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  1. Hey, guys! Everyone's favorite member, Tigers6884, here celebrating my 500th post on this amazing website by starting a thread based on the Unpopular Opinions thread over in the Sports Logo Discussion forum. What are some of your unpopular opinions about the sports you enjoy? These may be about stadiums/ballparks, specific teams, the history of the sport, fan support of said sport, or just about anything other than logos and uniforms. Let's begin! My first unpopular sports opinion is that I love playing baseball on artificial turf. While my cleats don't get the same feeling of digging into the field, but at the same time I won't trip over dips in the field that can sometimes occur on poorly kept natural fields. They also provide more predictable bounces with the baseball as it strikes the turf. And for someone like me who doesn't have the strongest throwing arm, it makes fielding much easier. Another opinion that I have that not a lot of people also feel is that I hate the United States' bandwagon attempt to try to accept soccer as a popular sport in this country. I was happy when the U.S. lost in the World Cup so I can stop hearing about all of the stupid hipster-ish soccer “fans" there are in my country (no offense to some members who might legitimately know about and care for the sport). I'll stick to baseball, hockey, (and to minor degrees) football, and basketball. “Why are you so opinionated on this?", you might ask me. Well, it's because I don't want the U.S. start “liking" a sport just to impress the rest of the world. This is America. We broke off from Europe to discover our own interests. So what do you feel strongly about, even though others may not feel the same way?