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  1. For those who don't know the Vegas Golden Knights recently bought the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL. The Golden Knights will relocated the franchise to Henderson Nevada which is right next to Las Vegas. For more on the details about all of this click here. It is strongly rumored that the Franchise will be named the Henderson Silver Knights so I came up with some logo ideas of what it could look like. All of these logo ideas are just concepts I came up with and can still be refined if needed. Just wanted to see some opinions of what people like and what ones have potential.
  2. I figure some of you may remember the 50th Anniversary mashup sets I did for the Kings, Pens, Blues and the Stars/Wild/Sharks tribute to the North Stars and Golden Seals (I had practically no reason to do the Flyers, in case anyone wondered about the omission). It seemed only natural that the Canucks wound up being semi-frequent guest stars, and of course the Flying V had to make an appearance, though not in its original black/orange/yellow form. I liked how the Flying V looked in the current blue/green, and decided to see what a Utica Comets version would look like. Took me a bit longer than I thought it would, but here goes: the Flying U!
  3. HJC just finished up their contest called The Season, where you anonymously create a concept that goes into a round-robin where readers vote on which jersey they like more. I picked a random team, which ended up being the Charlotte Checkers. My goal for these concepts was to create a similar but not identical look to the parent club Hurricanes, and to incorporate a checkerboard pattern, since it's right there in the name. The first set on the top was my round-robin set. I used a off-colour shoulder with checkers as stripes. This ended up finishing second in the group, earning a playoff spot. The bottom set was for the playoffs. I went with a black home just to change things up, and created a new pattern, featuring two seperate checker patterns. It unfortunately couldn't get to the final, but I was still happy with the design. So what do you guys think? C&C is appreciated!
  4. Hey, folks. Stumbling back to the boards for a short while as I work on another small project. I don't want to call this a rebrand but that's basically what I'm doing here. I love the Hershey Bears color scheme and even their logo set, but I feel like their jerseys are always subpar. That is besides their throwbacks and fauxback jerseys. This project will be taking their brand and making it a full classic vintage look, which I feel would suit the Bears best. For right now, I only have two teaser images up. These are basically the logos I will be working with for the concept. Still some tweaking to do, but I'm going full on 50's candy bar vintage style with this project. From the logos, jerseys, and posters, tickets, really anything. Should be a short and fun concept to work on. I hope those that follow along enjoy it as well! Obviously, would love to hear thoughts along the way, but just keep in mind, I'm not straying far away from the idea at hand which is: complete vintage Hershey Bears. So, without further adieu here are the first two teasers.
  5. I was just looking at the updated logo for the AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, and was disappointed to see that the Golden Triangle (symbolic of Pittsburgh) had been added to the existing, different penguin used by WB/S. That got me thinking about a more appropriate background, and after learning that Scranton is the Electric City and Wilkes-Barre the Diamond City, I came up with this rough concept. I don't plan to do anything more with this, but I wanted to share the idea.
  6. Keel

    AHL TV Template

    Hey everyone! With the creation of the AHL's Pacific Division, I think we'll be seeing a lot of AHL concepts on these boards, either for already announced teams, or for completely original teams. Inspired by sparky chewbarky's Las Vegas Aces thread, I've decided to create a template for a TV scoreboard. If you think this will benefit your concept, feel free to use it. Link to the .psd: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n9s5ylmyikgpmii/ahltvtemplate.psd Here's an example I made for the only new AHL team to unveil its new logo, the Ontario Reign. Please leave C&C!
  7. Based on the Eislöwen concept I recently did - here's a concept for the Ontario Reign of the AHL:
  8. Binghamton Devils unveiled their new look the morning ....
  9. Most AHL teams have adopted their parent clubs' identities and many are pretty close to it. I wanted to try and embrace that by creating the "NHL Night" promotion for AHL teams, where they look back into their parent clubs' uniform histories and make a past look their own. When creating this, I figured this promotion could be like a Sunday promotion, or since division teams play each other 8-11 times, they could use one of those matchups as an "NHL Night." Some AHL teams get crazy with alternates, so what's one more to the mix? Starting with the Atlantic Division, here are the Bridgeport Sound Tigers modeled after the 1978-1995 New York Islanders. We all know how much they like reminding us about the four cups they won in the 80s, so why not make their AHL club wear the unis they did it in. *Logos from sportslogos.net, template from the concept resources on the boards, and nhluniforms.com for jersey references.
