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Found 4 results

  1. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  2. NDFreek

    Nike Volunteers

    I got a new computer and lost all progress on my (improving) NFL series. So to kick in the new laptop I'm going back to college ball, because I feel you have more liberties when designing college uniforms. Originally, I was redesigning the SEC as an all Nike conference, but with the amount of TN Nike post, I'd figure I jump on board. Home & Away Pretty basic stuff here for the Vols. They have a pretty classic uniform, so I really don't want to tweak it to much. Biggest addition would be checkerboard sleeves, which I can change in a matter of seconds if they aren't popular. Alternates Here's where the change comes in. Orange pants with orange helmets. Smoke Gray & Throwbacks Damn, this is a lot of uniforms. Anyways, I like the idea of the smoke uniforms, but I think Adidas used to dark of gray. It really wasn't smokey, so I lightened it. Throwbacks are based off these jerseys
  3. Tennessee is switching to Nike this year, and since I downloaded Inkscape and wanted to try it out, I cooked up this: Okay so I'm not exactly learning Inkscape for the first time, I have had some experience with the software before. The images didn't transfer to .png very well so some of these images didn't turn out how they were supposed to. Anyway, Tennessee has a nice look, but I really like the smokey gray color. It works well with the orange, so I moved it into the regulars as a number outline. The double stripe on pants doesn't work for the fact of they are inconsistent and generally don't look good. I also added a matte orange helmet as an alternate, but that's where the transition from svg to png comes in. The dot thing on the helmet was supposed to be the gradient thing that reflects light, but it turned out looking like a shiny helmet reflection. The nameplates are also a problem... but whatever. Enjoy. EDIT: Fixed the image transition problems and added smokey gray helmet
  4. Hey guys, here is the link to my Tennessee concepts for the 2015 season.