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  1. So in case you haven't seen it in the College Football 2020 thread, Kellen Mond seems to be hinting that the Aggies will be moving back to their throwbacks as the primary look. Compounding that with the debate on whether the Aggies should keep or dump the bevel, I thought I'd take a stab at some concepts, as well as needing a mental break from my 1972 Project. While I'm not against the possible changes, it does seem a step down from what they're currently wearing with the racing stripes. Rather than flood that thread with some ideas, I'll take my talents here and see what you all think: This was in essence what I put in the 2020 thread, albeit on a Nike template, so I migrated it to an almost current Adidas template. The bevels are all gone, everywhere which will be the case on anything posted here. This one sees the helmet gain a helmet stripe to match the pants and satiate those that say there's no cohesion between helmet, jerseys and pants. Otherwise, everything really stays the same. This one sees the opposite direction as Option A, with the pant stripes going away, keeping the hip logo, but the stripeless pants now create harmony between them and the helmets. Jerseys remain unchanged. As was pointed out to me in the 2020 thread, Texas A&M's look is inspired by the 70's look, but they didn't go all the way with it. This is the "they went all the way with it" option, with everything having a double stripe on it. Let me know what y'all think, what you guy's might wanna see out of this. I hadn't thought of alternates for these, but they're probably coming as well, so as I always seem to say: C&C welcome!
  2. Hey Everybody i was watching a Texas a&m baseball game and we where wearing these jerseys Well it reminded me of the Aggie's Uniforms in the 1980's for football and thought wouldn't it look good if they went back to that. Then i realized that Adidas would likely f that up so i thought maybe A&M should just switch so here is my final product
  3. The concept is basically this: SEC Baseball uniforms as an SEC Football Uniform. First up, Ole Miss: Just for fun.
  4. After what happened with my Tennessee concept (four others soon came out with there own), I thought about not posting this. But nah- I'm not superstitious. That wasn't my fault. Anyways... Texas A&M comes out with a one-off alternate every year, so I thought it'd share my concept. I love the Texas logo, so I used that on the pants and on the helmet. The sleeves feature a gradient fade and so does the socks. Gray is also used as a secondary color. I realize the Aggies don't use Nike but I used the Nike hypercool template so I don't really have a choice. Enjoy!
  5. Hello everyone, I'm having a little lack of creativity in my NFL Redesign thread, and I needed something to take my mind off of that. ( & also I just turned in my World Cup concept for @raysox's thread, so I had some time on my hands. Normally I wouldn't post this on here, but I've seen a couple threads with art like this recently, and I thought why not? So this is something I just thought of, a Johnny Manziel Heisman trophy. I'm thinking about doing this for other winners, recent & old, but at the requests of you guys. I think it came out pretty decent, but I would love some C&C from you guys on how I could improve this before I start some other ones. Without further-a-do, Johnny Football: Origianal pic - enjoy!
  6. I decided not to put this in the College Football thread and just to make a separate topic here in the Concepts. So, IF Texas A&M goes Zumba on us, here is what I think it may look like if they only use a little Zumba: Yeah, I just threw it together right quick. An Adidas concept on a Nike ProCombat template. It is the only one I have, but I'm satisfied with it. Thoughts? Keep in mind, it's (kinda) supposed to look ugly.
  7. No poll for this because I already did one today. I would also like to see discussion. So, I made a Stars gold/harvest gold concept and while that was happening I wondered, would logos look better unbeveled? I decided to make six concepts (so, yes, mods can be able to move this to concepts if they want, even though I really don't think it's good enough material for that subforum). Link for that: I want to know what you think, would logos look better beveled or unbeveled?
  8. I think this is a great website... I just discovered it yesterday. This is my very first post. There are a bunch of Aggies trying to get rid of our stupid beveled logo. We have been complaining about it for years. Overall probably two-thirds of Aggies don't like the Bevel and it is our primary logo! I would appreciate any ideas, opinions, or advice. The NCAA has banned beveled numbers, so at least that will be gone. The Classic Block aTm logo is still on the helmet (and has been on the helmet since 1965). The Texas A&M Student Senate signed a Debevelization Representation Bill and is adding a vote on the Bevel to the Fall 2013 Student Body Elections. Here is a thread on the Bevel (posted on April 13, 2013) with almost 700 replies. Here is a website where you can download the pdf letter and submit comments... Below is the letter I sent to the administration. I posted the first 10 pages (the website won't allow me to post all 15 pages), but you can read the entire letter at