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  1. Hey y'all. After watching the movie, Semi-Pro, my mind started to think about what if someone were to make another version the film. But, with another sport. I decided it would work best with hockey. Based around the WHA because of the merger it had with the NHL. Like with Semi-Pro, it takes place in somewhat of a smaller city. I picked Madison, Wisconsin. Due to the size of the city and how I think Wisconsin needs hockey professionally. Only in my mind Wisconsin gets hockey. The name comes from the state fish, the Muskellunge. AKA the Muskie. They play in the Dane County Expo Center. So, I present my idea. Wisconsin Muskies: The logo is the former Minnesota Muskies logo edited with the outline of Wisconsin in the background. The font looks the way it does because it was done in paint so I vectorized it. Uniform: Roster: #3 Darin Smith C #7 James Frazier D #10 Alfonso Soto C #11 Lamar Bryan (A) C #15 Percy Cunningham RW #17 Neil Sherman LW #19 Nick Schneider C #22 Donnie Lyons C #25 Israel Watson LW #27 Jared West (C) LW #31 Randall Kelly D #33 Gabe Manning RW #34 Samuel Henderson D #37 Nicolas White D #40 Austin Barton D #43 Rufus Nichols LW #44 Elijah Reid D #46 Chad Bates G #47 Dan Dennis G #52 Kristopher Williams C #54 Delbert Moreno D #55 Ed Copeland RW #58 Jamie Weaver LW #63 Doug Alvarado C #0 Kerry Weber (A) D Coach Clint Manning Here's my logo with other WHA logos from 1978. Paramount pictures hit me up.
  2. It's been a long time since I've done an alternate history, my previous two, the original Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Maroons Got some great opinions. but someone mentioned an idea (and I wish I remembered who) that intrigued me enough to go after, because it's nowhere near as straightforward as one would think. What if the NHL had taken more teams from the World Hockey Association? Of course we know that the NHL absorbed the Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, and Edmonton Oilers before the 1979-80 season, what if they took four more? Joining the NHL in this hypothetical are: Birmingham Bulls Houston Aeros Indianapolis Racers Cincinnati Stingers along with the usual 4. Now, this will cause some difficulties, for instance, the Minnesota North Stars wouldn't move to Dallas if there's already a team in Houston. Columbus won't be an NHL city if there's already a team in Cincinnati, and so on. However, I like following Doctor Who time travel logic in that some things are meant to be, so there'll be some familiar looks and logos throughout. So without further ado, the first team to be unveiled will be: Cincinnati Stingers Upon entry to the NHL, the Boston Bruins threw a fit over Cincinnati's jerseys, and rightfully so. They had just lost the battle over keeping the Pittsburgh Penguins away from black and gold, they wouldn't be beaten twice. The color they would add? Cincinnati Red. However, there wasn't time to redesign the uniforms that first season, and until proper jerseys could be ordered, red fabric was sewn overtop the original stripes. It would work for the first season. 1979-80 1980-88 The gold is lightened to yellow and a new look and logo introduced for the season. The Stingers were here to stay. 1988-94 At the end of the 1980s, teams were being discouraged from using gold at home in lieu of a white jersey. Cincinnati changes their home gold to white. To be continued...
  3. The San Diego Mariners were a WHA hockey team that was around for a few years in the seventies. They collapsed due to unsuccesful ticket sales, but could have possibly been relocated to Florida after being sold to Flyers minority owner Bill Putnam. So what if that deal went through and created the first successful Sunshine State hockey club? This is my preposition for an NHL team known as the Florida Breakers. After the Mariners could no longer be sustained, the Florida Breakers were born, and became the first Florida hockey team since the shortlived Miami Screaming Eagles of the 72/73 WHA season. Hopes were that under the wings of Bill Putnam, this team would turn out better. Potential was evident and although ticket sales were initially rocky, fans of hockey from all over Florida began to join in on the rather successful buzz of the new ocean-themed team. Fans were also fond of the logo which was, although very seventies, rather sharp. It included four shades of aqua blue and an F for Florida made up of the upper two parts of the wave. The unis also had seventies flair (NHL jerseys pictured above) and featured an aquatic font, same as the logo, and a sort of blue gradient featured on the sleeves and waist of both the home and road uniforms. Fan fervor was enough to make the NHL take a chance on the team and give them a spot in the league. This resulted in the logo being given a white outline (As shown on the above blue jersey) and obviously dropping the WHA from the half circle. Let me know what you think of this initial concept and more (fake) history to come! Thanks
  4. I'm a big fan of NBA teams doing throwback nights honoring former ABA teams in their city (the Wolves did MN Muskies unis a few years ago, the Grizzlies have done Memphis' various ABA teams, etc.) I'm curious to know if it's possible for NHL teams to do this with the WHA. I'd love the Wild to do a Fighting Saints throwback or to see the Senators bust out the Ottawa Nationals unis, Since the NHL and WHA merged, does the NHL own the rights to old WHA logos? I assume it'd be like the NBA/ABA, or is there a reason why the NHL couldn't do this?
