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  1. So I was looking at some NFL uniforms today, and the idea popped in my head, what if the NFL allowed teams to put ads on their uniforms. This could be a very real possiblitily in the near future, so I decided to whip up a quick concept of it potentially. This post is not my best work, I just wanted to get the idea across to everyone. For this I went very Boston by putting Dunkin' Donuts on the Patriots home uniform. Tell me your thoughts down below, and if you would like me to do this for any other teams. Thanks. The Vision: I wanted to see what an NFL uniform would look like with an ad on it. Quote: "Ads can produce a large amount of income, but is it worth it to hurt your identity potentially?" -Kong Tom
  2. National Basketball Association owners approved advertising on uniform jerseys for the first time in league history, according to people with direct knowledge of the decision. The ads, in the form of 2.5-by-2.5-inch patches, will debut in the 2017-18 season, which coincides with Nike replacing Adidas as the league’s official uniform supplier.
  3. Since things are picking up for the NHL towards the all-star break I thought I would start a new series. I'm going to take it slow with a team maybe every 1-2 weeks. Ads will be on jerseys and helmets but minimal and along the lines of what the AHL is already doing. I'm not going to drastically change any logos or mess with O6 uniforms but I will spice things up a bit. So without further ado, The NHL by Adidas for 2016-2017, starting with the Anaheim Ducks. I decided to keep the current color scheme and logos but subtracted the use of silver. The uniforms are loosely based off of the current 3rd jersey and I went with a greater emphasis on the more vibrant orange. Honda is their sponsor because they are a big part of the Ducks organization. Based on comments I will go back and revisit my concepts. Next will be the Arizona Coyotes.
  4. Practice jerseys with ads on chest will be worn by NHL teams during practice and pre-game warm-ups **NO ADS ON GAME JERSEYS** Team logos on practice jerseys are insignificant to me, its still a jersey without a logo, and wearing a game jersey isn't that important, although it would be nice I think this would be a good compromise to keep ads off of game jerseys PS If you've never had or even heard of Wawa, I feel bad for you
  6. Heard my mom talking about the old ads for the Pirates that KDKA used to air like this: Saw someone talking about this old outro for WDIF's Detroit Tigers coverage: Anyone got anything better from their town?