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  1. First time posting anything on this website but have been an on-looker for quite some time. I've always wanted to make a fictional sports league and settled on a hockey league. I came up with team names and had a general idea of how I wanted the league to progress. For the longest times I never knew how to make logos and uniforms and didn't even know if people did this kind of thing, and I eventually ran across this website. After a few years of on-looking I decided to try to create my own league again, and with learning how to do logos and uniforms from this website, I was finally able to create the first season of the WHL. Thought I would post the first season and background information and see how well received it is before I post more. I already have a general idea of a few future teams to be introduced. Would appreciate any criticism and critique. This is in no way to rival any other fictional hockey league already on this website! Thank you in advance for any comments, if there is any comments this may suck like an open chest wound. Let's hope not. Pre-1948 In 1918, Sir Harold L. Douglas (a prominent banker in Quebec City) had a burning desire to get into the ever-popular sports scene. The most followed sport in Quebec, and all of Canada for that matter, was ice hockey. Douglas was an avid fan of the sport and even played center for the Quebec City Aces for two seasons. Sir Douglas convinced the four largest leagues in North America, the Quebec Professional Hockey Association, the North East Hockey League, the Hockey League of Central Canada, and the Great Lakes Hockey Association, to send their league champion to the Quebec City Arena to play one another for a new, magnificent trophy. The trophy was dubbed the Sir Douglas Cup in honor of the man who not only paid for the trophy, but also was the mastermind behind the tournament. The tournament became an instant fan favorite with the QCA being packed with fans from each league. Though the NEHL and GLHA would send terrific teams to the tournament, it was usually a battle between whatever teams the QPHA and HLCC sent. In fact it took ten years for a team from the GLHA to get to the final round and fifteen years for the NEHL. The tournament would become more rounded with the two American leagues sending higher quality teams than ever before, but neither league would produce a tournament champion. The HLCC’s Winnipeg Mountains were consistently the best team in the tournament, winning eleven tournaments. They were actually the first and last winners of the tournament. The tournament became such a loved event that it even became broadcasted in the U.S. in the 1930’s for Americans to enjoy a few days later. Unfortunately, due to the second world war many teams were forced to fold and/or combine with others. There was a large fear that that because the teams became so few and far between and the leagues were starting to unravel, that the sports’ world would lose the Sir Douglas Cup and the excitement that the tournament brought. However, grandson of Sir Douglas (who tragically passed away in the winter of ’29 due to a massive heart attack), T.D. McGuire proposed an idea to the better teams of the leagues to start a new “super league” that would play each other in the season and then the best teams would play in The Tournament for the Sir Douglas Cup. The new league would cover more than 1,800 miles of and consist of ten teams. The teams being: the Montreal Badgers, the Toronto Huskies, the Winnipeg Mountains, the Windsor Otters, the Ottawa Owls, the Boston Admirals, the Chicago Crusaders, the Minnesota Moose, the New York Beavers, and the Wisconsin Bulldogs. The new league would be called the World Hockey League and in a quote from newly voted league president T.D. McGuire “the World Hockey League brings the best hockey, night in and night out with an exciting forty-five game schedule AND an even more exciting version of ‘the Tournament’ to determine the winner of the Sir Douglas Cup”. The WHL would play a forty-five-game schedule with each team playing the other teams five times throughout the season. The Tournament would be the same format as before with the top four teams playing a best of five series with the top seed playing the last, and the second and third playing. The WHL would begin play in October of 1948.
  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, Thats right. Last year I made ugly christmas sweater themed wallpapers for various sports teams. I'm opening it again. If you have and requests please let me know. I will also post all the ones from last year so there won't be any duplicates.
  3. This was my entry into HockeyJerseyConcepts' Pairs Competition. I teamed up with one of their former writers, William, and we decided to do a CHL version of an all-star weekend as the top prospects game could be better organized and an all-star weekend could help young players get ready to compete at the NHL level. For the location, We decided on Calgary as it has a rich hockey heritage and it hasn't hosted a major event since I believe the 1988 Olympics. The competition will be a 3-on-3 tournament like the NHL, with 4 teams: The OHL, QMJHL, WHL, and a team of players under 17 years (Nicknamed the 'Young Guns'). For the full presentation click here. The main logo (Designed by William, not me. Mods, please tell me if it isn't properly credited) takes the shape of a maple leaf and a star to show the event is truly international. The font and cowboy hat reflect Calgary's western heritage, and the Calgary Tower and red colors display city pride. My main part of the project was jersey design. Each of the designs is inspired by the respective league's logo. Each jersey has the same basic pattern; a chest stripe, cuffs, and a shoulder yoke. OHL: QMJHL: WHL: Young Guns: C&C is appreciated!
  4. So, @JCRGraphix was nice enough to let me revive the IHA, using some of his artwork. The IHA will start in 1991-92, as a minor league to the WHL, which can be found here, or here. The first team, is the Minsk Bisons affiliate, the Belgrade Wolves. For the Wolves, I kept things simple, especially for the 1990's. The Wolves will keep this look until they got promoted in 1995, when they went a little bit more 1990s. The white jersey is the home, dark is away.
  5. What do you guys think? ice.pdf
  6. It's a bit early, but since some of the 14-15 thread is discussion about the Plymouth Whalers move to Flint for next season and now that some of the logos are starting to be released, I thought I'd get this thread started. Currently, the only logo that has been released that I know of is the Guelph Storm 25th Anniversary logo. Also, for those who like looking at threads from previous seasons, the links are posted below. 2014-15: 2013-14: 2012-13: 2011-12:
  7. I know one thing, I've been thinking of doing a WHL team for a while now, and the Kamloops Blazers' new alternate logo was the inspirational spark that got me off my ass and back in the mud again. For the hell of it, I shot for a striping pattern that's somewhere between the usual and something more distinctive...and then put flames on. Though their dark jerseys IRL have been blue, I went with orange. You may have noticed a Kamloops script appear here and there on the home/away set. I based the a and s on the main logo's flame, and for a minute I considered modifying the K to incorporate one before deciding against it. The British Columbia flag is what the jersey design is based on, the torso featuring wavy stripes and a partial Union Jack as the sleeve striping.
  8. I thought that I would start this thread again for the upcoming season since all of the posts in the 2013-14 thread are stuff that will be used or worn during the 2014-15 season. So far the only things that have been released or announced are the Calgary Hitmen throwback jerseys and the Sarnia Sting 20th anniversary logo. Also, for those who like looking at threads from previous seasons, the links are posted below. 2013-14: 2012-13: 2011-12:
  9. I know the season doesn't start until September, but now that all of the schedules for all 3 leagues have been released there is at least something to look forward to! Schedules: OHL: WHL: QMJHL:
  10. Now that the finals are well underway (and have been for a couple of days now), I thought that I would get this thread started for talk of anything related to the finals of any of the 3 leagues and the memorial cup. So far, Halifax is up on Baie-Comeau 2-0 with Game 3 on Tuesday, London and Barrie are tied 1-1 with Game 3 in Barrie tonight, and Portland and Edmonton is also tied at 1-1 with Game 3 Tuesday. Of course, the only team with a spot in the Memorial Cup is Saskatoon as the hosts (swept in the 1st round by Medicine Hat). The earliest another team can clinch a spot in the tournament is Halifax on Wednesday if they are able to win the next 2 games in Baie-Comeau.