  5. I was trying to make a concept for HJC's Chicago Cougars redesign. I couldn't settle on a striping pattern, I created 6 different designs until i liked the one i chose. Was unhappy with the logos i first came up with, went through 4 different designs for numbers, 4 different color patterns. But I ran out of time and missed the deadline. I finished these today and I am curious to hear what people think because i want to send them into HJC. crest: modified U. of houston logo from sportslogos.comleaping cougar: modified from
  6. I was watching a documentary about the World Hockey Association on NHL Network earlier when someone asked me about the AVCO Cup. Does anybody have AVCO Cup banners up in their current arena? Winnipeg won a few, and with the team back they have the best chance of having one somewhere. Do the Coyotes? Avalanche? Hurricanes? Edmonton never won it, and they're the only WHA team still intact, so between moving, name changes, and Stanley Cups, does anybody still bother to commemorate the WHA championships? Did they ever? Did they hang in Hartford or Quebec City? Very curious if anybody can shed some light on this, because I couldn't find anything on it.
  7. I'm working on another What-If series (it's been a loooooooooong time since I've done one) like my Ottawa Senators and Montreal Maroons series, and I'm at a loss for ideas. I'm all about thorough research and realism, so I want to do this right. So I'm coming for help so I can complete the series before I post. The idea is this: What if more WHA teams joined the NHL in the 1979 merger? Birmingham, Houston, Indianapolis, Cincinnati join the NHL. Birmingham Bulls join the NHL, so the Atlanta Flames last a few years longer with the regional rivalry. Instead of Atlanta moving to Calgary in 1980, the Birmingham Bulls move to Calgary in 1982. Atlanta still doesn't survive, and they move to become the Florida Flames in 1984. That alternate path is done. Houston Aeros join the NHL, see the success that Dallas did but years earlier. However, the Minnesota North Stars wouldn't move to Texas if the Aeros are already there, so in 1993 they move to San Jose to revive the Seals (the Seals WERE merged with the North Stars and technically the Sharks are the descendants of the Seals, so why not make it official?). I'm working on this. Colorado Rockies still move to New Jersey. Winnipeg Jets still move to Phoenix. Quebec Nordiques still move to Colorado. Hartford Whalers still move to Carolina. Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators, and Minnesota Wild still become expansion teams. Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks, Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets 2 never exist. Now, here are the real questions: The Indianapolis Racers survive a very short time before moving to Nashville. I'm all ears for naming suggestions, but a racing theme is something I want to keep. Anybody have info on other possible team names that the Predators rejected? The biggest problem I'm having is this: The Cincinnati Stingers had numerous WHA attendance records and did well. I think they would have survived and taken the Blue Jackets' place. However, they looked exactly like the Bruins did, and with the Bruins losing the argument with Pittsburgh over the Black and Gold color scheme, they won't let it happen again. One of the conditions of Cincinnati joining the league is for a change of color scheme and jerseys. What colors make sense for the Stingers other than black and gold? Any thoughts on if that logo would change much over time? And I have two spots for expansion teams. Would the NHL simply expand to Winnipeg, or should they follow the Thrashers/Jets model? Columbus didn't happen because Cincinnati has a team. Where should that franchise go? I realize there are no concept here, yet. But I am hoping with some ideas, direction, and inspiration, I can make some great ones.
  8. Has anyone ever seen this version of the Toronto Toros logo? They played in the 70's as part of the World Hockey Association. In 1976 they moved to Alabama and became the Birmingham Bulls. The wearer is the late Toros/Bulls owner John F. Bassett. When Bassett moved the team in 1976, he retained the color scheme (red/white/blue) and the snorting bull logo. I've never seen a version of the Toronto logo with stylized flames coming from the bull's nostrils. Has anyone ever seen this version before?
  9. *welp* It's been a while since I've done a concept here! I think it's fair to say a lot of people would love to see an alternate for the Winnipeg Jets. I know as a Jets fan that I would at least. Of course a lot of people when thinking of what an alternate could look like, commonly refer to either an old Jets uniform from the '79 - '96 NHL team or the '72 - '79 WHA team. Also a baby blue uniform is a popular idea as well. When sitting down and sketching logos one time, I referred back to the primary logo the team had at first. It was never put on any uniform from my knowledge and is a fairly solid logo. So with a few tweaks, modernization and a few touches of my own that reflect of the current team and a bit of the past, here's what I came up with... I wanted to do a red jersey really badly as I always see all the shades of blue and white used commonly. I also wanted to keep the colours very simple and clean. Most notably I have an all 'baby blue' crest which some might find odd but I felt was appropriate in attempting that faux-vintage look which was of course my goal here. The logo is of course an update of the first logo that the WHA Winnipeg Jets franchise used. I tried cleaning up a lot of the more dated or messier elements of the logo and felt successful with the result. The white outline is rather thick but I felt helped make the logo pop much better and would also be balanced with the striping on the uniform. Though some might find it odd, I felt the use of 'Midnight Blue' was the best choice for the rest of the blue used in the uniform as it wouldn't really overtake the amount of 'Baby Blue' used. Would love to hear what you guys have to say of course. Thanks for viewing and any C&C is appreciated.