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  1. Week ten was certainly better than week 9, but we still haven't had a truly great week of uniform match ups this season. But we still had some good match ups this week and a couple really bad match ups. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. Best: 1. Chiefs at Bills: Anyone that follows my little weekly thread knows that, as a rule, I'm not the biggest fan of dark pants. But the Chiefs are one of the exceptions to that rule. This game looked fantastic. Buffalo's home look is one of the best in the NFL. Kansas City's road look is one of the best in the NFL. Put them together and it's an easy choice for the top spot on the best list. 2. Steelers at Jets: Another match up of top flight NFL looks. The Jets home look is one of my favorites. Thankfully, they didn't decide to go green monochrome and ruin this great match up. The Steelers are a better number font away from being a weekly contender for the top spot on the best list. Any other week this season, and this one might be battling for the top spot. 3. Bears at Packers: Put the Bears in all white and this one is the clear cut, no doubt about it, slam dunk winner of the top spot every single time. The blue pants are what keeps this one from the top spot. Don't get me wrong, I still think the Bears look good, but the blue pants just don't work well enough for me to move this game past the two in front of it. That said, even with the blue pants, this one still has more than enough to make the best list. 4. Panthers at Eagles: Nike finally comes through and at long last we get to see the Eagles in green jerseys this season. I like them. Maybe it's just the pictures and the color settings on my TV, but this version of the green seems to be...richer...I guess? Or it could just be that I haven't seen these jerseys since last season. In any case, I thought the Eagles looked good. Add in the Panthers very solid road look and this game is good enough for the best list this week. Worst: 1. Browns at Bengals: The Browns are one of a handful of teams that are capable of taking the top spot on the best list one week only to take the top spot on the worst list in another. Why Cleveland insists on ruining the precious few weeks we have left with their classic look with those awful brown pants is beyond me. Throw in the Bengals going with the worst of nothing but bad choices, and we have a winner for worst looking game of the week. 2. Falcons at Buccaneers: Outdated and ugly meets modern and really ugly. Put the Falcons in their alts and the Bucs in their prior set and this game is competing for the top spot on the best list. That's it for this week. We'll do it all over again next week.
  2. Not a lot to talk about this week. One outstanding match up, a couple really good ones, and one above average. Luckily for us, there weren't any match ups bad enough to make the worst list. But one team looked so awful that it can't go without comment. So put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play a lightning round of our game. Best: 1. Colts at Texans: Normally, playing in a dome under artificial light seems to drain the colors out of a uniform. That's not the case with the Texans. I don't know if they planned it or if it's just blind luck, but the Texans look as good in artificial light as they do in sunlight. Throw in one of the best road looks in the NFL with the Colts and this one was the easy pick for the top spot this week. A lot of blue, but it works. 2: Steelers at Browns: Barring a highly improbable meeting in the playoffs, this is probably the last time for the foreseeable future that we'll get to enjoy this match up of two outstanding football uniforms. Why the Browns brass believes they can improve on this look is an enduring mystery. Why the Steelers stick with that italic number font is another one. 3. 49ers at Rams: Despite my love of traditional uniforms, this Rams throwback is not one of my favorites - I prefer their current blue over gold look. But the throwbacks are still a very good look. When you add the 49ers road uniforms to the mix, this one has to make the best list. 4. Lions at Vikings: I didn't like it at first, but I have to admit that I've become a fan of the Vikings current look. There are still a couple things I'm not crazy about like the number font and the black facemask, but overall it's a good look. The Lions are the Lions - a few tweaks away from looking great. Worst: The Philadelphia Eagles: I get that wearing all white was probably getting a little old, but nothing can justify this... That's it for this week. Drop by next week for another infuriating/exciting edition.
  3. On the best ledger, there were no true classics this week but there were still some pretty good looking games - and a real shocker at #2. On the worst side of things, we did get a couple train wrecks - including one that, under different circumstances, would have made the best list. All in all, I'd say it was an average week. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. Best: 1. Bears at Panthers: This one was easy. Best home uniform in the NFL on the road against one of the best "modern" looks in the league. When the Bears are wearing their home uniforms against another good looking team, you can pretty much count on them taking the #1 spot. 2. Jets at Chargers: Anyone who reads my little list each week knows that I'm not a big fan of the Chargers current uniform set. It's a mishmash of poorly executed ideas. Despite all the problems I have with the overall look of the Chargers, I do think the blue jersey/white pants combo looks OK. It's not great, but it's not bad. But yesterday against the Jets, it looked great. I don't know if it was the color contrast between the two uniforms or the San Diego sunshine, or what. All I know is that this Chargers set looked great against the Jets in all white. Yeah, I'm as surprised as anyone. It's not what it could have been had the Chargers worn any of their prior sets, but it was still a really good looking game. 3. Chiefs at 49ers: The Chiefs white over red look is one of my favorites, but put them in all white and this game is a contender for the top spot. The 49ers always look great. There was just a little too much red going on for this game to get past the two ahead of it. But even with all the red, this game looked pretty good. 4. Texans at Cowboys: I've heard all the arguments against the Cowboys home uniforms and I don't care. Despite all it's problems, and there are many, it's still a good looking uniform. Houston's home uniform is working it's way towards being one of my favorites. The Texans are one of the rare teams to get their uniform exactly right on the first try. And what a great helmet. 5: Vikings at Packers: Like the Bears, I think the Vikings look "tougher" in all white but I gotta admit the purple pants aren't bad. Especially when matched up against one of the best uniforms in football in the Packers. Minnesota did a nice job of upgrading from their old clown suits. Worst: 1. Buccaneers at Saints: Last season, provided the Saints wore gold pants, this game makes the best list. This season? Not so much. Tampa Bay doesn't have a choice anymore. They have to look awful. There's no excuse for the Saints ruining a great look with those God-awful black pants. The worst part of this game? The Bucs are about 3 major tweaks away from having a decent look. Lose the alarm clock numbers, reduce the size of the helmet decal by 20%, and fix the stripes. The colors work. The rest is pure garbage. 2. Cardinals at Broncos: 1997 called. It wants those uniforms back. If these teams were in their prior uniform sets, this game makes the best list. Instead, we got a match up of outdated, weren't good to begin with, clown suits. That's it for this week. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to tune in next week for another exciting/infuriating edition.
