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  1. Alright, you guys. So you probably haven't heard, unless you stalk my posts that I made up a sport that has a cult following with friends in the area. The sport is called yakball, check it out. Here's our website with all the good stuff http://yakball.webs.com/ Basically, it's a 4 on 4 game. You have to pass the ball twice, before you can throw the ball into the box on the wall. Each team has 1 Center, who acts like a goalie on defense. Since it is set up like a half court basketball game, when their team is on offence, they can get the ball and score. It could be easier reading the rules, and watching the video, but that's the basic stuff. I wanted to make some logos, and figured this would be a good way to make some logos. Basically, my idea was have a FIFA type association. One name, then have leagues in different countries. Not sure how deep this will go, but I feel like it will be better than my UHL concepts, which I became bored with fast. I have the USA started, and cities picked out in a few more countries. With the names, I wanted a mix between nicknames, and Euro-soccer type names. You'll see what I have below. The following are the leagues/teamnames/links to concepts. The cities ARE SET. DEAL WITH IT. But the blank team names can be suggested, so feel free. No stupid ones tho. DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE! Svg, Paint, Psd Here is the link to the official yakball font World Yakball CupHere is the Google Map of teams and future locations United States Atlanta Rovers Boston YC Carolina Flyers Chicago Brigade Dallas Outlaws Denver Altitude Empire NYC Houston Supernovas IX Counties-Bay Area Minnesota Loggers Philadelphia Battalion Phoenix City YC Seattle Orcas Sporting Los AngelesTampa Bay Tridents Washington Federals Canada Calgary United Centre Toronto Edmonton Barons YC Exhibition Toronto Halifax Clippers YC HamiltonLondon Royals Maroons de Montreal Ottawa 1867 Patrie Montreal Rapid Saskatchewan St. John's Labradors Vancouver Reign Victoria Thunderbirds Voyageurs du Quebec Winnipeg Aggies British Isles Aberdeen Energy Belfast United Birmingham Workshop YC CardiffYC Dublin Edinburgh Fortress YC Glasgow Nationals Harps YC Leeds Owls YC Liverpool Mariners London City YC Magpies upon Tyne Manchester FourNottingham Sheriffs Sheffield Union Wembley Wanderers Mediterranean Athens Club Alpino TorinoAvant Lyonnais Barcelona Bologna Bordeaux Legione Roma Lisbon Madrid Madrid Milan Paris Paris Porto Thessaloniki Valencia
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