streamline things a bit (consistent stripes, consistent number colors on the various jersey panels, updated word mark, logo, etc). I like the idea of a red Color Rush set. Navy pants are needless clutter given how fantastic their normal white and columbia blue pants are. I think I do prefer the Titans in white helmets, however, it makes too much sense to use columbia blue to distinguish themselves from all the other white helmet teams, and it still looks great. Of all the helmet choices, the rumored navy is the worst option. I emphasized navy and columbia blue with red used as small touches (swooshes, nameplates, helmet stars, part of the word mark, etc).
  3. I am trying to learn Illustrator so I did a Tennessee Titans concept. This is nowhere near good IMO so I would really appreciate some suggestions and constructive critiscme Titans.svg
  4. The Super Bowl edition didn't get as much response as I would've liked, and this isn't gonna be bigger than Star Wars...or the Batman-Superman movie...or that thing Taco Bell's been hyping the whole month...or even James Harden's beard. Still, I figure this is one of my better C2P outputs. So without further ado... I kick this outing off with arguably the greatest outside 'backer ever, the original LT. TBH, there was a second design I was considering, but I have a bit of an aversion to making the Giants resemble the Cowboys, so plain sleeves it was. The Giants helmet is a bit lighter than I meant it to be (for you kiddies out there, back in the day, royal blue teams generally either settled for navy helmets [Rams, Giants] or wore this weird blue shade that matched nothing else [Broncos, Ole Miss] put this in perspective, plastic helmets largely replaced leather in the early 50s. The Giants wore navy helmets until 2000. Roughly 50 years, folks.) Admittedly anachronistic, but an NYG that was closer to what Carolina was using for its UNC actually would've looked somewhat awkward, as the N and Y would overlap, but the G would've been floating (or I could've attained an overlap, but then the diagonal setup would've been impossible), so I tweaked the lowercase ny and made a matching g for the occasion. The man sitting on the most sacks ever, Bills great Bruce Smith...if not for the fact that there's just no good monogram equivalent I could think up on the Bills side for either the current VT or the vintage TV, the Va Tech helmet would've used the fighting gobbler like I'd done on the Mike Vick set...and I'd strongly considered it anyway. Funny how the Bills and Giants jerseys wound up looking somewhat similar, much like their real life counterparts of the era. The late, great DT...honestly, given I've done Bama players pretty frequently, and Chiefs players a bit more recently but still posted em, the big issue here was what to do for the Bama-specific arrowhead mock. In the end, copied a clipart elephant silhouette, and there we go. Lastly, the late Minister of Defense...on the UT side, I'd considered Smokey standing over a football, which would've been meant to mimic the flying eagle (and would be awesome to see), but settled for the Davy Crockett wannabe. Also considered mimicking the wings with the Tennessee map, but figured that'd be more awkward than anything else, so a bluish-silver T with a white outline is what you see here. Which also explains the Eagles helmet having a stripe despite the wings still being there (I briefly considered making a P or using an E from their 80s wordmark, but since I went subtle with the Vols, gotta reciprocate with the Iggles). That's it, so feel free to comment.
  5. 01/29: Added a wing and flame vector preview (in progress!): __ I have been a designer for years, but I've done very little logo work, so I decided to do a few NFL concepts to develop a logo portfolio. Obviously, this is still in the early stages and will eventually be vectored, but I would love feedback on the overall concept before I dive that far in... I was inspired by TVIXX's amazing Vikings concept (and I'm sure it shows), but really wanted to focus on the Greek theme of Nashville and the Titans franchise... the hair/beard needs direction, so I appreciate any suggestions
  6. Concept for East Tenneesse State Buccaneers if they had a hockey program or club Any comments or critiques on the concept and the templates would be appreciated.
  7. The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  8. Hello everyone I have some more concepts I'd like to share, very recently Univ of Miami shockingly (just like Arizona State) switched from Nike to Adidas because of money obviously. But earlier Tennessee did the complete opposite by switching from long time supplier Adidas to Nike. So without further ado here are the concepts. Miami *Updated w/ Undershirts I am actually kinda sad to see Miami leave Nike, I actually really liked there uniforms they put out there this year. So with these designs I went wayyyyyyy back to the 80's for these concepts, Basically I went with a retro look for Miami back when they were in their prime with Michael Irvin, Jimmy Johnson and such. I fixed a lot of the striping inconsistancy they had back then, I also kept their current wordmarking and I added as a sublimation there Ibis logo. I also kept their traditional helmet. Tennessee *Updated w/ Undershirt So this may be an unpopular choice but I decided to bring back black for Tennessee, if you ask me Orange/Black looks better than Orange/Grey. Now Tennessee already have some pretty classy unis so I didn't wanna mess with them that much. I didn't add black outlines on the orange unis just because of how clean they look, while on the whites I find that the numbers just don't pop as much as they would with black outlines. And for the black unis, they looked pretty good on the template so I kept them, they looked better than Grey. So tell me what you think?
