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  1. I've always hated two things about the NHL: the Reebok jersey templates and the over-use of color schemes. So I thought, "What would the NHL look like if every team was completely individualized?" and came to this idea. I want to make the teams more individual. This would mean to change their color schemes and jersey designs. Then I thought about what if this was a project set in the future. With Reebok's deal with the NHL ending in 2016, the chances for a new manufacturer of jerseys is very likely so I thought about potential manufacturers. There's still Reebok in play with Nike, Bauer, and Under Amour. This idea would be pointless if I chose Reebok again, so no Reebok. Nike would be the most likely, but I think their current jersey for the IIHF wouldn't fit with the NHL, so no Nike. That just leaves Bauer and Under Amour. Bauer is more of a equipment manufacturer while Under Amour is more of a clothing manufacturer. One of these would be the perfect fit. I chose Under Amour. I think they with their "technology" it would be possible for a jersey that could be as light as a Nike jersey while maintaining the bulkiness of a CCM/Reebok jersey. Plus, Under Amour isn't a frequently used brand in the hockey scene other than for their, well, Under Amour. Back to the designs and re-coloring. My idea was for no team to have the same or obliviously similar design or color schemes. With the color schemes, it would be difficult to have completely different color schemes for each team, so I decided that if a team has normally two of the same colors (primary & secondary), they would simply have different primary colors. Trust me, you'll understand this as this goes on.This means a lot of untouchables well be touched. Classic color schemes and designs will be changed with much dislike among fans, but Under Amour believes that the fans will grow to love them. I have color schemes set with changes most likely to come although I will be taking suggestions, but if they are too similar to another teams colors, I will simply disregard it. The first set I decided to do was the... Montreal Canadiens (Pretty bold choice for first concept, eh) I wanted to have relatively the same design they already have and have had for a very long time. I've always thought about Montreal being Canada's team (screw you Toronto). I wanted to keep the red, blue and white color scheme, but I also wanted to change it. Going more of a vintage route, Canada's flag back in the hay days of British rule was Red, Blue, White and Gold. So I added gold.