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  1. Ready to start a new concept thread for the intriguing Alliance of American Football. 8 teams playing spring football. The first team to be identified has been Orlando, headed by the "Old Ball Coach", Steve Spurrier. We will try to predict all 8 franchises ahead of the AAF announcement of teams and team names (which they have said are coming). I will also periodically request feedback on key decisions, such as future cities, identity focus or color scheme, but with Orlando I am starting on my own and I am setting some limitations which will apply to all teams. 1. All teams must use 3 colors + white in their color scheme and uniforms. 2. All teams must use non-count or singular nouns for their mascot. I know this is controversial, and I actually am a fan of count nouns (Tigers, Bears, Saints, etc.) over non-count nouns (Fury, Thunder, Revolution), but I wanted to challenge myself and put a weird requirement on the AAF. 3. All teams will have only 1 uniform. In a league with only 8 teams it should be possible to avoid duplication of the helmet and jersey color, which should provide enough contrast to make it unnecessary to have a clash or home/road uniforms. This means that teams must each have unique color combinations to avoid repetition. And so, without further ado, the first AAF franchise, taking advantage of the rich tradition of local college football by utilizing the color palette (slightly altered) of the U. of Florida: Royal, Kelly and Orange, and tying their identity to the local economy in a tongue in cheek way with just a hint of double entendre... ...and with due credit to BradyLvie (name) and ThePeam (name and the Juice squirt concept in the logo.) OK... now, we start the AAF off with... Your Orlando JUICE!!! Yes, the AAF will require the league logo and "Alliance" at each collar and the logo on the pants. No jersey advert yet (Is it Nike? Adidas? Heck it could be Kelme or Umbro for all I care, I am not a fan of the branding by the producer, so I am leaving it off. I thought about corporate sponsors on the back or sleeve, but decided a more traditionally clean jersey was best. Next up, we decide if the rumors are true. Is Rick Neuheisel leading a team in Southern California, and if so, where will they play?