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  1. It feels like 95% of the replies in the NBA forums turn immediately to how Nike has ruined the NBA, people can't figure out who's playing who and the use of non-team colors for the City Edition jerseys. I get the frustration ... to a point. For every Miami or Utah City Edition you get complete garbage like New York and Chicago. Not to mention the Lakers-Celtics match ups where neither team is wearing team colors or the Lakers are wearing gold in Boston against a Celtics team dressed in green. It's a mess. But, it's not NOT fixable. I think Nike and the NBA need to set some rules or standards for the league and individual teams that honor tradition and give fans the most optimal looking match up. I thought creating a discussion thread to hash out thoughts would also clear the 2020-21 and 2021-22 NBA jersey threads from the constant loop of complaints whenever there is a new reveal. Here are my thoughts on the system and how to fix it ... PROS OF THE NIKE/NBA SYSTEM Color vs. Color match ups. When done right they are absolutely beautiful! Standardizes the uniform system (Association, Icon, Statement, City, Earned, Classic). Teams 2-3 alternate courts or court designs depending on which Edition Jersey they are wearing at home. This helps make some City Edition designs palatable and throwback games more fun. Teams that make the playoffs the season before are rewarded and are visually singled out for that accomplishment. When done right some City Edition jerseys have worked really well within the team's brand and even location (ie - Utah, Miami, Phoenix and Brooklyn). CONS OF THE NIKE/NBA SYSTEM 1-2 year turnaround on City Edition jerseys (maybe three or more, who knows anymore?) City Edition jerseys often use non-team colors and are "off-brand." It feels like there are too many uniform editions (4-6 jerseys per team depending on playoff appearance and throwbacks) Past traditions have been thrown out -- most notably with the Lakers wearing white for Sunday games, gold for road games and purple at home, etc. Match ups don't often make sense with teams wearing differing Edition Jerseys -- the biggest crime being a team wearing a City Edition jersey vs. a team wearing a Classic Edition jersey. Why? Ads on the jerseys. This isn't really a problem within the system Nike built ... I just want to complain about it. Now with that said, here are a few things I'd love for the NBA and Nike to fix or standardize with the current system ... Establish traditions and honor them, like ... The Lakers don't wear their gold Icon Edition on the road. They only wear their white Association Edition jersey at home on Sunday and holidays. They don't wear their purple Statement Edition jersey at home. Encourage teams to create new traditions like wearing Color vs. Color jerseys against Division rivals or adopting a gold (or other light color) at home and white at home on Sunday/holidays like the Lakers. During the NBA Playoffs, and more so during the NBA Finals, limit the teams to Association, Icon and Statement Edition jerseys. No City or Classic Editions. White jerseys are worn exclusively at home by the home team. Color vs. Color match ups are encouraged when there's enough contrast (Icon vs. Icon, Statement vs. Statement, Icon vs. Statement). Eliminate the Earned Edition jersey and instead visually single out playoff teams with silver Nike swoosh and the champion with a gold Nike swoosh (or gold NBA Trophy logo where the league logo is placed now for the following season?). Basically there's no need for ANOTHER jersey, just honor the clubs or the champion subtly. Keep the City Edition Program, but alter the program. In the spirit of Utah and Miami's use of the program, keep a theme for a minimum of 3-5 seasons with a new jersey every 1-2 seasons within that theme and style guide. Along with this encourage teams to invest in a City Edition court they can match with their theme and jerseys that they can change yearly or for as long as keep that theme. Just please no City Edition jerseys on standard courts, it looks bad. Also, keep City Edition match ups to a maximum one time between teams and focus on city rivalries like the Lakers/Clippers, Brooklyn/New York, Philadelphia/New York, Orlando/Miami, Dallas/Houston/San Antonio, etc. Establish Edition match up protocols, for instance if the home team selects to wear an Association, Icon or Statement jersey the road team has to chose one of their clashing Association, Icon or Statement jerseys for the match up. If the team chooses a City Edition jersey the road team has to wear their City Edition jersey. Sure there's worry of jerseys not clashing, but this can be avoided through scheduling and design. Adopt MLB's protocol for the Classic Edition jerseys. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing Classic Edition jerseys ... or throwbacks ... being worn against current jerseys, different era throwbacks and alternate jerseys. I love an immersive experience for throwback jerseys. Teams who are wearing a Classic Edition that season will play their home games against teams dressed in the same eras jerseys. So if the Orlando Magic are wearing their original pinstripe jerseys for the season and are playing against the Atlanta Hawks, the Hawks would dress up in their Pacman or Pacman 2.0 jerseys for the match up. If the Indiana Pacers wore their ABA throwbacks against teams like Utah, Dallas, Charlotte or LA Clippers they could also wear ABA throwbacks for the Stars, Chaps, Cougars and LA Stars respectively for that match up. This could possibly open the door for the Bulls to play as the Stags, Wizards as the Capitols and Raptors as the Huskies to name a few. Make the experience immersive and the league can do some limited run on these throwbacks to push jersey sales to make up for the elimination of the Earned Edition jerseys. Establish a status quo for each Edition, for example where the City Edition and Classic Edition aren't worn more than 6-8 times each. Keep the Association and Icon Editions the bulk of the schedule unless tradition includes the Statement Edition (ie-Lakers I'd love to hear other ideas and what you would do.
