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  1. A little background... there are around a half dozen arena/indoor football leagues floating around now, some run with a reasonably high level of professionalism (the Arena Football League, the National Arena League, the Indoor Football League), and others not so much. This is a tale of one of the "not so much..." For those unaware, I live in Raleigh, North Carolina which, reportedly, also happens to be the home of one of these leagues, the "American Arena League," whose website lists its address as: American Arena League 9660-138 Falls of Neuse Road #333 Raleigh, NC 27615 Upon learning this a week or so ago, I thought it might be a neat idea to swing by, say hello, talk with the people behind this league, and maybe if they were nice enough even offer to help out with a few things (because based on reviewing their site, it was pretty obvious they could use some). This morning, with a few errands I had to run in that area of town, I decided today would be the day I'd stop by and visit the league office of the American Arena League. This is where I ended up... Now, in a true bit of coincidence, one of the errands I was running was to drop off a UPS package. So after taking this picture I parked and went inside. After tending to the package I was shipping, I said, "You know... this is going to sound kind of weird, but this is listed as the address of a professional football league on its website." "Yeah, I know," was the clerk's response. "We have P.O. Boxes here and they rent one. We get about one process server in here looking for them every month or so." So, I've now been to the league headquarters of the American Arena League - postal box 333 at The UPS Store. I'm guessing that finding a miniature desk and chair to fit in that small a space must be an absolute bitch...