  9. NDFreek

    Nike Volunteers

    I got a new computer and lost all progress on my (improving) NFL series. So to kick in the new laptop I'm going back to college ball, because I feel you have more liberties when designing college uniforms. Originally, I was redesigning the SEC as an all Nike conference, but with the amount of TN Nike post, I'd figure I jump on board. Home & Away Pretty basic stuff here for the Vols. They have a pretty classic uniform, so I really don't want to tweak it to much. Biggest addition would be checkerboard sleeves, which I can change in a matter of seconds if they aren't popular. Alternates Here's where the change comes in. Orange pants with orange helmets. Smoke Gray & Throwbacks Damn, this is a lot of uniforms. Anyways, I like the idea of the smoke uniforms, but I think Adidas used to dark of gray. It really wasn't smokey, so I lightened it. Throwbacks are based off these jerseys
  10. Tennessee is switching to Nike this year, and since I downloaded Inkscape and wanted to try it out, I cooked up this: Okay so I'm not exactly learning Inkscape for the first time, I have had some experience with the software before. The images didn't transfer to .png very well so some of these images didn't turn out how they were supposed to. Anyway, Tennessee has a nice look, but I really like the smokey gray color. It works well with the orange, so I moved it into the regulars as a number outline. The double stripe on pants doesn't work for the fact of they are inconsistent and generally don't look good. I also added a matte orange helmet as an alternate, but that's where the transition from svg to png comes in. The dot thing on the helmet was supposed to be the gradient thing that reflects light, but it turned out looking like a shiny helmet reflection. The nameplates are also a problem... but whatever. Enjoy. EDIT: Fixed the image transition problems and added smokey gray helmet
  11. Everyone's doing it, so may as well. Simple and old school. Home: Orange on White with Limestone accents. Away: White on White with Torch accents. Alternate: Smokey on White with Orange accents.
  12. With the uniform craze over the last couple of years only continuing to grow more and more ridiculous, the SEC has prided itself (for the most part) in maintaining a rather traditional feel with their respected universities. I'd like to go even a step further and get these teams back to the root of their design. A lot of the changes were made with tradition in mind, adding elements that used to be commonplace for these institutions, while still at times allowing a pinch of the modern flare to remain. I'll go through each university in the SEC, some given a lot of change, others not so much, to get back to the basics and prove that less is more.
  13. Hey guys, here is the link to my Tennessee concepts for the 2015 season.
  14. So I've been working out a new Titans primary logo lately and I just can't make up my mind exactly. I really need some C&C regarding what I've got here. 1. This is the original, the first logo I did. 2. This is the complete face with helmet, I'm happy with what I've got here. (Though C&C on anything is always helpful) 3. This is a more fixed up of the original, without the finer details in the headdress. 4. This is without a headdress, using a similar concept that was considered by the franchise back when they first moved. 5, 6 & 7. These are all attempts at incorporating the flames from the current primary. The goal of this primary is to be similar to the Vikings primary. It's not going on the helmet, I'm working on something separate for that. So if anyone could give me some help with this, that would be great. I'm still undecided on what I'm even going to do outside of what you see in the 2nd logo.
  15. I joined the site last night and accidentally posted this twice in the wrong section. So sorry if it seemed like I was spamming, didn't mean to do that at all! So I deleted those and am posting here in the correct section. Anyways, this is a logo & jersey concept for the Tennessee Titans that I came up with. A lot of feedback that I've gotten from it so far is that it looks too much like a spartan/knight, it looks like Marvin The Martian, the sword looks like it's going through the head, too cartoony, ect. So I would like to know what you all think, along with any critiques you may have or if I should just overhaul it altogether. Any thoughts are appreciated, and sorry again if it looked like I was spamming!
  16. I am new to posting on the board, but have been a long time fan. I am a huge Tennessee Vols fan, and recently 6 former Vols made the Pro Bowl(Peyton Manning, Arian Foster, Eric Berry, Jason Witten, Jerod Mayo, and Dustin Colquitt) and I plan on making designs for all except Dustin Colquitt(Since he is a punter). So without further ado here is the most famous Vol: Peyton Manning Comments and Criticisms are welcome, but I am not sure if ill go back make changes. Just depends on my schedule.