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  1. HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back.. And i'll try to be more active here, lets see how that goes... NEXT POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In the past year, I've been strategizing on a project involving a professional volleyball league. It would be called the World Volleyball Association and act as a nod to the International Volleyball Association of the 1970s. Many of the teams in this new league would have brands similar to the 1970s counterpart but take on a modern identity. This project is meant to help build my design portfolio after I graduate from VCU and any comments or suggestions are appreciated. I plan on making this project on an extended timeline but I wanted to at least share my idea for the league's official emblem. Backstory: Since this league would be a direct descendant of the original International Volleyball Association, I wanted to introduce a palette of 1970s pastel colors, a groovy yet futuristic typeface, and a stylistic reference of two opposing sides facing of inside of superimposed tennis court. The orange roundel encompassing the other elements of this design are meant to act as a globe. Seeing as the league would be "represented" on a global level with co-ed rosters, it would act as a message of unity.
  3. I think there should be a professional volleyball league. Well, I'm already making one. Although the project might take a while to work on (it's inspired by Veras' AFA), this project will be quite interesting. In the meantime, before I start designing uniforms, let's give you guys a backstory. The roots of the MLV go back to 1919, when the New York Volleyball League was established, beginning with 6 teams in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and 2 teams in New York City. Among those 6 teams, they would lay the foundation for what would become the MLV. In 1921, the NYVL added the Philadelphia Liberty from the Keystone League, who would be the first expansion team and the first team to not play in the state of New York. But let's not get too detailed. Over time, the league added more teams outside of New York, and eventually, especially during the Great Depression, many teams from New York would either fold or move. (Such as the Albany Dukes moving to Pittsburgh.) By 1940, the league was known as the American Men's Volleyball League, and had boiled down to 10 teams, those teams being based in New York, Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Boston, and Chicago. But at the same time, a new competition had begun. The National Women's Volleyball Association had begun, also with 10 teams, some of them in the same cities as AMVL teams. A battle between the 2 leagues would be held every year starting in 1946, in the battle for what is now known as the Coed Cup. In 1955, the 2 leagues sort-of merged, creating the MLV. Since then, several teams have relocated to different areas, and the league has also expanded all over the country, even with one team in Toronto. But that's that. I'll be working on more stuff soon, and I hope you liked the backstory.
  4. Hey guys, so this is my 2nd thread and my 2nd posting high school redesigns. My other one didn't go well becuase I took on too many projects than I could finish. Learned from that mistake and now have everything finished. This year my old high school will be getting a new turf field which the all powerful Nike has given a lot of money towards. In return, all teams have to have Nike uniforms, backpacks, shoes, socks, undershirts, waterbottles, etc. In getting ready for the Nike Takeover I decided to Nike-fy some of the teams and I have finished football, basketball, baseball, and boys volleyball. I also updated the old logo to a modern looking logo but all that can be read in the Nike Press releases I'm doing. I've also made some promotional posters just to hype everyone up for the Nike Takeover. Hope you guys'll enjoy. OLD LOGO: NEW LOGO: NIKE PRESS RELEASE: "The new era at Appleton North has arrived with a redesigned logo on the iconic "A+N+L+Lightning Bolt" Logo that has been shown throughout the Fox Valley and the State of Wisconsin for 20 years now with teams being successful and many going all the way to State and winning State Championships. The new logo encompasses all the attributes of the old logo but now appears less bulky and more fast as it encompasses the speed of a flash of lightning. This logo will make athletes feel fast while looking down at it on the court, in the stands, or on their jerseys. Athletes will proudly show off this logo as it is the first Nike Redesigned high school logo in the state of Wisconsin. The new font encompasses the strike of a lightning bolt as in the "N" but the sophistication that is Appleton North High School." My Explanation: I added notches on the A and N to make it seem faster and less bulky. The font is Rainbow Warriors Regular which will be the official font. Thanks to Conrad for that. He always does a great job. I'll be posting some promotional posters later on and then jerseys. C&C is appreciated as always and especially on this becuase this is my first time creating a logo. It should've taken me a few hours but took me a few days. Thanks guys.
