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Found 2 results

  1. I guess I can kick it off, since our city's department of tourism got a new logo:
  2. The Nebraska Tourism Commission has recently changed their official slogan to "Nebraska Nice". (story here) I'm not sure if we even had a "slogan" per se before, but if you were to ask around, I'd bet most people would say that it's "The Good Life". Again, I don't know if this was ever an official slogan of the Tourism Commission, but it can be found on every road sign entering the state and any number of state souvenirs. I had heard that they were considering changing it a while ago, but I just now found out what they came up with: Nebraska Nice. My initial reaction was that it's absolutely terrible, but after thinking about it for a while, I came to think's still horrible. Nebraska Nice? It's bad for a number of reasons. The grammar is a bit confusing. Which word is the adjective? What's nice about Nebraska? Is Nebraska a form of nice? Are there different types of nice for each state? Or is supposed to be read like a caveman? Iowa Bad. Nebraska Nice. Or is it a statement? "Nebraska [is] nice." The main tourism site reads "Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice." across the top. This makes their vision a little more clear. It appears "nice" in this instance is meant to mean a state of mind. The general kindness of Nebraska residents and the slowed-down lifestyle of the state. Fair enough. I'm still not sold on the new slogan. In the American English vernacular, "nice" can have a few different connotations. It can be used to describe both the overwhelming spectacularity of something (damn, that is a nice car) or used to downplay something or use it simply for lack of a better word. I'll echo the statements of a woman in the article I linked to above: it just plays into the stereotype of Nebraska being, just... nice. Pretty boring for the most part, but nice. While I can't argue against that statement, I don't think it's the best decision for a tourism slogan. I was relieved to find out that "The Good Life" slogan that is found throughout the state is not going anywhere. Hopefully, the Nice slogan will only be used on the website and other tourism brochures/booklets, and that I can live with. But that didn't stop me from wanting to try my hand at giving "The Good Life" a facelift. The current signs are a bit dated, as you will see below. They feature a variety of graphics including a cowboy/horse, the Capitol Building, and Chimney Rock, among other things. All of these are placed in front of either a yellow or orange sun. They also all read "Home of Arbor Day" across the bottom. Which, is great and all, but it just seems like an odd thing to have on every sign entering the state. Ideally, I would want Nebraska to have a consistent design on every state entrance sign, similar to Colorado. Green metal signs along the highway/interstate are played out, and I love the idea of Nebraska having wooden, hand-painted signs. I will post a mock-up of a wooden sign later, but for now, let's get to the logo. I wanted the logo to have one main iconic feature, which in this case is the N. It also features a cornrow design, for obvious reasons. I want the logo to have a sort of retro-modern look: something that looks like it's been around a while, and could also be used for years in the future. I haven't settled on one singular logo, but I have quite a few variants of the same thing. I also mocked up what it would look like on a green roadside sign, and I will work on a wooden sign design in the near future. Please feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks for checking this out.