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  1. The year is 1974, new ownership has taken over the struggling Tams franchise. With a new team, a new identity, and unwavering support, basketball in Memphis is happenin' again! Can ya dig it?
  2. Hi everyone! Not sure if you remember but I started this thread way back collecting NBA Jersey history information to make my personal database factually accurate. Now, as you may have guessed I've moved on to adding ABA jerseys in the database and I once again turn to this talented group of amateur historians for help! You can check out what I've done in the site itself: Here are screenshots if you don't feel like clicking away: I'm open for all corrections and suggestions! Thanks for your help! All years and jersey information comes from:
  3. First I'd like to start off with the ABA for a page or 2. who misses when the basketball used to look like this?
  4. Here is a GIF of the progression of my Gold Medal winning Logolypiad entry.
  5. Let me start by saying I have got this idea from both the NFL and NHL alternate universe threads. In 1976, the National and American Basketball Association reached a merger agreement, with four ABA teams (San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, and New York Nets) joining the NBA. However, both the Kentucky Colonels and St Louis Spirits were both told that they would receive a spot in the NBA - but they didn't. What if the NBA did honor their agreement with Kentucky and St Louis, and they added 6 new teams into the league? I will not be doing a yearly standings, but will state the champions. I present to you an alternate universe. (My phone is almost dead, so I won't post any designs now)
  6. Heeeeeello Humans, after reading thru Veras, FFwally, and Hawkfan's fictional,sports leagues I decided to create my own. I recently had downloaded Out Of The Park Baseball (OOTP) it's a baseball simulater. After 2 weeks of playing I realized I could create a fictional league. So I decided to make a fictional league with real teams (weird) thanks to Wikipedia I found some old defunct baseball teams from the 1880s and decided to make a story from that The year was 1888 With the growing popularity of baseball meant opportunity. Leagues such as the NL, AA, and UL were growing in national popularity. Many businessmen noticed the opportunity and took it. One of such businessmen was looking into starting a full Major League, that businessman was Derek Kuster owner of the Louisville Admirals baseball team. Kuster's Admirals had recently dominated the Kentucky Baseball League, winning the championship each of the last 5 years. Kuster, along with 7 other businessmen decided to create their own league, thus the American Baseball Association was born (Ps as of now I do not have the means of creating logos and jerseys for the teams so you are just going to use your imagination for now. Plus it makes it more realistic since teams didn't have any distinguishing marks back then, except for their socks) Current teams Louisville Admirals Toledo Blue Sox Columbus Buckeyes Brooklyn Gladiators Indianapolis Hoosiers Cleveland Spiders Kansas City Cowboys Rochester Broncos Philadelphia Tigers
  7. My attempt at NBA minimalist logos. Also did some ABA logos.
  8. I've always been a fan of bringing back retired teams. Well that is what I'm doing here. I'm not sure if I'll do the whole ABA or just the Squires, but for now I'm just doing the Squires. And without further ado here is the logo's With the Primary I wanted to keep it similar to their old logo but I made it more space-efficient. With the Secondary I wanted to make something simple and timeless. Tomorrow I'll bring the court C&C please.
  9. I was reading about how the Orlando Magic are taking steps to get their own D-League team when I was shocked. The article said that the team they may aquire woulf be the 2 time ABA champion Jacksonville Giants. That's right ABA. I was intrigued so I looked up the league; they have teams scattered all over the country, small markets, big markets, unknown teams, former D-League teams. One thing they all have in common though.... bad logos!
  10. Just some logos of defunct and current NBA,NBL and BBA teams. Most of them lake elements from other existing logos.
  11. Was thinking today how cool it would be for Kentucky to have some kind of professional sports team so I figured why not bring back the old ABA Kentucky Colonels was playing around with the logo trying to make it more modern. I first sketched a full "colonel" and I wasn't feeling it, so then I looked to see if there was anything distinguishing that a person received when the were named a Kentucky Colonel and couldn't find anything but a seal. So I went with the easy route and tried to make the old logo look more modern. Here is what I came up with any suggestions?