  10. ...now, here's a new logo that isn't complete naff.
  11. This is my concept of a Vegas Golden Knights farm team in Reno, Nevada. View the full project here
  12. Here's my latest rebrand of an American Hockey League team, the Chicago Wolves. They're still using their first logo from 1994/95 and it's not a beauty. It's mainly black and silver-gray, so to me it's missing color, the uniform colors. It's definitely iconic for die-hard Wolves fans which I understand, but I decided to give this team a new, simple and modern look. So: gone is the wolf head with the oversized puck and the hockey stick. The new wolf is a howling one. Simply because I love wolves and to me the sound they make is the sound of nature, freedom and pure wilderness! The team colors are mostly untouched. Pantone Silver 877 C was replaced with Cool Gray 10 C and Pantone Burgundy is a notch lighter than in their current mark.
  13. Here is my new concept idea for the Nordiques... Maybe its more of a AHL looking logo rather then a NHL logo but I think its a fun idea that would represent the Nords return to any league. The igloo is the primary and the polar bear is the shoulder patch logo. Comments and critiques are welcomed!
  14. I got curious about the Thunderbirds' jerseys, and I was underwhelmed. They're not awful, but they seem like an unnecessarily templated mess that tries too hard to be modern. Here's my fix. Home Away Alternate The home and away are classic, but modern, designs that I make quite often. The alternate is based on the Panthers' new home jersey, since the T-Birds are the Panthers' minor league affiliate, and that's that. Pretty simple. What do you think?
  15. I get that they San Jose Barracuda are sponsered by Barracuda and they worked their logo around the company logo, but was it worth it? The logo looks like a pile of fish parts. So using some style cues from the Sharks logos I put this together. Let me know what you think.
  16. So for this one, I wanted to use the old moose template with the new colours. I also added the full logo to the front as it always bothered me that the moose never used it on the jersey. What do you guys think?
  17. The Springfield Thunderbirds unveiled their uniforms yesterday for their inaugural season in the AHL.
  18. Goal Horns aren't usually seen on the boards, and I wanted to try something new. I am making Custom Goal Horns for the 30 AHL teams. Here is the Albany Devils Custom Goal Horn. I used the horn they use now and combined it with Nelly's Here Comes the Boom. Up next: Bakersfield.
  19. On Aug 8th, the AHL's Hartford Wolf Pack unveiled new uniforms for the 2016-17 season. All three jerseys (Home/White + Road/Blue + Alternate/Red) are based on their parent club's (NY Rangers) Stadium Series jersey design from the other year.
  20. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I will be doing all of the current AHL teams in uniform concepts. I’m starting off with the Albany Devils.
  21. The NHL's 2017-18 Las Vegas expansion team will obviously need an AHL expansion team as an affiliate, so I'm curious to see some ideas get thrown around in this thread. Location Nickname Logo Uniforms ***Lets exclude any existing teams from the lower minors, as a possible promotion to AHL***
  22. The Montreal Canadiens announced today that they're relocating their AHL affiliate, the St. John's IceCaps, to Laval, Quebec after next season (2017/18), and have launched a name the team campaign. So what should the name of the team in Laval, Quebec be? Laval Voyageurs would be my choice.
  23. With the unveiling of the Tuscon Roadrunners identity last month (if you can call that poorly executed abomination an "identity"), I've come to the conclusion that the AHL's Pacific Division (as it will likely exist next season) is by far the worst looking division in professional sports. Take a look at the designs below and find a single logo that isn't without some major flaw. I realize its minor league hockey, and that minor league sports are not held to the same standards as top-tier leagues...but I'd like to challenge anyone to find an uglier sampling of logos in any other professional sport (I know there are some truly god awful amateur leagues out there so I'm not going to open up that can of worms). Show us your worst.
  24. Hey Guys! Today I have a logo design for a hockey team named Scranton Storm. Just a cool logo I wanted to see come to life. Now, if you notice, the lightning bolt looks like an "S," for Scranton. The shield behind the bolt is just to make the logo feel more complete. I have a Home and Away jersey to see how that would look. I hope you guys like this one! Logo: Jersey: C&C Welcome!
  25. Hey guys, I decided to try my hand at some concepts for the new Springfield Thunderbirds franchise. Third Jerseys coming soon! So here it is... C&C Appreciated
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