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  1. This will be my first thread so I will surely do something wrong (I apologize also for my incorrect English). Please let me know about the concept . I'm from Torino, in Italy. The city is well known for its industrial past an for its soccer teams, Juventus FC and Torino FC, two of the most winning teams ever in the italian Serie A. I'm starting a series of threads about concepts for sport teams of no really popular sports in Italy, like american football, Hockey or baseball... We have always lacked in a good american football team (from now on if I say football it will be american football). We have just one team based in Torino playing in the Italian Football League (top italian league) and they are called 'Giaguari Torino' (Torino Jaguars). They were founded in 1979 and they won the italian championship in 1991. This is their actual logo There are also other two minor league teams from nearby towns Rivoli Blacks Ciriè Blitz As you can see they don't have really astonishing designs, logos or palettes. Here they really like traditional things! Of course I don't... TORINO BULLS HOME UNIFORM The logo is a simpler version of the city coat of arms. The jumping bull is a symbol of Torino from the moment that 'bull' in italian ('toro') is sort of similar to 'Torino'. Also the colour scheme is taken from the coat of arms. These colours are no new to professional sports in Torino, but they are classics and bold, perfects for a football team. Gray in the palette should be a hint to Torino industrial past.