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  1. Long time no post, eh? Sorry this post isn't logo related, ha. Quip aside, I just recently enlisted in the US Army (just yesterday in fact!), and I knew going into it that there was going to be a lot of things to memorize before OSUT (A variant of Basic Training). So, I set out to find cool images to help me memorize stuff, i.e. the Soldier's Creed, General Orders, etc., because I tend to memorize things more quickly if there's an image attached to it. But unfortunately, most of the stuff that I found on Google just looked outdated and not pleasing to the eye. So I took it upon myself to create a few poster/wallpaper like designs. The first one I did, and the one I'm most proud of, is a poster of the Soldier's Creed: Second, is the LDRSHIP acronym: ^I kind of modeled the style of this one on some graphics the Army's social media often posts. Next, are the General Orders: I'm not too happy with this one, to be honest. I feel like it's lacking in a sense, and I had a really tough time putting together typefaces for this one. So if anyone has advice on how I could improve it if I gave it a next go around, or even font suggestions, feel free to shoot your shot. Next, we have an enlisted rank and insignia poster: Technically, it's missing one rank (Private [PV1][E-1] ), but because that rank does not have an insignia, I didn't feel like it included. Lastly, is a little graphic for the Army's semi-official (or just official? I'm not entirely sure, so don't take my word for it) song: And now for a bonus round, I have some graphics for the phonetic alphabet, and the military Code of Conduct. I wanted to include these, but not with the others, as I only really spiced them up with a background. Excluding that, the rest of the design for these are not my work: That's all for now, your thoughts are appreciated : )
  2. Hey guys! I made some art to try to get some traction on mine and another user (Logan I'm blanking on your screen name here) here's racing twitter/creative outlet/racing blog/youtube channel @PushTVracing. You all should be following it! With the NASCAR playoffs coming up this weekend I made a template and plugged in the drivers who made it. Let me know what you think! Aric Almirola Ryan Blaney Alex Bowman Clint Bowyer Kurt Busch Kyle Busch Austin Dillon Chase Elliott Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick Jimmie Johnson Erik Jones Brad Keselowski Kyle Larson Joey Logano Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Welcome! There are 252 wallpapers of each team! Sorry, but there is only one design. These are all pre made and it will be rare for me to add/change some up. I hope you enjoy them! First off, we have the American League of the MLB.
  4. This is wallpapers for sports teams. Note: The swoosh is Nike's logo. I am starting with the American league. Enjoy!
  5. Good day everyone, Ive wanted to post on this website for a long time. Im not the best at creating concepts (logos or jersey's) so I thought I would go a different route. I will be doing custom Avatars and Backgrounds (wallpapers) upon request. I have 2 test images below. The first being my favourite Soccer teams AS Roma and Tottenham Hotspurs with my favourite players Daniele De Rossi and Harry Kane. That one is an Avatar or Profile Picture. Next, is my girlfriend and my younger brothers favourite Hockey teams, the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks, with their favourite players Jeff Carter and Patrick Kane. This is a Background and Wallpaper. So to get a custom one comment what teams and players you want. It can be any sport, team or player. It can be one team image and 3 players, it can be 4 players, it can be 4 teams, it can be half and half or whatever your little heart desires! if you want specific images please leave them in your comment! I hope you enjoy and Thank you!
  6. New better improved wallpaper style for y'all. request to the specs in the title. Also leave your wallpaper preferred size! Also only one player per request to keep the request list reasonable! Once that wallpaper is done you can request for another if wanted.
  7. Hey folks....just as an exercise in creativity, thought I would whip up a batch of wallpapers that literally anyone can use for anything - your phone, pc, tablet, etc. Without giving away HOW I get them to look like they do...I am willing to design custom ones in my free time (which might not be every day, but I can check when I have the time). If you are looking for the "Series 2" designs, look here: If you are looking for the "Series 3" designs, look here: If you are looking for the "Series 4" designs, look here: The series of 3 you will see below are the progression of how I get to the final product, any of which are suitable for use. I will use the Pittsburgh Steelers as an example.... If you are interested, drop a line on this post. They can be made with the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary colors of a given team. In the case of a team like the NY Jets which only has 2, I would use BLACK as the third color. Yes, they look quite large at 3200x3200. But I designed them to be that way on purpose and they look best when centered. The nice side effect is that on a PC monitor, the "shrink to fit" option results in actual elongated diamonds, which are very classic, in terms of argyle design in general. I can also work with your own colors if you have the RGB values and a specific logo you want used.
  8. Well, apparently my original designs were enough to branch off into a separate topic for my series 3 designs. If you are looking for the original topic, it's here: And here is the series 2 topic: And here is the series 4 topic: Below are a few "not-so-random" color designs for the Series 3 pattern: Yes, that's might recognize them as my "generic" patterns for America, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Military Camo.
  9. For those looking for the original series, look here: Series 3 designs here: Series 4 designs here: For my first design in series 2, I found a rather unusual logo right here on CCSL....the texas Wild of World Team Tennis. I thought it fit the motif perfectly:
  10. If you are looking for the original topic with the series 1 designs, look here: If you are looking for the topic with the series 2 designs, look here: If you are looking for the topic with the series 3 designs, look here: Decided I would start out a little "crazy" with my first post in this I went with a TV show (don't worry, I'm gonna post sports ones). Many of you will recognize it in America - starring Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj....yes, the Big Bang Theory (or BBT, for short):
  11. Hey there, would love some feedback on some of these wallpapers that I will be making, This first one is just a rough draft-ish prototype, leave feedback, and I will be open to requests once I get the finalized product ready to go! So hopefully you can help me make it as good as possible. NOW TAKING REQUESTS
  12. Hey - I love Star Trek, the NFL, and Wallpapers, so I thought - why not combine all 3 and see what I can come up with? OK - The premise of these concepts was that I started on the base of a Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform with its quirky parabola design on the uniform front. Based on that, the top section simulates the collar area where the "pips" or rank insignia is normally displayed. The middle section is normally the red/blue/gold of the Trek uniform. In its place, I have substituted NFL team colors (optimized from, thanks to our good friend Colorwerx). And, since every "jersey" needs a logo, I'm going with the NFL Helmet right side logo (so the Steelers logo shows up). Size is 1600x900. Notes: 1. I created the wallpapers in .PNG format, but the original website I uploaded them to originally didn't like that and converted them to .JPG files. So, I had to go in a different direction and find a different host site. I found one, but it is shrinking the images. However, if you follow the links, eventually, you can get to the 1600x900 wallpapers. 2. The font used is based on the Star Trek original series font from the 60's 3. Also, instead of posting all of them at once, I'd like some feedback on whether or not it looks better with or without the Lombardi Trophy as part of the design. Maybe I need to move the trophy to the right? 4. Yeah, I know I'm basically just "combining" already existing elements from various places, but hey, no one else has done this particular design right? 5. Purposely used the optimized colors, and tried to keep it from being too cluttered. First attempt at this kind of project, so some C&C is warranted.... The first two images will only be the Baltimore Raven in Black with and without the Lombardi Trophy. I don't want to start posting the rest until I get some feedback on whether or not to include the trophy. Thanks in advance.
  13. So I've had this triangle pattern stuck in my head for a few weeks since I've seen it pop up across Tumblr and I started making some team wallpapers based on it. Here's just a few I did right off the back. I think I have some different teams in hi res on my design tumblr as well. What do you guys think. Am I onto something here? Anyone interested in seeing other teams? As long as I get a vector file of the logos these are very quick and easy to make.
  14. Well, my second topic... Enjoy