  5. I've been attending as many of Michigan's women's volleyball home games as I can this season, for the first time ever, because one of my sisters likes to go and my dad bought her season tickets. Thanks to that chaperoning, I've become more interested in the sport, as well as (of course) the uniforms. NCAA women's volleyball already has its own design language—or at least its own templates provided by major manufacturers—and I wanted to create a concept series where I can engage with that language, adding in some outside influences that are more familiar to me. And so, with Jordan Brand making the unprecedented move of not only outfitting Michigan basketball but also football next season, I started imagining a future where Jordan Brand decided to outfit women's volleyball, starting at Michigan, but then extending to all the other schools who have Jordan Brand contract. I believe that this wouldn't be as much of a stretch as Jordan Brand in football, since volleyball is a court sport just like basketball, and the first "volleyball-specific" Nike shoes were just renamed Nike basketball shoes. Accordingly, I'm going to take design cues from these schools' men's basketball teams and reappropriate them for women's volleyball uniforms. (I'm using men's basketball uniforms and not women's because, as women's volleyball is exceedingly more relevant than men's, men's basketball is more relevant than women's.) Even though Michigan basketball has never previously been outfitted by Jordan Brand, I imagine that JB will take full advantage of the ability for Michigan to once-again acknowledge the Fab Five, who pioneered a couple Nike shoes on their own, as well as introducing the baggy shorts and black socks to the college basketball crowd (which Jordan did for the NBA). Thus, I decided to carry over the trim and mismatching outlined numbers from those Fab Five-era uniforms (all 3 maize, blue, and white variations). I used the updated block Ms, though instead of including large ones on each leg of the shorts, I just stuck them on their current shorts and chest locations. Like I said, using design cues from past Jordan Brand or Jordan-esque men's basketball uniforms and reappropriating them for current Jordan Brand schools' women's volleyball unis. Here's how my first draft turned out: I have a few questions for C&C: I decided to go without a similarly-trimmed collar because it didn't look right connected to the Nike piping, but do you think I could use one?I don't know any Jordan Brand fonts besides the one for the Charlotte Hornets (which I used for this template). Any tips for one I could use for the jersey numbers and NOB?I'm just using the official color values off Michigan's brand guidelines page, but do you think I should use a more neon maize or darker blue?I'm not very scientific with my outlines (I just go with what looks right), but I feel like the blue jersey could use some thicker maize outlines for the trim. Or should I copy the Fab Five's trim completely and go maize-white-blue-white-maize?Oh, and shoutout to Lafarge for the original women's volleyball concept thread on CCSLC, from which I acquired a women's volleyball uniforms template and who also alerted me to the "solid jersey" rule passed by the NCAA in 2013.
  6. I've been taking a break from my soccer concepts, and I've been searching for a concept series I could do that I could put together in the limited time that I currently have. As some of you are likely aware, I like to do concept series that aren't overly conventional, so I was looking for something to do that I don't remember ever seeing on these boards. My inspiration hit a few weeks back while watching a women's volleyball game. I figured that it would be perfect because (1) I love the sport and (2) it's a rather untapped topic. Obviously, because this isn't common, there really aren't many (or any) templates, so I created one myself (as shown with a nike cut) This series will look to cover most of the Top 25 teams in the nation, and will complete every team in the B1G and Pac 12 conferences (since they are the two overwhelmingly dominant conferences). First up, the defending national champion Penn State Nittany Lions.
  7. Team Name: Cut Knife Condors Team Colours: Black, Yellow, Green, Orange The logo consists of a Condor with a volleyball etched on it's head. Kept the school colours *black, yellow, green, orange* Tell me what you think, and what I could improve on.