  2. What throwbacks from the big four major sports(NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) that hasn't been seen before do you want to see in a game, a season, or for now on? Here's my first pick: The NFL's Tennessee Titans going with wearing the mid to late '60s Houston Oilers uniforms for a game would be cool to see, but that's me.
  3. Hey y'all, I haven't posted here before but I've been a long time follower and have recently signed up. So please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong spot. I know that everyone has their favorite Astros uniform, but I personally prefer the 94-99 look. It's one of if not my favorite MLB hat of all time. It bothers me that I've been looking for years for a low profile version of the throwback cap and thought I recently found as close to the actual hat as I've been able to here: I needed to wait for pay day and now they no longer have my size (7 3/8). It's close to heartbreaking. They wore the road versions this past Saturday against the Rangers and I think I recall they will honor Bagwell in them on the 19th at home. Is there any info any of you can point me to that might lead me to finding a 7 3/8 size in the low profile? I know that they usually put the throwbacks up for sale near the day that they wear them but I can't help but think I'm just waiting for more disappointment.
  4. One (of my many) uniform pet-peeves is match-ups involving mixed throwback uniforms -- or even worse -- a throwback vs. current era match-up. I love that baseball is more apt to get both teams in era-appropriate throwbacks -- and to some extent the NFL in 1994 (NFL 75th) and 2009 (AFL 50th) seasons. But, the NFL and NBA have had some horrible mix-matched match-ups. I thought it would fun to find some of the worst ...
  5. As I'm sure most of you know, the Washington Redskins wore 1960s-style fauxback uniforms in 2002 for all of their home games except for Dallas (forcing them to wear blue). Does anyone know why/how the NFL allowed the team to have a full-time alternate for one year? Does that even fit within the NFL's parameters for this sort of thing? A couple other notes: -The below photo shows the team wearing their normal white-topped striped socks rather than what they ended up using. -Snyder's claim they might go back to wearing them full time is fascinating and something I never knew was considered. Here's part of a story from about the changes: The Redskins will wear their new uniforms for this season only, though owner Daniel Snyder did not rule out making a permanent change after this year. Washington Redskins' Rod Gardner (87) and Fred Smoot (21) wear the new home-field uniform for the 2002 season during a news conference in Ashburn, Va., Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2002. The Redskins have adopted a new uniform for their 70th anniversary season, shedding the image of a stern Indian face from the side of their helmets. The revamped uniforms, which will only be worn at home games, include burgundy helmets that feature a logo with a spear and feathers, according to the team. (AP Photo/Stephen J. Boitano) Washington will wear gold pants with burgundy and white stripes and a dark burgundy top. The Redskins' helmets will be dark burgundy with a spear and feather dangling off it. But they'll only wear the uniforms for home games--it's back to the more recent jerseys on the road. However, Spurrier said the Redskins would wear white tops at home against Dallas, forcing the Cowboys to wear their less-favored dark uniforms. And Snyder was adamant that this move had nothing to do with any pressure by local civic groups to change the name. ''None whatsoever,'' Snyder said. ''We won't be changing the name for 100-years plus.'' The change is designed to commemorate the franchise's 70th anniversary. It also will boost sales of jerseys--the Redskins lag in the middle of the NFL sales for such items.
