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Found 2 results

  1. In light of USF eliminating the recently created academic bull for the Iconic Bull U for now both academics & athletics, I always wondered how many colleges also use the same marks for both. On top of my head here's some that I already know of. Of course, I couldn't leave out UCF & their pegasus. The pegasus has appeared on their football & baseball uniforms. An older version appeared on football helmets in 1981 & 1982 per the Helmet Project. What are more examples of above?
  2. Hey gang. So my alma mater, Bradley University, instituted a pretty bland athletics rebrand a few years back: a generic shield with a block-letter B. You've probably seen it (and you're about to again.) Yesterday, my beloved college continued to press the B into it's graphical forefront by rebranding the university logo itself, primarily with the B Shield...frankly, it hurts. Here's the old university logo: Here's the new (bleargh) logoset: So, over my lunch break today, I tried my hand at besting (rivaling, at the least) this logo. In order to make this as "realistic" as I could, I used the same shield imagery. Since the athletics logo, bad as it is, is an established look for the university, I tried to utilize it as an element in my logoset so as to make it appear as a "package," rather than a standalone. Some history: Bradley University was founded in 1897 on the hilltop of Peoria, Illinois as a school of horology - making time pieces. Westlake Hall, one of the original buildings on the campus, features a prominent clocktower. With this in mind, I designed this look.