  4. Last week, we had seven teams make the best list. That won't be the case this week, but we still had some really good looking games - and a game that could have been in the running for the best of the season, but decided not to. And we got to see some truly awful uniforms take the field this week. So without further adieu, put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. Best: 1. NY Giants at Washington: The Giants have one of my favorite road looks. I don't care about the red. I don't care about the stripes. It's a good looking uniform and that's all that matters to me. Throw in Washington's home look and we have ourselves a game worthy of the #1 spot on the best list. Great looking game. And a great helmet match up. 2. Eagles at 49ers. The 49ers home uniforms are a top five look. The Eagles in all white looks better to me every week. Great looking game. 3. Bills at Texans: Almost put this one at #2 but I liked the color contrast better in game #2. The Texans are a perfect example of how a uniform doesn't have to look like the result of a designer's acid trip to be "modern." The Bills look should be the first chapter in the "How to modernize a uniform without ruining it" textbook. Another great helmet match up. 4. Lions at Jets: As long as the green pants aren't involved, the Jets have one of the best looks in the league. I'd like to say that the Lions look is growing on me, but it's not. I don't like it any more now than I did when it debuted. The Lions are the prime example of a team's look improving through attrition - the Buccaneers ruined their look and the Lions move up another notch. When the Browns inevitably ruin their uniform next season, the Lions will move up again. Still not a bad looking game. This week's worst list is more like a "one team ruined what could have been a good looking game" list Worst: 1. Packers at Bears: It's almost impossible for the Chicago Bears to make the worst list - key word being "almost." There is one thing that can get one of the best dressed teams in the NFL on the worst list and it's those awful Bears throwbacks. This game should have been the runaway, no doubt about it, best game of the week. Going into the weekend, I was sure this game would be #1 on the best list. Instead, we got the Bears in what my GF described as "broke-ass Wal Mart uniforms." I get that the Bears are going to wear those 1950's High School uniforms twice a year, but couldn't they at least wear them against teams with bad uniforms? No, it's not the worst looking game of the week. It's here because the Bears really botched what could have been the best looking match up of the year. They need to be punished for that. 2. Saints at Cowboys: Keep the black pants in the dumpster, and the Saints have a great look. But for reasons passing understanding, the Saints always send someone over to the dumpster to bring out the black pants to ruin another game. No black pants and this one has a spot on the best list. Oh well, it was still a great helmet match up. 3. Panthers at Ravens: Another "what could have been game." The Ravens are the original improve through attrition team. They look pretty good when wearing the purple jerseys and white pants. Their all black look may be the worst look in the NFL - and in a league that has the Bucs, Jags, Cards, Bengals, and Seahawks, that's really saying something. Thanks for ruining what would have been a good looking game, Baltimore. 4. Patriots at Chiefs: The Chiefs in all red. Who thought that was a good idea? I held off doing this week's list just so I could watch this game to decide if it made the best list. Needless to say, that ship sailed with the opening kickoff. 5. Jaguars at Chargers: The theme of this week's worst list is "what could have been" and this game is the perfect example of that. The only thing wrong with this Jags look is that idiotic helmet. Fix the helmet, lose the black pants, and I think the Jags would have a really nice modern uniform. The Chargers just need to go back to any of their previous looks. That's it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. We'll be back next week with another exciting/infuriating edition.