  6. Am I the only one who didn't know this was a thing? Minor League Baseball is now selling retro merchandise, what they're calling the "Hometown Collection" Of particular interest to me are the two Madison, Wisconsin teams - the old Muskies and the Hatters, who were a one-year wonder when I was at the University (and who had the bestest name ever). Some of the teams and designs are very old - Ebbets Field Flannels old - but some are more recent. And those are the more interesting ones to me. Any Portland fans still missing baseball, they have this for you: I also like seeing the Queens Kings represented. They were the one-year identity for Brooklyn Cyclones after moving from St. Catherine's and while waiting for the ballpark in Brooklyn to be finished. What do you guys think? Is this old news? And what clubs would you like to see represented?
  7. We all know that Mitchell & Ness is the top name in throwback jerseys. You can find jerseys of pretty much every team from every era. But there are some jerseys that are now considered "old school", along with old jerseys they just haven't made yet (to my knowledge). My question is, what would you gladly buy from them which they have not yet made? As for my hometown picks: Dave Bing and Bob Lanier Detroit Pistons jerseys. 1935 Charlie Gehringer and/or Hank Greenberg away Detroit Tigers jersey. 1945 Hank Greenberg away Tigers jersey. 1957 Bobby Layne and/or Doak Walker Lions jerseys. Other picks: Eddie Gaedel St. Louis Browns jersey (because of the humorous 1/8 on the back) Ken Griffey Jr. late 80s/early 90s Mariners jersey (perfect time to make them, and I'm sure they'd have no problem selling them this summer) Griffey Jr. Turn Ahead The Clock jersey (sure, they were ugly, but wouldn't it be hilarious to have a jersey style that was once considered futuristic now be made as a throwback jersey?) Anaheim Mighty Ducks “Wild Wing” alt jerseys (I don't care what anyone else thinks about those jerseys; I'd gladly buy a Guy Hebert or Teemu Selanne version) 1998 Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres jersey (I'd be fine with either home or away style, I love the color scheme)
  8. I'm a big fan of NBA teams doing throwback nights honoring former ABA teams in their city (the Wolves did MN Muskies unis a few years ago, the Grizzlies have done Memphis' various ABA teams, etc.) I'm curious to know if it's possible for NHL teams to do this with the WHA. I'd love the Wild to do a Fighting Saints throwback or to see the Senators bust out the Ottawa Nationals unis, Since the NHL and WHA merged, does the NHL own the rights to old WHA logos? I assume it'd be like the NBA/ABA, or is there a reason why the NHL couldn't do this?
  9. Merry Christmas! Yesterday I was looking through some old baseball pictures, stuff mainly from the 50's and 60's. I thought "What if Majestic brought these back as throwbacks for teams to use as alternates?", and then "Or, if they made one day "Turn back the clock day?" My mind started cranking, and I came up with this as a start: The idea here is to use take one uniform used in the past by each team and use them each on the same day. These uniforms would be called "Diamond Classic" alternates (Yes, I got the idea from the NBA's "Hardwood Classic" alternates). Thanks for looking. Boston is next!
  10. As evidenced by the Whale thread, there are a lot of old jerseys we'd like to buy, but aren't available to purchase, or if you can buy them, it's only in heavy bidding wars on eBay. So, the question I ask is this; which jersey or jerseys would you like to see be made as a Hardwood Classic, Cooperstown Collection piece, NFL Throwback, NHL Vintage sweater, or Mitchell and Ness throwback? You can also post a jersey if it's already been reproduced if the reproduction isn't of the player you want (for example, even though there's a Earl Campbell Oilers jersey, you want a Warren Moon). I remember there being a thread like this before, but I'm pretty sure it was back when the Sonics were still in Seattle and nobody knew what a 2 Chainz was. For me, I'd have to go with a 90's Bullets jersey, a Blue Lakers Elgin Baylor, a 60s-70s Senators, a 2003 Tracy McGrady, a 91-02 Trail Blazers, and finally, a Tune Squad jersey, because all the kids I grew up with are getting engaged and I'm still wondering why aliens would have the pick of the NBA in 1996 and decide to take Shawn Bradley's talent.
  11. Kind of a long shot here, but has anybody else ordered anything from them? My wife and I were in Amsterdam (where their brick and mortar store is located) a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up purchasing a California Surf T-shirt and a 1981 Atlanta Chiefs jersey: The quality for both was absolutely amazing, especially the jersey (almost everything was colorblocked, stitched on tackle twill, or chainstitched, only the chief's head was silk screened and NO SUBLIMATION AT ALL!!!). They don't sell directly from their website, but I know World Soccer Shop and Subside Sports (among other websites) sells their stuff. Highly recommended for any other soccer fans on the board, they had a nice range of national and club shirts, and a good amount of replica NASL shirts.
  12. Similar to my ND throwback, hopefully I can get some C&C on this one. Uploaded with
  13. I recently posted a uniform concept for the Jacksonville Jaguars, based on the fantasy idea that they had been in the league since the 60's and my concept was an update on their imaginary "first" uniform. Fairly quickly, someone posted to tell me the Jaguars were, in fact, not a team from the 60's and had only been in the league since the 90's, which I thought was pretty funny. So I then did a concept of their 60's uni to "prove" to him that the Jags had been around longer. Anyway, making a "fauxback" turned out to be kind of fun, so I thought I'd try a few more. First is the Jags one I posted in another thread, followed by one for the Ravens and Texans. One thing I'll say about them... I feel better about my ability to get a feel for the styles of NFL uniforms from the 60's than I do for the logos. I think retro designing logos takes someone with a better grasp of the history of design then me. Recently in the logo forum, someone posted a fantasy throwback concept for the Panthers, done by a pro. It obviously blows these away.
  14. The day after suffering a horrible evisceration at the hands of Ricky Ray and the Toronto Argonauts, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made a feeble attempt at distracting their increasingly restive fanbase by introducing a new 80s-inspired third jersey. This jersey is essentially the same as the one that was worn from the early 80s until the end of the 1994 season, a time when the Blue Bombers were a dominant team in the CFL with Grey Cup wins in 1984, 1988 and 1990. The fans have been clamoring for this jersey for some time, mainly because it hits the nostalgia sweet spot for their fans (it's hard to get excited about 1950s throwbacks if you were born in 1976), and also because they are, quite frankly, a beautiful set of unis. My only gripe with these is the tiny looking sleeve logo. As I recall, the sleeve logos were much bigger back in the day... verging on double the size of what's shown in the image below. How hard can it be to look at some vintage photos of the old jerseys in action and actually get the details right? Oh well, other than that they're fine. They almost made me forget about the Bombers getting shredded last night. (Have any other CFL teams rolled out 80s-era thirds yet? I'm assuming that as with the 50s, 60s and 70s-era retros, this is a league-wide thing.)
  15. Since the Vikings just released their new uniform, I thought it was a chance for to put out a few concepts I’ve had for a while, and maybe something new. I guess for comparisons sake, and to see what any of you think. Let me know… any thoughts are appreciated. First, here is a concept I’ve had going, more or less as is with a few tweaks here and there, for the past 5 years or so. The uniform the Vikings debuted in ’06 lost any appeal for me in a hurry, and a return to basics was what I was hoping for. I started working on concepts based off the 60’s uniform… northwestern stripping, gray mask, purple road pants. The uniform below is what I’d been hoping to see when this year’s change was announced. In my version, they’d keep the ’06 – ’12 helmet, , as the new horn has grown on me, just swapping a gray mask for the purple one . The jerseys would be the 60’s jerseys, pretty much straight up, adapted to a modern template. The only new additions would be the wordmark and the logo above the NOB… I’ve always liked the logo and am interested in seeing it remain somewhere on the uniform. The main difference between the 60’s uniform and my concept is with the pants stripe. I reversed the colors, and reduced the gold to a thin outline, so that the pants stripes would read, more or less, like the jersey numbers which would keep some consistency in the color patterning. Anyway, here it is… now that the Vikings have actually gotten a new uniform this feels vaguely obsolete to me, although I’m not sure why.
  16. As an avid Notre Dame fan, I have my collection of ND memorabilia. My most current piece is getting this program cover blown up into a poster. Well that inspired me to make jerseys based off that one, and let ultimately to this: The jerseys have a lighter tone of blue and a darker tone of gold, I also put my ND logo on the sleves in white, and a pure brown belt giving it a 1940's/leather look. I also added another ND logo to the pants in a shamrock, as ND always uses a shamrock logo and have been doing so since..... forever. (Also a little tribute to my man Tyler Eifert) I tried to make my own interlocking ND logo, giving it a retro look (seeing these are meant to be 1942 throwbacks). I also put that logo in a shamrock. C&C appreciated.