  5. Put 60 seconds on the clock and let's play our game. A really good week in NFL uniform match ups. How good? 7 games made the best list and we had one honorable mention. There were a couple real disasters too. Best: Another tough call for the top spot this week. 1. Cowboys at Rams: One of the rare occasions when we get to see those beautiful Cowboys road uniforms. If I ran the show, this would be the Cowboys primary look. The Rams look pretty good in all white, but if they had worn their gold pants, this game would have been sheer perfection. But it's still good enough to take the #1 spot this week. 2. Bears at Jets: The Jets have one of the top home looks in the NFL. The only thing keeping this game out of the #1 slot is Chicago's blue pants. Put the Bears in all white and this one is the clear cut number one game of the week. This makes 3 straight weeks the Bears have made the top three on the best list. 3. Washington at Philadelphia: The more I see the Eagles in all white, the better I like it. Thanks to Nike, I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of this Eagles look this season. If Washington would fix the jersey stripes to match the pants, they'd have a top five look. Still a really good looking game. 4. Packers at Lions: In my book, the Packers road look is second only to the Raiders road look. Put Detroit in their Barry Sanders era set and this game goes right to the top of the list. 5. Raiders at Patriots: The best road look in the NFL is so good that it carried the Patriots to the best list this week. I think the Pats uniforms are decent, but they could be so much better with a few minor tweaks. Still a pretty good looking game. 6. Ravens at Browns: When they aren't screwing it up with their leotard pants or black jerseys, the Ravens have a really solid look. When it comes to the Browns, enjoy this while it lasts. I think we're all pretty sure the Browns will be battling it out with Tampa Bay and Jacksonville next year. 7. Steelers at Panthers: If they simply went back to their block number font, the Steelers could dominate the best list. The italicized font is the only thing that keeps them from doing it. I prefer the Panthers black jerseys, but the blue ones are starting to grow on me. Very good looking game. Honorable Mention - Texans at Giants: Normally, how colors work together isn't a factor in making the best list. But in this case, while both uniforms look great, there is a little too much blue going on in this one. Worst: 1. Broncos at Seahawks: Denver's uniforms are tired and out dated. And they were never good to begin with. Coming off a rare appearance on the best list, the Seahawks return to form with one of the ugliest uniforms in all of football. There's all sorts of ugly going on here. 2. Buccaneers at Falcons: When it comes to "modern" looks, the Falcons aren't the worst thing I've ever seen. But when you add in the disaster that is the Buccaneers new look, you make the worst list. Sorry about that, Falcons, you were a victim of circumstance. That's it for this week. Be sure to drop by next week for another infuriating/exciting edition.
  6. Week one was filled with controversy and mod edits. Let's see if we can do better in week two, folks. Another fairly average week. A couple great games, a couple good games, and fortunately for us, only one truly ugly game. No disasters this week. So without further adieu, let's get to the games... Best: We had another very tight battle for the #1 spot and a real shocker at #5. 1. Jets at Packers: As I mentioned last week, the Jets have one of the best all-white looks in the league. The Packers have one of the best looks in football. Throw them together and we have uniform perfection. Games don't look any better than this. 2. Saints at Browns: Fortunately, the Saints didn't ruin this classic by going mono-black. Even better, the Browns didn't ruin it by wearing their God-awful brown pants. Sadly, this is probably the last season we'll be able to enjoy these wonderful Browns uniforms - at least until the requisite 5 years pass at which point the Browns will realize the awful mistake they made by "modernizing" and return to these classics. 3. Bears at 49ers: (fixing a glaring omission on my part) The Bears have the best home look in the NFL. The Bears road look, while pretty good, isn't in the same ballpark as their home look. If any team needs to go to all white on the road, it's the Bears. Don't get me wrong, I think the Bears road uniform is definitely in the upper tier, but all white would be much better. That, and I think it makes them look a little wimpy. That said, the Bears road look combined with the perfect 49ers uniform makes this a top three game. Put the Bears in all white and this one goes straight to #1. 4. Eagles at Colts: Overall, the Eagles look is one that I consider above average, but not great. It's OK. But I do really like their all-white look. In my opinion, it's the best combo they have. The Colts always look great. This game turned out to be a lot better looking than I thought it would. I figured the Eagles would be wearing the green pants. They didn't and thank goodness. 5. Lions at Panthers: One of the side effects of teams ruining "modernizing" their uniforms is that looks that were once considered average start to look better. It's improvement through attrition, I guess. Case in point: the Detroit Lions. The Lions don't have an awful look, but it's still a few tweaks from being a great look. Yet thanks to teams like Tampa Bay, the Lions move up on the best list simply because the Bucs look horrible. Anyway, the Panthers look good and the Lions looked OK. In an average week like this one, that's good enough for the #5 spot on the best list. Honorable mention: Seahawks at Chargers: No, that's not a typo. No, I'm not high. Normally, I'm not a fan of the look of either of these looks. The Seahawks are a regular member of my worst list. The Chargers are so boring that they never make either list. But there was something about this game. It just looked good to me. The Seahawks went with the best possible combo of a really bad uniform, and damn if the Chargers in all white wasn't the perfect look to offset Seattle. Separately, neither of these looks are likely to make the best list, but throw them together and somehow it works. Yeah, I'm as shocked as you are. Worst: Only one ugly game this week - and it was ugly in every possible way. 1. Rams at Buccaneers: What else needs to be said about the Bucs? How about this? Their numbers remind me of a digital watch I got for Christmas - back in the early 80's. The Rams have a perfectly fine look that they insist on ruining by wearing those horrible blue pants. That's it for this week. We'll have another exciting/infuriating edition next week.